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Unless explicitly identified as such, the sample code here is not certified or supported by Oracle; it is intended for educational or testing purposes only.

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Oracle Utilities Integration
CCB/C2M - Marketing Cloud
This accelerator provides an ability to load customer data from C2M/CCB into Eloqua. This data is used by Eloqua for segmentation in marketing campaigns.  
Eloqua sends back to C2M/CCB marketing activities that are creating Customer Contacts.
Oracle Utilities Work and Asset Management
Work and Asset Management Template
This template is a set of pre-configurations used as a project accelerator for a WAM implementation.
Online Loader
This package provides empty, generic and demo CSV files to use with the Online Loader to load Administrative data. The package also includes an Online Loader Training Guide as well as an Excel spreadsheet detailing the data setup sequence and other relevant hints for a successful data load.  
The Online Loader is supported starting with WAM v2.2.0.2.
User Groups
This package provides the 25 User Groups, their associated Application Services and Access Modes that would make up the base of any security plan.
The package also includes information about the configuration and use of the User Groups as well as a Word document detailing the steps to follow for the CMA process.
Fleet Work Order and Activity
This package contains the objects required to support Fleet Work Orders and their Activities as well as a new Extendable Lookup to store the VMRS Codes commonly used in Fleet Work Orders and a new search option which allows Users to search for Fleet Activities by VMRS Codes.

The package includes a Fields and Lookups Bundle, a Fleet Work Order Bundle and instructions on the loading order of the Bundles and configurations required after the Bundles are applied.