Oracle Enterprise Manager Plugin for TimesTen In-Memory Database Classic Overview

Oracle Enterprise Manager for TimesTen In-Memory Database is a system monitoring plug-in deployed as as part of an Enterprise Manager Agent. The plug-in provides database administrators the ability to administer and manage their TimesTen instances and databases such as starting and stopping TimesTen services, loading and unloading databases to and from memory, and backing up and restoring databases. In addition, users can monitor TimesTen database activities, memory and disk usages, workload performance statistics and configuration information.

This free plug-in is available for TimesTen In-Memory Database, TimesTen Application-Tier Database Cache, and TimesTen In-Memory Database for Exalytics products.

Using a single centralized Instance view, users can monitor and manage all of their TimesTen databases. The Instance Home view provides a summary of the Instance’s health along with configuration information.

For performance troubleshooting, the SQL Monitor provides information for the most executed SQL statements, average statement execution time, and the long running queries in the application workload. Seven categories of database performance metrics are captured for real-time analysis: application connections, SQL statements, application workload, transactions, lock contention, transaction logs and database checkpoints.

Enterprise Manager for TimesTen automates database backup operations with user-specified backup schedules and frequency, with the option to perform full and incremental backups. Backup frequency can be set on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis, as well as managing the storage usage by specifying the maximum number of backups to retain before recycling older backups. A database can be restored using a specific backup available from the list of backup files.

When using TimesTen as an application-tier cache database for the Oracle Database, users can monitor the transaction flows between the TimesTen database and the Oracle Database to ensure that data synchronization is going smoothly.

The Replication Monitor provides an overview of replication activities on the target database with status and properties of the replication components in the TimesTen instance. Replication performance metrics such as transactions sent/received rates and the pending replication logs can be used to indentify lags between the active and the standby database.

Oracle Enterprise Manager for TimesTen In-Memory Database provides system administrators with a consolidated view of the TimesTen systems within the enterprise. It enables administrators to manage and monitor the health, availability and performance of the TimesTen databases from a central management console.