TimesTen: Fastest OLTP Database, Ultra High Availability, Elastic Scalability

TimesTen: Fastest OLTP Database, Ultra High Availability, Elastic Scalability

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database is a full-featured, memory-optimized, relational database that delivers microsecond response and extremely high throughput performance for mission critical applications in a wide range of industries.

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TimesTen In-Memory Database Architecture and Product Families

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database (TimesTen) delivers real time application performance (low response time and high throughput) by changing the assumptions around where data resides at runtime. By managing data in memory, and optimizing data structures and access algorithms accordingly, database operations execute with maximum efficiency achieving dramatic gains in responsiveness and throughput. With the introduction of TimesTen Scaleout, a shared nothing scale-out architecture based on the existing in-memory technology, TimesTen allows databases to transparently scale across dozens of hosts, reach hundreds of terabytes in size and support hundreds of millions of transactions per second without the need for manual database sharding or workload partitioning. TimesTen can be deployed in three ways:

A standalone database in a single node for applications that require the lowest and most consistent response time. High availability is provided via active-standby pair replication to another node which also supports multiple read-only subscribers for scaling read heavy workloads. Applications access TimesTen databases using standard SQL and PL/SQL via JDBC, ODBC, ODP.NET, Oracle Call Interface (OCI), and Pro*C/C++ programming interfaces.

An Oracle Database Enterprise Edition option ideal for caching a performance-critical subset of an Oracle database in the application tier for improved response time. Applications perform read/write operations on the cache tables using SQL and PL/SQL with automatic persistence, transactional consistency, and data synchronization with the Oracle database. TimesTen Cache is based on the same technology as TimesTen Classic with the addition of the caching functionality.

A distributed database in a multiple node environment. Applications with high throughput requirements and/or seasonal capacity demands can use this mode to take advantage of the concurrent parallel cross-node processing, transparent data distribution (with single database image) and elastic scaleout capability of TimesTen. High availability and fault tolerance are automatically provided through use of TimesTen's K-safety feature.