Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Scaleout Overview

Oracle TimesTen is a memory-optimized, scale-out, relational database that provides extreme throughput (hundreds of millions of TPS) as required by many OLTP applications in a wide range of industries. It can be deployed as TimesTen Scaleout and TimesTen Classic.

TimesTen Scaleout is based on the class-leading TimesTen In-Memory Database technology. The new shared nothing scale-out architecture allows the database to scale across dozens of hosts, reach hundreds of terabytes in size and support hundreds of millions of transactions per second without the need for manual database sharding or workload partitioning. Applications also benefit from parallel SQL execution across the database nodes and the seamless automatic all active high-availability mechanism. TimesTen Scaleout's elastic scalability provides applications with the flexibility to grow (or shrink) database storage and processing capacity dynamically based on business needs without compromising performance.

A TimesTen Scaleout database presents a single database image to applications even though the data is distributed among many nodes. The database provides full ACID transactions, with full access to all of the data within the database regardless of which database node an application happens to be connected to. TimesTen Scaleout supports standard SQL and PL/SQL and standard database APIs such as JDBC, ODBC, ODP.NET, OCI (Oracle Call Interface), Pro*C/C++. Client/server connections are automatically distributed among the nodes for load balancing.

TimesTen Scaleout databases are persistent, recoverable and highly available. Persistence is provided through a combination of checkpointing and transaction logging using local disk storage on each node. High availability is achieved through multi-copy mechanism; the database automatically maintains multiple copies of data in separate nodes. This enables the database to provide full availability even if multiple nodes fail at the same time as long as one full copy of the database is available.

Centralized management and administration is a key feature of TimesTen Scaleout. Installation, configuration, management and monitoring are all performed from a single location (the management instance). This simplifies day to day operations and reduces the DBA's workload. Key management functions include:

  • Installation and upgrade of the TimesTen software
  • Grid configuration and deployment
  • Database configuration, creation and management
  • Database backup and restore
  • Scale-out and scale-in (adding and removing nodes)
  • Monitoring and diagnostic collection

For more information about TimesTen Scaleout, refer to the TimesTen Scaleout Overview Presentation (PDF).