Oracle Developer Studio 12.5 Sample Applications Download


Oracle Solaris Studio 12.5 Sample Applications (78 KB) ( md5: df9ddbfe7808e3764859fd7c97a29cd2e4805f879e452debaea66a1e2fbb450e)

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digest -a sha256 <download_directory>/

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sha256sum <download_directory>/

Unpack distribution:

cd <installation_directory>; unzip <download_directory>/
which unpacks the contents into the directory: OracleDeveloperStudio12.5_Sample

The Sample Applications are provided to help you get better acquainted with Oracle Developer Studio 12.5 analysis tools and dbx debugger. (The Oracle Developer Studio 12.5 Sample Applications are intended for educational purposes only. Sample Applications are not supported or certified by Oracle, and are not to be copied into user production applications). The sample applications are organized as sub-directories that represent a specific Oracle Developer Studio analysis tool or debugger:

  • The Performance Analyzer Tutorial contains several tutorials in the Analyzer sub-directory:
    • Introduction to C Profiling o o
    • Introduction to Java Profiling
    • Java and Mixed Java-C++ Profiling
    • Hardware Counter Profiling on a Multithreaded Program
    • Synchronization tracing on a Multithreaded Program
  • The Code Analyzer Tutorial illustrates the following operations and steps you through the samples programs located in the CodeAnalyzer sub-directory:
    • Collecting and Displaying Static Error Data
    • Collecting and Displaying Dynamic Memory Usage Data
    • Collecting and Displaying Code Coverage Data
  • dbxtool Tutorial illustrates basic debugging steps using a sample C++ program in the Debugger sub-directory.
  • Thread Analyzer User's Guide includes the following tutorials using the sample applications in the ThreadAnalyzer sub-directory:
    • Data Race Tutorial illustrates how to detect and fix data races with the Thread Analyzer
    • The Deadlock Tutorial show how to use the Thread Analyzer to detect potential and actual dead locks