Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4 Sample Applications Download


Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4 Sample Applications (157 KB) ( md5: 37b744eaa0871b09a0ce64bf1ee8d29e )

To unpack the download file: unzip which unpacks the contents into the directory: SolarisStudioSampleApplications

The Sample Applications are provided to help you get better acquainted with Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4 analysis tools and dbx debugger. The sample applications are organized as sub-directories that represent a specific Oracle Solaris Studio analysis tool or debugger:

  • The Performance Analyzer Tutorial contains several tutorials in the Analyzer sub-directory:
    • Introduction to C Profiling o o
    • Introduction to Java Profiling
    • Java and Mixed Java-C++ Profiling
    • Hardware Counter Profiling on a Multithreaded Program
    • Synchronization tracing on a Multithreaded Program
  • The Code Analyzer Tutorial illustrates the following operations and steps you through the samples programs located in the CodeAnalyzer sub-directory:
    • Collecting and Displaying Static Error Data
    • Collecting and Displaying Dynamic Memory Usage Data
    • Collecting and Displaying Code Coverage Data
  • dbxtool Tutorial illustrates basic debugging steps using a sample C++ program in the Debugger sub-directory.
  • Thread Analyzer User's Guide includes the following tutorials using the sample applications in the ThreadAnalyzer sub-directory:
    • Data Race Tutorial illustrates how to detect and fix data races with the Thread Analyzer
    • The Deadlock Tutorial show how to use the Thread Analyzer to detect potential and actual dead locks