Oracle JDeveloper 11 g ( (Build 5660)

We recommend using a newer version of Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF.


Release notes

The Studio Edition for Windows is the most popular download of Oracle JDeveloper. It contains all the features of the product - including ADF, J2EE, UML, Database, Java, and XML. This download includes JDK 6 and is supported on Windows Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000.
Install Type Studio Edition Java Edition
  This download is the complete version of JDeveloper with all the features.

This is the recommended Download
This download contains only the core Java and XML features, it doesn't contain J2EE, ADF, UML and Database features. Fewer features means smaller download and improved performance.
Windows Install
For Windows XP, 2003, 2000
(includes JDK 6)

Linux Install
(includes JDK 6)

Base Install
For all the platforms
(without JDK 6)

Make sure to use the Help->check-for-update menu in JDeveloper to download extensions to JDeveloper including JUnit support, version management tools integration and many others .

For the install guide and release notes see JDeveloper's Documentation page.

Oracle JDeveloper requires JDK 6. The Windows and Linux complete installs include the required JDK. For the other installs make sure your machine has a copy of JDK 6 .

See the JDeveloper Homepage for tutorials, demos, how-to's and more.

Other JDeveloper Versions