Oracle SQLcl 23.2 Release Notes

Oracle SQLcl

Release Notes

Date: July 2023

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You are supported by Oracle Support under your current Oracle Database Support license.

Log Oracle SQLcl bugs and issues using My Oracle Support. To determine the version of SQLcl run this command:

sql -version


Getting Started

Documentation on getting started with SQLcl is provided on the web site. Click here, navigate to the documentation section and access the book titled 'Oracle SQLcl getting started'.


New Features in 23.2.0

Named Connections

The connmgr command manages a collection of connections. It allows you to list, show, test and clone connections. It also allows you to import connections from Oracle SQL Developer.

Saved Connections

The Connect command has been further expanded to include functionality to allow a user to save a connection. This has two formats.

OCI DB Metrics

The ocidbmetrics command collects metrics from the Oracle Database Dictionary and sends them to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Metrics service.

The command facilitates setting up a new user with the necessary permissions and initiates the collection of metrics with a 15 second time interval between iterations.

You must have an OCI profile setup to use this feature

Issues Fixed in 23.2.0


This section describes the restrictions on use that upgrading has introduced.


When using sqlcl in an ORACLE_HOME, it must be a minimum version of 21c.


At Oracle SQLDeveloper SQLcl on you will find links to forums and social media channels where you can discuss topics with the SQLcl community around the world and leave feedback for the development team.

In the forums, be sure to use clear subject lines to initiate a thread. Provide a complete and clear description of the issue, including steps to reproduce the issue.

Try to avoid using old, unrelated threads for a new issue.