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Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition 19.0

Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition 20.0

Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition is a standalone Java Development Kit to execute Java and JVM-based (Scala, Groovy, Kotlin, Clojure) languages, LLVM bitcode and applications written in JavaScript, Python, Ruby, R with its polyglot languages engine. GraalVM Enterprise is developed on top of the Java SE Runtime Environment. GraalVM Enterprise also contains JavaScript (including Node.js) as a pre-installed extension language and an LLVM bitcode interpreter. GraalVM implementations of the R, Ruby and Python scripting languages can be installed as additional components per need.

What's New In Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition 20.0

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GraalVM Components



  • Java HotSpot VM with the GraalVM compiler enabled as the top tier JIT compiler
  • Node.js runtime with the GraalVM JavaScript Interpreter enabled as the JavaScript engine
  • LLVM runtime
  • Native Image runtime


  • GraalVM JavaScript Interpreter
  • GraalVM LLVM bitcode Interpreter
  • GraalVM compiler
  • GraalVM polyglot API
  • GraalVM tools


  • JS REPL with the GraalVM JavaScript Interpreter
  • LLVM bitcode interpreter command line utility
  • GraalVM native image utility
  • Component Updater (GU)
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What's New in GraalVM Enterprise Edition

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