Oracle VM 3.4 Downloads

Oracle VM is the latest release for download.


Oracle VM Server for x86 ISO (sha256sum c6a7826d88ecbce6c147f991675023d0a57b821bf48c15148adb236fd7720d52)
Oracle VM Server Source ISO (sha256sum 4aed5c4642873cd2dc75af74467ac9f00c811991d46fd74218561f5b7e8d899b)
Oracle VM Manager ISO (sha256sum b987812cc995aad625fd83928c0a86aed6016267befb17a9ce87b09471510c7b)
Oracle VM Agent for SPARC (sha256sum 0100bc437590a15b9972695cc73ad79069c5b7205ef936273c0fb284ab3816cc)
Distributed Lock Manager (DLM) module (sha256sum 965db66836069c4353d09cfee4eff1e3eb00dfe4d7a5430ac2a8e25de7e82bf8)

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Oracle VM is an enterprise-class server virtualization solution comprised of Oracle VM Server for x86, Oracle VM Server for SPARC and Oracle VM Manager.

Oracle VM Manager controls the virtualization environment, creating and monitoring Oracle VM servers and the virtual machines. Oracle VM Manager 3 is an Oracle Fusion Middleware application, based on the Oracle Weblogic Server application server. Oracle VM Manager bundles MySQL Database Enterprise Edition as the management repository.

Oracle VM Server for x86 installs directly on server hardware with x86 Intel or AMD processors and does not require a host operating system. An Oracle VM Server is comprised of a hypervisor and privileged domain (Dom0) that allows multiple domains or virtual machines (i.e. Linux, Solaris, Windows, etc.) to run on one physical machine. The Dom0 runs a process called Oracle VM Agent. The Oracle VM Agent receives and processes management requests, provides event notifications and configuration data to the Oracle VM Manager. Oracle VM Server 3 requires 64-bit x86 hardware, but can support either 64-bit or 32-bit guest virtual machines.

Oracle VM Server for SPARC (previously called Sun Logical Domains, or LDoms) is Oracle's server virtualization and partitioning technology on Oracle's SPARC servers. Oracle VM Server for SPARC leverages the SPARC hypervisor to subdivide supported platforms' resources (CPUs,memory, I/O, and storage) by creating partitions called logical or virtual machines to take advantage of the massive thread scale offered by SPARC servers and the Oracle Solaris operating system.

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