Oracle ADF Architecture Square

Oracle ADF Architecture Square

When developing with a new technology, one of the challenges for technical staff is to both learn the features of the technology and how to implement them, and also consider the broader concepts of design, engineering and architecture. Many an IT project has come undone because IT staff have been focused on the nitty gritty details of writing software, rather than looking at the "bigger picture" of how it will all go together.

The Oracle ADF Architecture Square is designed to address this issue by focusing on architectural issues and developer guidelines for writing ADF software solutions. The goal, to give ADF developers an understanding of the decisions you need to build a successful ADF application, potential architectural blueprints to choose from when putting the ADF application together, and potential ADF best practices to take back to your development team.

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Design and Architecture What should you be considering before you start your development.
Development ADF guidelines for developers beyond the nitty gritty of implementing ADF solutions.
Testing Tools and papers looking into testing your ADF applications.
ADF Architecture TV An index of weekly ADF design, architecture, development & deployment best practice episode published on the ADF Architecture TV YouTube channel.

Design and Architecture


  • ADF Code Guidelines v3.00  PDFDOCX [New]
  • ADF Naming and Project Layout Guidelines v2.00  PDFDOCX
  • Addressing the OWASP Top 10 Security Vulnerabilities PDF


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