Oracle JDeveloper 11g and Oracle ADF Code Samples

This page lists sample applications and other resources where you can find code samples for JDeveloper and ADF.

 Note - For Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF 12c Demos see this page.

  • Oracle JDeveloper 11g Official Samples

Fusion Order Demo (FOD) is an end-to-end application sample developed by Fusion Middleware Product Management. The purpose of the demo is to demonstrate common use cases in Fusion Middleware applications.

The Summit ADF Business Components project is a case study in redeveloping an Oracle Forms application using Oracle ADF. The study looks at the business motivators, project design decision, architecture choices, best practices and implementation details of a project based on rewriting the Oracle Forms Summit sporting goods demo.

The Summit JPA Demo application utilizes EJB/JPA business services with an ADF Faces user interface. Download this application to explore the details and run the application allowing you to view, create, & edit customer orders as well as perform other tasks.

The Summit ADF Desktop Integration Demo application utilizes ADF Business Components business services with Excel Spreadsheet user interfaces. Download this application to explore the details and run the application allowing you to view, create, & edit data as well as perform other tasks.

To explore the ADF Faces Ajax components at runtime, the ADF Faces RC development team at Oracle created a component demo that showcases the various components and framework capabilities and allows you to try different property settings on the selected component. Review this How-To and download the web archive to explore further.

To explore Oracle ADF Mobile a set of sample applications is provided here:

The Oracle Help technologies provide the means for developing and displaying HTML-based help systems for Java snd web applications. Authors can create a single help system that can be displayed - without modification - both in a Java environment, using Oracle Help for Java (OHJ), and in a web environment, using Oracle Help for the Web (OHW). Download ohw-rcf-demo-thick.ear and follow the instructions to deploy this ear and create your own help system.

Oracle Help for Web Demo - Using OHW with your ADF Application

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