Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF 12c (12.2.1) — Code Samples

This page lists sample applications and other resources where you can find code samples for JDeveloper and ADF.

Oracle JDeveloper 12.2.1 Official Samples

The Summit ADF samples are a collection of samples demonstrating various capabilities of Oracle ADF using a fictional scenario called Summit Sporting Goods. The samples are fully explained in the related book from the documentation library. You may download and run the samples for self-study. The sample applications run using an Oracle database and JDeveloper, utilizing a shared “summit_adf” schema, which must be installed before any of the samples can be run.

The Summit ADF Schema application contains the database scripts needed to install the summit schema. Note that the 12.2.1 version of the sample applications are not supported with previous versions of the summit schema; this updated schema for 12.2.1 must be used. Instructions to install the schema

The Summit ADF Core sample utilizes ADF Business Components for the business services layer with ADF Faces Rich Client components used to build the web user interface. This is the main sample in this set of applications and much of the functionality of Oracle ADF is implemented. Summit Demo Application Instructions

The Summit ADF Standalone Examples application includes a set of sample packages that allow you to investigate Oracle ADF functionality that does not appear in the SummitADF_Core workspace. Instructions to run the sample

The Summit ADF DVT application includes a set of standalone sample pages that demonstrate creation and configuration of data visualization (DVT) components such as graphs, hierarchy viewers, and maps using ADF Business Components and data binding. Instructions to run the sample

The Summit ADF Task Flows application for ADF task flows demonstrates how you can implement security, contextual events and task flows in your Fusion web application. Instructions to run the sample

The Summit ADF Desktop Integration Demo application utilizes ADF Business Components business services with Excel Spreadsheet user interfaces. Download this application to explore the details and run the application allowing you to view, create, & edit data as well as perform other tasks. Instructions to run the sample

The Oracle Alta UI system was used to develop the most recent Oracle Cloud products, the latest versions of Oracle Fusion Applications, a number of innovative mobile applications, with many more to come. The Alta UI provides a fully redesigned UI component set and interactions, a fresh visual design that complements a modern layout approach, a UI that is conducive to responsive design techniques, and a native mobile UI. This demo, Oracle Alta UI Work Better Application, consists of an application workspace that can be opened in JDeveloper, explored, and deployed to WebLogic, integrated or standalone, application server.

To explore the ADF Faces Ajax components at runtime, the ADF Faces RC development team at Oracle created a component demo that showcases the various components and framework capabilities and allows you to try different property settings on the selected component. Review this How-To and download the web archive to explore further.

ADF Faces Rich Client Components Demo

The Oracle Help technologies provide the means for developing and displaying HTML-based help systems for Java snd web applications. Authors can create a single help system that can be displayed - without modification - both in a Java environment, using Oracle Help for Java (OHJ), and in a web environment, using Oracle Help for the Web (OHW). Download ohw-rcf-demo-thick.ear and follow the instructions to deploy this ear and create your own help system.

Oracle ADF Unofficial Samples

Over 500 Oracle ADF Code Samples - contributed and indexed by the Oracle ADF community.

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