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Oracle Mobile Application Framework 2.6.2 Release Notes

New Features

All Platforms: MAF 2.6.2 removes all support for the legacy UIWebView browser for all MAF feature content. All MAF features will use WKWebView instead. The configuration parameter iOSWebView in maf-config.xml is no longer used and has no effect on the browser choice. OAuth and OpenID authentication mechanisms may use UIWebView during the authentication process. A future MAF release or patch will remove all usage of UIWebView to comply with upcoming Apple requirements. One known example is the Cordova inappbrowser plugin. If an application is using the inappbrowser plugin, the plugin needs to be updated to a version that uses WKWebView (the latest supports it).

All Platforms: MAF added proof of key code exchange (PKCE) support for OAuth and OpenIDConnect authentication schemes. Application developer can add the element to the Login connection definition in the connections.xml to enable the feature. More information can be found in the Identity Management (IDM) documentation.

iOS: MAF 2.6.2 requires Xcode 11.x and supports targeting iOS release 12.3 through 13. It is recommended to use at least Xcode version 11.3.1.

Android: If an application has overridden the command button display property in custom css, some buttons will not be displayed in the application. Unless the default MAF skin v1.6 is being used (this in MAF 2.6.2), like a custom skin is being used, the command button display property in the custom css needs to be updated with the value that is defined in the "amx-commandButton" css class. The css property "-webkit-inline-box" has issues with chrome 79 and later versions and "inline-flex" needs to be used instead.

Patch 2 – Available May 21st, 2020

All Platforms: Removed use of UIWebView (for real this time) throughout all libraries. This meets future requirements for publishing Apps to a store.

Patch 1 – Available May 5th 2020

Android: A new css has been provided to fix some text display issues occurring with MAF 2.6.1 when using Chrome version 79 or later. If you override properties with a custom css, specifically the “-webkit-inline-box” property needs to use “inline-flex” instead.

Android: Fixed ability to use application buttons when Voice Assistant is enabled.

All Platforms: Removed use of UIWebView throughout all libraries. This meets future requirements for publishing Apps to a store.

Known Issues

iOS: The /~maf.device~/ path to include MAF runtime JS and/or CSS artifacts into their page will no longer work with WKWebView. A slightly different URL is needed.

An example utilizing the new mechanism on iOS: