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News and Opinion

How FedEx Baked Continuous Innovation into the Enterprise


Oracle Partner Deloitte discussed how it partnered with FedEx to bring cloud-based innovations to finance and supply chain by using Oracle Cloud ERP and Oracle Cloud SCM.

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Uber Freight Teams up with Oracle as Enterprise Partnerships for Digital Brokers Grow


Oracle and Uber Freight have partnered to bring real-time quotes from the broker to Oracle Transportation Management Cloud.

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Top 10 Procurement Software Vendors: Oracle


Supply Chain Digital highlights key features of Oracle’s ERP procurement platform including sourcing, supplier management, contracting, and procure-to-pay solutions.

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How Far has the Digital Supply Chain Advanced?


Supply chain experts and analysts say how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go to achieve digital transformation in the supply chain.

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Creating Future-Ready Intelligent Supply Chains


Supply Chain Digital examines how Oracle is helping organizations make their supply chain management future ready.

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Six Top Supply Chain Strategies for 2020


Jeff Stiles, vice president of product marketing for Oracle SCM Cloud, offers six supply chain strategies to help enterprises thrive in today's complex environment.

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Green May be the New Fast: Addressing the Impact of Next-Day Shipping


Jon Chorley, group vice president of product strategy for Oracle SCM Cloud, highlights ways that organizations can respond to the new demand for faster deliveries by using cloud technologies, route optimization, fleet management, and carbon offset programs to reduce logistics-related emissions and build a more sustainable logistics operation.

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Five Supply Chain Challenges Solved by Good Design


Jon Chorley, group vice president of product strategy for Oracle SCM Cloud, is one of the industry executives who weighs in on how companies can solve today's supply chain challenges through a combination of good design and technology.

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Staying Cool Under Pressure


To improve supply chain visibility in cold chain fleet management, Oracle has developed an intelligent track-and-trace platform that uses blockchain technology to create a secure online ledger where trading partners can view each other’s information.

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Best Supply Chain Shows to Attend in 2020


Oracle Modern Business Experience was named one of the top events for supply chain professionals to attend in 2020 by Forbes Industry Analyst Steve Banker. The conference will be held March 23-26 in Chicago.

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Blockchain Consortium Gains Steam in the Maritime Sector


Oracle and CargoSmart recently announced the formation of the Global Shipping Business Network consortium, a major step in bringing blockchain technology to the shipping industry.

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Are You Future Ready?


Supply Chain Best Practices recently spoke with Jeff Stiles, vice president of Oracle Supply Chain product marketing, about what it means for organizations to be future ready.

The Bar in Online and In-Store Customer Fulfillment Grows


Bob Ferrari, editor of Supply Chain Matters, explores Oracle's recent research study with Savanta Group, Setting the Bar: Global Customer Experience Trends 2019, which provides important insights into three key areas where retailers can improve their customer experience.

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Supply Chain Sustainability: The Myth That Needs to be Made Real


VP of Oracle WMS Product Development Diego Pantoja-Navajas discusses the modern supply chain's impact on the environment, including why it's the source of the problem.

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An Interview on Creating More Sustainable Business and Supply Chain Operations


Bob Ferrari, editor and supply chain management technology industry analyst, sat down with Oracle Group VP and Chief Sustainability Officer Jon Chorleyto to get his perspective on how to create a more sustainable business and supply chain operations.

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Best Way to Realize AI Benefits: Don't Shoot the Moon


At Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle announced several new AI-imbued business software enhancements, including Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud's new digital assistant that delivers information on suppliers culled from news and financial information sources. The new offering enables users to monitor and spot problems more efficiently.

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Oracle's Product Strategy Head Shares Supply Chain Insights


In an exclusive interview with Logistics Management, Derek Gittoes, vice president of Oracle SCM product strategy, discusses why new collaboration, integration, and digital assistant capabilities are top priorities for Oracle's supply chain strategy.

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Supply Chain Matters Coverage of Oracle OpenWorld 2019


In this five-part series in the Supply Chain Matters blog, Bob Ferrari, founder and executive editor, discusses supply chain highlights and insights from Oracle OpenWorld 2019.

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Oracle Updates SaaS Tools with More AI and Industry-Specific Features


Oracle released a series of new features to its Oracle SCM Cloud application, including several new or improved AI-driven features, such as the expansion of Oracle Digital Assistant.

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Oracle Taps Trinamix to Bolster Supply Chain Apps


Oracle announced a collaboration with Trinamix, a member of its partner network, to develop enterprise supply chain management apps as part of the latest release of Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud to broaden the availability of sophisticated tools for more business users.

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Transparency is the New Black for Marketers: It's Time for Fashion and Cosmetics Brands to Focus on Supply Chains and Brand Compliance


Oracle's Paul Woodward, senior director of solutions management group, Oracle Retail, highlights the new set of standards customers are insisting on from retail marketers, as they demand innovation, traceability, and transparency throughout the purchasing journey.

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Companies Are Already Decarbonizing Shipping Without Electric Fleets — Here's How


GreenBiz highlights how Oracle SCM is used to save money and reduce carbon emissions for trucking companies and fleet managers across the globe.

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These Technologies Are Key to High-Performing Logistics


Oracle's partnership with Loadsmart, a leading online freight delivery broker, enables logistics managers to quickly match their loads with available third-party truckers at the best price available by leveraging data from the Oracle Transportation Management Cloud application.

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IBVI Puts the Blind and Visually Impaired to Work; Oracle Cloud Applications Fuels Their Efforts


Oracle Cloud Applications' customer Industries for the Blind and Visually Impaired leverages Oracle's ERP, HCM, and SCM technologies to balance job creation, capital investments, growth, and profitability to further their mission and to create jobs for the blind and visually impaired.

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2019 Top 20 Supply Chain Software Suppliers


Oracle is cited as one of the top 2019 supply chain software suppliers based on Gartner's annual list of the top supply chain management providers.

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Loadsmart and Oracle Collaborate to Digitize Logistics


Through Oracle Transportation Management Cloud, Loadsmart and Oracle will collaborate to provide Oracle Logistics Cloud customers instantly bookable truckload rates and guaranteed capacity from the Loadsmart network of qualified carriers.

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Oracle Blockchain Is in the Honey Supply Chain


Oracle partnered with the World Bee Project to introduce blockchain technology to the honey supply chain, guaranteeing honey produced is from ecological and sustainable sources.

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Blockchain in Supply Chain Management Use Case #6: Oracle


In an interview with Disrupter Daily, Bhagat Nainani, group vice president of Oracle IoT and blockchain applications development, discusses how his company is using blockchain to transform the supply chain management business and what the future of the industry holds.

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Oracle Introduces Supply Chain Tracking Blockchain Solution


Oracle introduced Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace, a blockchain application that can be integrated with enterprise applications such as supply chain management, enterprise resource planning, customer experience platforms, and the Internet of things.

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Oracle Improves Insights Across Global Supply Chains


Oracle has announced a series of logistics management updates to Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud that are designed to help organizations construct and operate efficient and agile supply chains.

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Organizations Improve Supply Chain Productivity with Oracle


With a series of logistics management updates to Oracle SCM Cloud, Oracle is helping organizations design and operate efficient and agile supply chains.

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Supply-Chain Veteran Helps Fine-Tune Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


In an interview with Computer Economics, Manhattan Associates vice president of professional services Jeff Demenkow discussed why the supply chain leader moved from its hosted solutions on CenturyLink or other private cloud providers to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

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Big Bang or Go Slowly: What’s The Best Way To Install Cloud-Based Applications?


At the recent Oracle Modern Business Experience, customer and industry veterans discussed whether companies should follow the big bang strategy, or whether cloud application suites should be implemented all at once or incrementally. According to the experts, it depends on the company, their culture, and their sense of urgency.

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Four Technologies That Promise to Turbocharge Supply Chains


At Modern Business Experience, industry experts discussed the four emerging technologies— Internet of Things, predictive analytics, augmented reality, and blockchain distributed ledgers— that have the potential to transform supply chain operations.

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Digital Tech Enabling Supply Chain Autonomy


Using sensors connected via IoT technologies together with a blockchain platform from Oracle, Alpha Acid Brewing is increasing transparency about the harvesting and transportation of its ingredients.

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Finance, HR, Supply Chain Pros: Tips on Using Technology Better


Oracle brand journalist Chris Murphy captures the highlights from the Modern Business Experience conference, which brought together thousands of business leaders from finance, HR, and supply chain organizations to explore how to use applications to make their companies stronger.

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Oracle Updates Supply Chain Management Cloud for Team Communication


The Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud platform includes new features that could help global organizations become more responsive and efficient, including product innovation, strategic material sourcing, outsourced manufacturing, integrated logistics, omnichannel fulfillment, and integrated demand and supply planning, the firm says.

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As ‘Cold Chains’ Heat Up, Blockchain and IoT Provide Needed Framework


Companies are increasingly turning to blockchain distributed ledger technology to automate the monitoring of a supply chain’s many starts, stops, and handoffs—and remove the human factor from that decision loop as much as possible.

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FICO Exec Says Artificial Intelligence Requires a New Type of Cloud


For more than 30 years, FICO has used technology to protect consumers. Originally leveraging an on-premises service, FICO’s DMP Streaming Service will now run on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. This will help retailers and supply chain operators better engage with their customers through the innovative use of streaming analytics and enhanced personalization.

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The Route to Supply Chain Modernization Runs Through the Cloud


Rick Jewell, Oracle senior vice president of applications development, discusses how a comprehensive set of best-in-class supply chain cloud services that incorporates emerging technologies such as predictive analytics, adaptive intelligence tools, Internet of Things sensors, and blockchain distributed ledger capabilities is the future of supply chain management.

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Oracle Blockchain Applications Provide Visibility Through the Supply Chain


Oracle Blockchain Applications Cloud is a new suite of use-case-specific SaaS products developed to improve transparency throughout the supply chain.

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The Problem of Technology Obsolescence


In a recent Supply Chain Brain podcast, Jon Chorley, Oracle group vice president for supply chain strategy, discusses the problem of cloud obsolescence and how cloud-based technologies can help.

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Making Sense of Supply Chain 4.0


Oracle's Rahul Asthana, senior principal software engineer, discusses the digital transformation of the supply chain and what it means for businesses today.

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Oracle Announces a Blockchain-Based Product Focused on Supply Chain Efficiency


Oracle launched a suite of blockchain-based software-as-a-service applications, built through its own Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service, to increase transparency and traceability in supply chains.

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Oracle Unveils Four Blockchain Applications for Supply Chain


Oracle launched a suite of business-specific blockchain applications to help customers increase trust and provide agility in transactions and to enhance supply chain traceability and transparency.

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