Oracle and Grapeshot

Oracle Buys Grapeshot

Oracle has acquired Global Knowledge Software LLC (GKS), a division of Global Knowledge, Inc. and a leading provider of self-service training automation software.

The combination of GKS, Oracle Tutor, and Oracle's learning management software iLearning and eLearning, is intended to provide customers a comprehensive, end-to-end enterprise solution for creating and deploying business process documentation, interactive system training, and just-in-time support available within the applications. Customers will have access to a single solution for end-user training and process documentation that can support all Oracle and non-Oracle applications across their enterprise. By including this solution as a part of any application implementation or upgrade project, customers are expected to speed the time to productivity for their application end users.

The legacy GKS Online User Community site has been decommissioned. A new user community will be available for supported customers on My Oracle Support as of November 9, 2009.

  • Avoid unsafe content that will damage brand equity, and close the loop via Moat Measurement
  • Extend global audience reach by targeting the most relevant context, including late-breaking news and trending themes, to complement Oracle Data Cloud's custom audience segments

The acquisition of Grapeshot will dramatically expand Oracle Data Cloud's ability to improve marketing outcomes for our partners worldwide by adding the important dimension of Context to Oracle Data Cloud’s expertise in Audiences and Measurement.

Global Knowledge Software Products

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Global Knowledge Software customers and partners: Please use your existing contacts for professional services and sales.

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