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Oracle and Sleepycat
Oracle and Sleepycat

Oracle Buys Sleepycat


Oracle has expanded its embedded database offerings through the acquisition of Sleepycat Software, Inc., a privately held supplier of open source database software for developers of embedded applications.

Berkeley DB is a leader in data management for embedded "edge" applications and complements other Oracle embedded products including Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database and Oracle Database Lite Edition. Together, Oracle and Sleepycat plan to continue to develop, support, and sell the entire family of Berkeley DB products, including Sleepycat's XML and Java Editions. Oracle has no plans to change the dual license, and we will continue to serve both open source and commercial users.

All contacts, phone numbers, and email addresses for Sleepycat sales and customer support, remain the same.

This site will help you learn more about this acquisition and what it will mean to our customers. If you don't find your questions here, please send them to

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