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Effective July 30, 2007, the initial point of contact for Stellent product support is now through the Oracle Global Customer Support (GCS) systems and infrastructure and no longer through the Stellent support hotlines, email, or support portals.

Support Renewals

Beginning March 1, 2007, you will no longer go through Stellent to renew your support contract. This process will be transitioned to Oracle Support Sales, with processing resuming in early June. However, you will continue to be supported—even if your support expires during this transitional period—as long as you have an active support contract or you received a Stellent support invoice prior to March 1, 2007.

If your support term has already expired, an Oracle Support Sales Representative will contact you beginning in June 2007, otherwise our practice is to contact customers 90 days in advance of the expiration of the current support term to discuss the renewal.

Oracle will work with you to migrate your support contract to a standard Oracle support offering and a standard Oracle support contract. The Oracle contract will then govern the support services for the next term. Please note that Oracle will not be renewing contracts for the Stellent support services.

Stellent Support Program Migrations and Discontinuance

  Stellent Offering Migration or Discontinued Oracle Offering Timing
  • Standard Support
  • Extended Support
  • 24 x 7 Support
Migration Oracle Premier Support At first renewal with Oracle
  Enterprise Support Migration Oracle Premier Support plus the appropriate Oracle Advanced Customer Services (ACS) program At first renewal with Oracle
  Customization Support Discontinued by Oracle Support Renewed through Oracle Professional Services At expiration of Stellent support term
  Developer Support Discontinued Purchase Oracle Premier Support At expiration of Stellent support term
  Hardware Support Discontinued NA At expiration of Stellent support term
  SupportView Discontinued NA As of July 30, 2007
  CustomerChoice Migration Oracle Premier Support from the Partner As of July 30, 2007

Oracle Lifetime Support Policy

Oracle protects Stellent customer investments with Lifteime Support
Furthering our commitment to Stellent customers, Oracle is proud to announce defined support timeframes for Stellent products and releases and the application of the Lifetime Support Policy to a number of Stellent products and releases. Refer to the Lifetime Support brochure for specific release information.

Service and Sales

Stellent customers and partners: Please use your existing contacts for professional services and sales.

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