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Oracle Excellence Awards—Winners
Leadership in Infrastructure Transformation

Leadership in
Infrastructure Transformation

In addition to the below listings, you can learn more by reading this whitepaper Leadership in Infrastructure Transformation Stories.

Philip Adams

Philip Adams, Chief Technical Officer (Lawrence Livermore National Labs)

Phil is recognized for his innovative use of several products: Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, & Oracle Enterprise Manager. These technologies have improved the overall database performance and uptime. Now the team has less unplanned downtime and more time for the laser shots to be fired. Phil’s results not only help his team, they also help to improve science overall. Additionally, Phil has been an outstanding business partner for many years. He has been a long standing member of our Customer Advisory Board and an early adopter of our solutions.

Brian Bream

Brian Bream, Chief Technical Officer (Collier IT)

Brian is recognized for his innovative use of Oracle SPARC and Oracle Solaris. Using these technologies, Brian created a solution that allows customer with mission critical applications to more easily cloud-lift their application workloads into the Oracle Cloud. He has given customer the best of both worlds: a solid SPARC/Solaris infrastructure foundation and the agility associated with cloud. Additionally, Brian is genuinely passionate advocate for having been a teacher and a regular conference presenter. He is also an Oracle ACE Director.

Baris Findik

Baris Findik, Chief Information Officer (Pegasus Airlines)

Baris is responsible for setting and leading the technology strategy. Baris is recognized for his innovative use of Oracle SuperCluster to run sales and operations workloads. Under his leadership, Pegasus has achieve outstanding performance improvements in their mobile booking application, database batch processing and backup.

Charles Mongeon

Charles Mongeon, Vice President Data Center Solutions and Services (TELUS Corporation)

Charles is recognized for his innovative use of Oracle Linux. Under his leadership, Telus has not only improved systems performance but also significantly reduced infrastructure costs. Specifically they have reduced supports costs by almost half. These support costs savings were literally able to save employee headcount as an alternative cost-cutting measure.

Michael Myhrén

Michael Myhrén, Senior DBA Senior Systems Engineer (Saab)

Michael is recognized for his innovative use of several products: Oracle Private Cloud Appliance, Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, Oracle Storage, Oracle Database and multiple database options. Under his leadership, the team now has a very modern infrastructure and highly automated environment. The IT team can now more easily manage infrastructure operations. The team was also able to improve the IT experience for their clients too; with IT services now delivered faster, more reliably, and more securely.

JK Pareek

JK Pareek, Vice President, Global IT and CIO (Nidec Americas Holding Corporation)

JK is recognized for his ability to achieve specific measurable results such as cost savings and performance improvements for his company. In his role, JK is responsible for global IT strategy and operations operations for 40+ countries and 100+ locations. His focus is on moving IT from being a service provider to a business transformation agent. JK decided to leverage Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure ("OCI") to improve operations using Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, and Oracle Storage. This project was done with the SI partner Infosys.

Michael Polepchuk

Michael Polepchuk, Deputy Chief Information Officer (BCS Global Markets)

Michael is recognized for his innovative use of the Oracle SPARC and Solaris Products to improve overall infrastructure operations. He has also helped to lead change internally to assist the team with the transition to the new Oracle-based systems. He is both forward thinking and results oriented having improved the systems performance while also reducing overall costs.

Heidi Ratini

Heidi Ratini, Senior Director of Engineering (IT Convergence)

Heidi is recognized today for her innovative use of Oracle Linux and Oracle VM to modernize the hosted cloud experience for IT Convergence’s customers. Using these technologies, she improved processes and operations. As a result, their hosted cloud offering has seen improved uptimes, excellent customer retention rates and an increase in quality across the board.

Rudolf Rotheneder

Rudolf Rotheneder, Chief Executive Officer (cons4you)

Rudolf is recognized for his innovative use of Oracle SPARC SuperCluster and Oracle Solaris. Rudolf has used these solutions to provide a new set of IT standards and services for the banking industry in Austria. In this capacity, he has designed new architectures on the Oracle SPARC SuperCluster. In this way, he has ensured that banking platforms across the country are more secure and performant. Additionally, Rudolf is an Oracle Gold Partner.

Brian Young

Brian Young, Vice President (Cerner)

Brian is recognized for his innovative use of Oracle Linux. He lead the migration to this solution for its overall technical and support improvements. Under Brian’s leadership, to date Cerner has successfully migrated tens of thousands of systems. In doing this, he has not only transformed his company’s infrastructure but also demonstrated his ability to be a great business partner to our team.

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