Oracle LMS Steering Groups

LMS Steering Groups
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What Are LMS Steering Groups?

LMS Steering Groups are regular meetings for Oracle customers to come together and explore the challenges and opportunities associated with license management. They are typically attended by senior executives including CFOs, CTOs, and their direct reports. The event is hosted by the Global Vice President of Oracle LMS under Chatham House Rules, and in complete isolation of any on-going commercial discussions.

Why Do We Run Them?

Tackling the Growth of Complexity

There is a general consensus from our customers that managing their complete mix of IT assets is becoming a discipline increasingly difficult to master. From new operating models (cloud, virtualization, and more) to business strategy (for example, acquisitions or divestments), the ability to track license usage and ensure compliance is a significant test for many organizations. Investigating different aspects of complexity, and identifying tried and tested solutions, is a key focus for each steering group meeting.

Shaping Best Practice

A common set of challenges exist to managing IT infrastructures—as are the business imperatives of reducing costs, delivering efficiencies, and aligning output with business strategy. Consolidating these challenges, and detailing the journeys taken by separate organizations to overcome them, is the basis for defining best practice. This is the purpose of the steering group: to collect, explore, and share these insights with our customer community.

The Value for Oracle LMS

The reason we facilitate the steering group is principally to encourage two-way dialogue with our customers, both on the issues they're experiencing, and the support available from Oracle LMS. In addition, the outputs from the events help shape both the nature of the LMS service offerings and our overall licensing policy.

Controlling Complexity
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