Enterprise agreement lifecycle

Before you come to the end of your current Oracle agreement, the Oracle Software Investment Advisory (SIA) team can help you take a closer look at your future needs. We can talk about what Oracle solutions are delivering the most value, which ones you’re not leveraging to their full potential, and any new considerations to help ensure your investments are adding the most value to your business.

Investment Economics

Develop a complete picture of consumption-based ROI with our Investment Economics service.

“The economic analysis of our Oracle ULA conducted by the Software Investment Advisory (SIA) team, was of great value to our strategy to optimize our investments in Oracle assets. In addition, it helped us conduct a cost-benefit analysis and select the best type of contract to reduce the complexity of managing our technological environment.”

Oni Rogério Pereira Júnior, Cloud and IT Infrastructure Manager, Central Ailos

Let’s keep unlocking value in the moments that matter

As you get to the end of your Oracle agreement, you’re probably thinking about the next steps.

Your challenge

Even though you might be happy with what you already have, we believe there’s always room for improvement. When looking for opportunities to improve, the biggest challenges can be

  • Assessing new license structures and understanding how they impact your business
  • Taking a closer look at how you currently use your Oracle licenses
  • Having the right support available to help assess all your options

Our commitment

Our Oracle SIA team can work with you to assess your future business needs, suggest appropriate Oracle solutions, and help you get the most value from your investment. This involves

  • Providing recommendations on the most suitable Enterprise Agreement for your organization
  • Helping you fully understand the most appropriate licensing structure

Case study

Unlimited license agreements (ULAs) with Oracle are an easy way for large organizations to support business agility and value creation.

The Oracle SIA team provided a detailed breakdown of all the licensing agreements owned by a multinational retail customer, helping the new CIO assess the financial benefits of the agreement.

Through our Investment Economics service, we were able to provide usage insights, giving the customer ample information about the current status and utilization of their Oracle investments.

Our analysis demonstrated a potential total savings of $12 million over the three-year ULA term.

“In order to make a decision on whether or not to renew the ULA contracted in 2017, SIA provided Kyobo with a 5-year ULA analysis based on license usage and future estimation so we might consider how it would be advantageous to maintain the ULA contract. We were able to clearly understand the meaning and concept of the ULA contract that I had maintained for 5 years. Assuming the ULA is renewed, we will now be able to estimate the financial benefit to Kyobo and consider how to approach this in future.”

Jaesung Park Deputy General Manager, Kyobo Life Insurance

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