Âncora Consórcios accelerates financial planning with Oracle Cloud EPM

The professional services company automates reporting, improves accounting, and gains more efficient forecast capabilities with Oracle Cloud EPM.


Thanks to Oracle Cloud EPM, we are now able to analyze business opportunities with much more accuracy. Monthly plans and closings are much faster since we no longer need to prepare them in Excel. Currently, we review the numbers, run the calculations, and have everything ready in our hands.

Ricardo DiasControllership Analyst, Âncora Consórcios

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Âncora Consórcios facilitates and manages consortiums related to financial products in Brazil. Many of Âncora's financial and planning processes were based on spreadsheets linked to its database and enterprise resource planning system, but this arrangement did not have the necessary scalability to keep up with the company’s growth. The company chose Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) to bring more robust capabilities and greater flexibility to its financial department while offering executives a 360-degree view of operations. Oracle Cloud EPM also allowed Âncora to use predictive algorithms to help the company plan its fixed expenses and calculate taxes. With Oracle Fusion Cloud EPM, the company completed financial planning within 6 hours and financial closings in just 48 hours.

Published:March 27, 2024