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10 Benefits Oracle Cobrowse Brings to Your Customer Service Teams

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Figure 1: Sharing screens boosts customer engagement.

As sales and customer service functions move online, customers frequently have to navigate multifaceted sites and decipher complex content. While organizations continue to invest in live chat and a variety of digital assistants to meet customer expectations, often these channels aren’t enough to solve a customer’s specific problem.

Oracle Cobrowse creates a shared, collaborative visual experience with online customers on any device, providing real-time assisted service or guidance. Viewing the same content provides a greater level of understanding and helps service agents resolve issues faster, increasing customer satisfaction.

Benefits of cobrowse technology


Increase customer satisfaction

Customers want their issues resolved the first time they call in or chat with a contact center agent. Oracle Cobrowse lets agents quickly understand customers’ needs to deliver a more efficient service experience.


Boost first-call resolution rates

See what your customer sees, what steps are being taken, what errors appear, and what actions trigger those errors. Resolve issues together on the first call.


Reduce average handling time

Shave off all that time spent articulating what the problem is, what the customer did previously, and what the customer should do next. Calls and chats are more efficient when the customer and agent see the same thing.


Improve the use of customer self-service tools

As you launch or update online tools or procedures, you may need to provide white-glove service to customers who are having trouble using them. Promote long-term adoption by walking customers through how to use these self-service resources.


Improve contact center efficiency and onboarding

Provide customer service agents the tools they need to handle issues faster and more accurately. Oracle Cobrowse can be used as a real-time live training tool to help onboard new agents and familiarize them with the user/customer experience.


Keep customers from leaving your site

Proactive invitations to shop together drive customer engagement and motivate actively engaged customers to convert. Agents can make offers, answer questions, and provide the help needed to close more sales.


Increase ecommerce sales

Agents actively engaged in a coshopping session can upsell, cross-sell, and encourage various opt-ins for future sales opportunities. Offers can include joining an email list, connecting on social media, or anything else that could promote additional ecommerce activities.


Improve employee engagement and satisfaction

Reduce the frustration felt by both customers and service agents when verbal explanations or instructions are not enough. Give your contact center agents a tool that helps them be more efficient and productive to meet their performance goals.


Assist with process improvements

Maintain real-time visibility into the customer experience. Oracle Cobrowse lets agents and supervisors take screenshots of issues for knowledge article creation, training, or bug fixes.


Boost customer loyalty

Create a differentiated customer service experience. Many companies report that their customers ask to cobrowse when they reach a customer service agent because they know it lets them quickly explain their issue and get help.

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