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Give customers a self-service app to track field service appointments

Where’s My Technician, a feature of Oracle Field Service, is a map-based tracking app that provides your customers real-time visibility and timely updates via email and/or SMS* throughout the lifecycle of a scheduled field service activity.

Viewable on any device browser, Where’s My Technician tracks your tech’s location and estimated arrival time. Your customers can see details about their technician, including the tech’s name and picture. A prebuilt, preintegrated chatbot enables your customers to reschedule or cancel their service appointment and send important messages to your mobile workers, such as parking or building entry instructions.

After a service activity is completed, you can easily capture customer feedback using quick surveys that provide insight into the service call, its outcomes, and customer sentiment, or provide additional support to customers who need it.

Elevate the customer experience and reduce costly return trips

Thanks to companies, such as Uber and Deliveroo, customer expectations for tracking and managing service delivery have permanently changed. Today’s customers expect nearly all field service organizations to provide a similar level of visibility and self-service capabilities.

Where’s My Technician provides customers with a complete view of all activities happening during their service experience and allows them to act when needed, for example, to reschedule a service appointment. This helps prevent expensive “no customer available” truck rolls and the resulting return trip.

Oracle Field Service Where’s My Technician—Key benefits and features

  • Give customers increased visibility and control of their service appointments
  • Reduce instances where customers are not present to receive service and costly return trips
  • Capture customer feedback immediately after service is delivered and quickly act if issues arise
  • Let customers cancel or reschedule appointments without needing to call or engage a service agent
  • Easily implement with no-code configuration
  • Adjust colors and logos to comply with your brand standards for a seamless brand experience

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* Where’s My Technician SMS delivery service requires a message provider.