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Create optimal customer and service agent experiences with screen sharing capabilities

Cobrowse technology puts your customers and agents on the same page—literally. With the click of a button, customers can show their screens to agents during a service call. When issues are too complex to resolve effectively over the phone or via live chat, Oracle Standalone Cobrowse can mean the difference between a slow and frustrating interaction and a quick, positive service experience.

Sharing screens boosts customer engagement because contact center agents and customers share the same visual experience to resolve an issue.
Figure 1: Sharing screens boosts customer engagement because contact center agents and customers share the same visual experience to resolve an issue.

Increase customer service agent efficiency

Shave time off phone and chat interactions by eliminating the need for customers to articulate what they are experiencing or what they are seeing. Agents no longer have to provide verbal instructions that customers struggle to understand and follow. By viewing the same thing, both parties understand one another and can leave the interaction satisfied that the issue has been resolved.

Drives sales through better “co-shopping” experiences

Cobrowse technology enables you to create a “co-shopping” experience that mimics the in-store experience with a well-trained salesperson guiding customers. Inviting website and mobile visitors to cobrowse with an agent while they shop improves engagement and provides many opportunities to up- and cross-sell.

Oracle Standalone Cobrowse—key benefits

  • Increase customer satisfaction, which improves the overall customer experience
  • Reduce call-handling time
  • Boost first-call resolution rates
  • Provide customers with the self-service functionality they want and increase usage rate
  • Reduce site bounce and abandonment rates
  • Increase ecommerce sales
  • Provide new up- and cross-sell opportunities
  • Improve customer service agent productivity and satisfaction
  • Increase overall contact center efficiency

Provide the ideal customer experience and ensure customer privacy with granular security settings

Standalone Cobrowse helps you deliver an optimal customer experience. Agents can quickly launch secure, private screen sharing sessions—on any device—to give customers personalized, efficient assistance.

Extremely granular security settings in Standalone Cobrowse allow service agents to view all necessary online materials to help customers resolve issues or find what they need. These materials can include any combination of web pages, domains, desktop applications, settings, or various types of on-page technologies, such as Adobe Flash Player, Microsoft Silverlight, pop-ups, and dynamic content.

Within the cobrowse session—which is configured to only allow the appropriate levels of content visibility—further security settings can be applied to block specific content from an agent’s view, such as account data or social security numbers. Additional security features of Oracle Standalone Cobrowse include:

  • A SaaS architecture that’s distributed across multiple locations in data centers that are SSAE 16 audited.
  • Cobrowse session keys that are randomly generated for each visual sharing session and expire when the session ends.
  • Cobrowse data that’s transmitted via Transport Layer Security (TLS) or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypted channel (HTTPS or WSS).
  • Only HTTPS port 443 is used, so that Standalone Cobrowse does not touch any firewalls
  • No customer data is stored on Oracle Standalone Cobrowse servers.
  • No trigger warnings or alerts in antimalware appliances or firewalls due to Standalone Cobrowse.
  • Certification by Veracode, which makes Standalone Cobrowse suitable for financial and private customer information transmission over the internet.

Reduce risk with access control features

Standalone Cobrowse provides access control features to further reduce risk and ensure customer privacy. These access control features include:

  • Complete control of customer launch point placement, including the use of a proprietary business rules engine, allowing you to control launch point visibility according to customer behavior or profile
  • Agent access restrictions that ensure only authorized employees may join a cobrowse session
  • In-session agent controls that can be configured for view only, view plus point, or full mouse and keyboard control
  • Agents can initiate the escalation from a page sharing cobrowse session to an end user desktop sharing cobrowse session

Standalone Cobrowse features

Along with strong privacy and security options, Oracle Standalone Cobrowse includes additional features to create an optimal customer and agent experience.

Customizable UI Maintain complete control over the style and placement of customer engagement windows. Include links to additional content, such as terms and conditions or privacy policies.
Web-based agent console Easy to access by URL or desktop widget, the Standalone Cobrowse agent console can be embedded into existing agent desktops or workflows.
Annotations Agents can pull up and utilize an annotations palette to take notes, draw around sections, and highlight words to draw the customers’ attention while cobrowsing.
Customer and agent surveys At the close of a highly engaged interaction, Standalone Cobrowse can present surveys to customers and/or agents to capture feedback about their experience.
Multiple device support Cobrowse with web or mobile customers who are using any popular operating system or browser. Additionally, you can build Standalone Cobrowse capabilities into a native iOS or Android application.
Web-based administrative console A simple, web-based interface enables Standalone Cobrowse administrators to easily manage users, configure launch points, and report on cobrowse activity.
Global language packs Deploy Standalone Cobrowse in up to 32 languages.
Analytics and reporting Ability to tie Standalone Cobrowse data into existing analytics systems along with reporting of system sessions within your CRM. During a session, one-click access to customer environment analysis offers further assistance with troubleshooting.

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