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Communications Data Model

As Communications Service Providers (CSPs) transform their business models to deliver a more customer-centric offering, the ability to collect, store and analyze detailed customer data becomes a critical competitive differentiator.

Oracle Communications Data Model (OCDM) is a standards-based data model designed and optimized for Oracle data warehouses, including the Oracle Exadata Database Machine. OCDM combines market-leading communications application knowledge with the performance of Oracle’s Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence platforms. OCDM can be used in any application environment and is easily extensible. With OCDM, you can jump-start the design and implementation of a communications data warehouse to quickly achieve a positive ROI for your data warehousing and business intelligence project with a predictable implementation effort.

Deliver Industry-specific Actionable Intelligence

  • Pre-built, pre-tested solution designed by industry experts to help CSPs maximize the value of their Oracle data warehouse.
  • Pre-built OLAP and Mining models deliver industry-specific insights that are relevant, actionable, and can improve both top-line and bottom-line results.
  • Comprehensive Metadata for Business Intelligence Reporting and Ad-hoc Query.    

Rapid Implementation, Predictable Costs Lead to Higher Return on Investment

  • Designed and optimized for Oracle data warehouses, including the Sun Oracle Database Machine.
  • Can work with any Communications Application Environment.
  • Easy to extend and customize - avoids 'Build from Scratch' data warehouse.
  • Expeditious data warehouse implementation with pre-built components and embedded data warehousing best practices for CSPs.
  • Can build your data warehouse from virtually any point, and rapidly implement wherever your opportunities are greatest, without contributing to additional data "silo" problems.

Combine Communications Expertise with Industry-Leading Technology

  • With Oracle's strong communications domain expertise, Oracle Communications Data Model provides an industry standards-aligned foundation schema that is modern, relevant, topical, and addresses the needs of most CSPs
  • Normalized data model serves as a detailed and structured representation of the business, providing an integrated base for business information with fully defined entities and relationships.
  • Based on Oracle's leading data warehousing technology, the Oracle Communications Data Model ensures scalability and performance in the delivery of detailed transaction-level information.

Technical Information