Oracle Cloud-Native
Data Warehouse Technologies

Utilize data warehousing on-premises or in the cloud. Data Warehousing and analytics technologies such as zero-downtime scaling, Autonomous Data Guard, Oracle Database In-Memory, Oracle Multitenant, machine learning, spatial and graph capabilities enable analytics teams to deliver deeper richer insights in less time.

Autonomous Data Warehouse

VIDEO: Autonomous Data Warehouse – Under The Hood, How It Works

Oracle VP, George Lumpkin discusses difference between automation vs. autonomous and delivers a deep dive into hands-free data warehousing on Oracle Cloud

Global Leaders
LINK: Global Leaders Program

An elite program for our global big data warehousing and cloud customers. It gives our customers an open communication channel for providing product insights, solution planning and implementation reviews between Oracle Development and customers who are at the leading-edge of big data warehousing initiatives

New Autonomous
VIDEO: New Autonomous Data Warehouse Innovations

Andrew Mendelsohn, Executive Vice President, Oracle Database Server Technologies, talks about the latest innovations in the industry’s first and only self-driving cloud data warehouse

Data Economy

Shining a Light on the Hidden Data Economy

Considering enterprise data in terms of supply, demand, and transaction costs enables companies to craft more effective data strategies and increase return on data capital. Join us to learn how the unique capabilities of Oracle's cloud and database technologies can put these ideas into action.

There are many benefits in being part of the Oracle Global Leaders program - get expert guidance and support for developing leading-edge data management strategies.

Empowering Business Innovators With Self-Servive Cloud Data Ecosystem

Empowering Business
Empowering Business
Empowering Business

Data Loading:
Select data from your local computer, from tables in other databases, or from cloud storage and then add that data to new or existing tables or views in, or link to the data from, your Oracle Autonomous Database.

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Empowering Business
Data Transformations:
Simple "drag-and-drop" data transformation built-in recognized leader ELT tool Oracle Data Integrator.

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Empowering Business
Business Models:
Aims to describe the business entities that are derived from data in an Oracle Autonomous Database schema or other sources; in this way, you can create a semantic model on top of your data identifying hierarchies, measures and dimensions.

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Business Model
Data Insights Data Insights:
Crawls over business model and discovers hidden patterns, anomalies and outliers in your data.

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Data Insights
Catalog Catalog:
Use the Catalog page to get information about the entities in your database, their data sets, how they were created, statistical analysis of each entities data, and the impact that changing the source of an entity may have on other entities.

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Graph Analysis Graph Analysis:
Oracle Autonomous Database includes Graph Studio, with one-click provisioning, integrated tooling, and security. Graph Studio automates graph data management and simplifies modeling, analysis, and visualization across the graph analytics lifecycle.

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Graph Analytic
Spatial Analysis Spatial Analysis:
Spatial allows developers and analysts to get started easily with location intelligence analytics and mapping services. It makes it easy to manage different types of geospatial data, perform hundreds of spatial analytic operations, and use interactive map visualization tools.

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Spatial Analysis
Machine Learning Machine Learning:
Oracle accelerates machine learning (ML) with powerful algorithms that run inside the database so you can build and run ML models without having to move or reformat data. Data scientists can leverage Python, R, SQL, and other tools to integrate ML capabilities into database applications and deliver analytics results in easy-to-use dashboards.

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Machine Learning
Apex APEX:
Using APEX, developers can quickly develop and deploy compelling apps that solve real problems and provide immediate value. You won't need to be an expert in a vast array of technologies to deliver sophisticated solutions. Focus on solving the problem and let APEX take care of the rest.

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Learn how to build a data warehouse faster in the cloud.

Learn how to load data faster in the cloud.

Upgrade and/or migrate your existing data warehouse today

Upgrade to the latest Oracle Database technology to benefit from market-leading performance, availability, analytics and security. Migrate your data warehouse to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to combine low cost with high performance.

Why Choose Oracle For All Your Data Warehouse Needs

Oracle is #1

Oracle Autonomous Database scores highest in all Use Cases in 2020 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Cloud Database Management Systems for Operational Use Cases

Smarter, faster analytic queries

Database In-Memory delivers speed-of-thought processing for sophisticated analytic queries. Database In-Memory implements leading-edge columnar data processing to accelerate your data warehouse analytics by orders of magnitude. Answers that used to take minutes to obtain are now available instantly. Questions that you used to dream about asking can now be quickly and easy answered.

Easier, faster management

Oracle Multitenant is the architecture for the next-generation data warehouse in the cloud. It delivers easier consolidation of data marts and data warehouses by offering complete isolation, agility and economies of scale. Oracle Multitenant offers additional benefits by providing a fast and efficient management framework for delivering sandboxes and data discovery platforms within the overall Oracle Big Data Management System.

Consistently high performance

As data warehouse grows with Oracle Partitioning which enhances the manageability, performance, and availability of large data marts and data warehouses. It increases query performance by only working on the data that is relevant, improves availability through individual partition manageability and decreases costs by storing data in the most appropriate manner.

Temperature-based data optimization

Made possible with Automatic Data Optimization (ADO), which allows you to create policies for smart data compression and data movement making it possible to implement storage and compression tiering. ADO works in conjunction with Oracle Partitioning.

Optimized Hardware

Oracle Database is able to efficiently leverage all hardware resources - multiple CPUs, multiple IO channels, multiple storage units, multiple nodes in a cluster. The Oracle Optimizer can automatically decide if a query should run in parallel and the degree of parallelism to use based on the resource requirements of the statement.

Deployment options to fit your needs

At your location

Run Oracle Database

Run Oracle Database at your own location on your own hardware. Or, use Oracle Exadata in your data center for best performance, flexibility, and robustness.

Oracle Cloud at your location

Best platform for data warehouse

The best platform for your data warehouse projects, delivered securely behind your firewall and managed by Oracle.

Oracle public cloud

Benefit from the computing power

Benefit from the computing power, physical storage, and tooling in the cloud that simplify routine database management operations by using Oracle’s highest-performance engineered system, designed specifically for enterprise-scale cloud workloads.

Learn more about Oracle's unique data warehouse features

Get more in-depth details...


Partitioning is powerful functionality that allows tables, indexes, and index-organized tables to be subdivided into smaller pieces, enabling these database objects to be managed and accessed at a finer level of granularity.

Oracle provides a comprehensive range of partitioning schemes to address every business requirement.

Partitioning is powerful functionality

Analytic SQL

The in-database analytical functions and features that are embedded inside the Oracle Database can be used to answer a wide variety of business problems.

Developers and business users can access a wide range of analytic features and combine their results with other SQL queries and analytical pipelines to gain deeper insights.

Developers and business users

Query Optimizer

The Optimizer is one of the most fascinating components of the Oracle Database, since it is essential to the processing of every SQL statement.

The Optimizer determines the most efficient execution plan for each SQL statement based on the structure of the query, the available statistical information about the underlying objects, and all the relevant optimizer and execution features.



Database In-Memory provides a unique dual-format architecture that enables tables to be simultaneously represented in memory using traditional row format and a new in-memory column format.

The Oracle Optimizer automatically routes analytic queries to the column format and OLTP queries to the row format, transparently delivering best-of-both-worlds performance.

LTP queries to the row format

Machine Learning

Oracle Machine Learning accelerates the creation and deployment of machine learning models for data scientists using reduced data movement, AutoML technology, and simplified deployment.

Simplify and accelerate the creation of machine learning models for both expert and non-expert data scientists alike, using familiar SQL and PL/SQL for data preparation, model building, evaluation, and deployment.

Oracle Machine Learning

Big Data SQL

Fast, secure SQL queries over all your data. Extends Oracle SQL processing to and the security of Oracle Autonomous Database to all your data.

It also includes a unique Smart Scan service that minimizes data movement and maximizes performance, by parsing and intelligently filtering data where it reside.

Fast, secure SQL queries over all your data



Oracle Spatial allows developers and analysts to get started easily with location intelligence analytics and mapping services. Organizations can manage different types of geospatial data, perform hundreds of spatial analytic operations, and use interactive map visualization tools.

Oracle Spatial allows developers and analysts


Graph allows analysts and developers to perform fraud detection in banking, find connections and link to data, and improve traceability in smart manufacturing, all while gaining enterprise-grade security, ease of data ingestion, and strong support for data workloads.

Graph allows analysts and developers to perform fraud detection in banking

Data Safe

Data Safe is a unified control center which helps you understand the sensitivity of your data, evaluate risks to data, mask sensitive data, implement and monitor security controls, assess user security, monitor user activity, and address data security compliance requirements.

Data Safe is a unified control center

Parallel Execution

Parallel execution is a commonly used method of speeding up operations by splitting a task into smaller sub tasks.

The more effectively the database can leverage all hardware resources-multiple CPUs, multiple IO channels, multiple storage units, multiple nodes in a cluster—the more efficiently queries and other database operations will be processed.

Parallel execution

Data Warehouse Workshops

Get hands-on experience with free workshops on Oracle LiveLabs...

Autonomous Database
Quick Start Workshop

The labs in this workshop walk you through all the steps to get started using the Oracle Autonomous Database Serverless (ADB-S). You will provision a new ADB instance, load data from the object store and troubleshoot data loads, query external data residing on the object store, and create rich data visualizations using Oracle Analytics Desktop.

Autonomous Database

Important Tools for Everyone Using Oracle Autonomous Database Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce you to the suite of data tools built into the Oracle Autonomous Database for Data Warehousing. The workshop is designed to be used alongside your own cloud account (paid or Bring-Your-Own-License) or you can register and claim free trial credits which provides up to 3,300 hours of cloud time, and 2 TB of storage, which is more than enough time and storage space to run this workshop.

Important Tools for Everyone Using Oracle Autonomous Database Workshop

Oracle MovieStream

Oracle MovieStream is a fictitious movie streaming service. They face challenges that are typical to many organizations across industries.

Most workshops focus on teaching you about a cloud service or performing a series of tasks. This workshop is different. You will learn how to deliver high value solutions using Oracle Cloud data platform services. And, the workshop will do this in the context of a company that we all can relate to and understand.

Oracle MovieStream is a fictitious movie streaming service

Get Started with Graph Analytics on Oracle Autonomous Database Workshop

This workshop covers how to load data in CSV files into the database and introduces key graph data modeling and analysis concepts and the interactive Graph Studio for working with graphs in an Autonomous Database. It shows you how to use graph queries to find circular payments which may indicate fraudulent transactions. You will load data from CSV files containing (artificial) Account and Transaction information. Then create a graph and finally query it and visualize the results.

Get Started with Graph Analytics

Introduction to Machine Learning Algorithms on ADB

In this lab, you will use the Oracle Machine Learning (OML) SQL notebook application provided with your Autonomous Data Warehouse. This browser-based application provides a web interface to run SQL queries and scripts, which can be grouped together within a notebook. Notebooks can be used to build single reports, collections of reports, and even dashboards. OML provides a simple way to share workbooks and collections of workbooks with other OML users.

Machine Learning Algorithms

Introduction to Oracle Spatial Studio Workshop

In this workshop you will explore the features of Spatial Studio for self-service spatial analysis and visualization. Using datasets of traffic accidents, police stations, and police station service areas, you will load and visualize spatial data, and analyze their spatial relationships as shown below.

Oracle Spatial Studio Workshop

Want to learn more - use our guided learning paths

Quick Start

Perform basic tasks on ADB. Everything from provisioning to loading data to writing queries.

Visualizing Data

Working with data visualization tools such as Oracle Analytics Desktop

Machine Learning

Use Oracle Machine Learning SQL Notebooks to build reports, dashboards and workbooks on Autonomous Database.

Developing Apps

Create an APEX workspace then learn how to extend it using spatial, machine learning and security features.

Managing and Monitoring

Provision an Autonomous Database, load sample data and manage and monitor the environment using the Service Console.

Customer Stories

Learn how Oracle customers in the GL program are using Oracle's data management platform to transform their businesses by helping them to reduce costs and complexity and allowing them to engage with their data in new smarter, better ways.

Siemens Mobility tames project complexity using Oracle Cloud
For a vital project to digitize European railroad operations, Siemens Mobility is automating its processes with Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle APEX.
Oracle Autonomous Database
Industry:Travel and Transportation
OUTFRONT Media expands data analysis with Oracle Cloud
Outdoor media company uses Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse to advise customers on where to spend their ad dollars.
Oracle Autonomous Database
Oracle Analytics
Pianoforte gains real-time insights with Oracle Cloud
he retail fashion group deployed Oracle Analytics Cloud on Oracle Autonomous Database to improve operational decision-making and boost agility..
Oracle Autonomous Database

Vodafone Fiji speeds decision-making with Oracle Cloud
Pacific island carrier uses Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse to analyze data consolidated from multiple acquisitions.
Oracle Autonomous Database
Oracle Analytics
Unicomer runs its retail empire with help from Oracle Cloud
A move to Oracle Autonomous Database gave El Salvador-based retail giant, Unicomer, better control of its diverse operations in 27 countries.
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Oracle Autonomous Database
Location:El Salvador
MineSense and Oracle Cloud help mines tap vein of efficiency
Using x-ray sensors on huge power shovels, MineSense sends IoT data to Oracle Autonomous Database, which helps mines run more precise operations.
Oracle Autonomous Database
Industry:Natural Resources
Sensa Analytics speeds healthcare data insights
By using an integrated set of Oracle Autonomous Database cloud services, Sensa Analytics was able to quickly build an application that gathers data for COVID-19 patients.
Oracle Autonomous Database
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Oracle Analytics
Location:United States
With Oracle Cloud, d.light empowers the underprivileged
Solar energy tech provider is improving more than 100 million lives thanks in part to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.
Oracle Autonomous Database
Oracle Analytics

Industry:High Technology
Oracle Cloud helps CERN explore our universe
Solar energy tech provider is improving more than 100 million lives thanks in part to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.
Oracle Autonomous Database
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

SKY Brasil expands its reach with Oracle Cloud
In a country as diverse as Brazil, effective marketing must be highly customized. Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse helps SKY Brasil perform real-time marketing analytics for millions of customers.
Oracle Autonomous Database

Industry:Media and Entertainment
Data Intensity
Managed service provider Data Intensity gained competitive advantage moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and lowered costs by 30%.
Oracle Autonomous Database
Oracle Cloud Compute
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Storage

Industry:Professional Services
retraced keeps ethical sourcing in fashion
retraced uses Oracle Autonomous Database with blockchain to increase sustainability in the apparel industry.
Oracle Autonomous Database
Oracle Cloud Compute
Oracle Analytics

Industry:High Technology
Adventist Health standardizes processes to support growth
With Oracle Cloud ERP, EPM, and HCM, the healthcare company improved inventory management, cut its budgeting cycle in half, and can integrate new acquisitions in just months.
Oracle Autonomous Database
Oracle Cloud ERP
Oracle Analytics

Industry:High Technology
With Oracle Cloud, 11880 enhances intelligent search
Need to find someone? This German provider links people and businesses through directory assistance and a range of online services powered by Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.
Oracle Autonomous Database

Generali accelerates HR data-driven culture with Oracle Cloud
Oracle HCM, Autonomous Database, and Analytics enable Generali to improve its data-driven approach within the HR community and to streamline and automate HR reporting processes.
Oracle Autonomous Database

Arlington Orthopedic improves analysis with Oracle Cloud
These orthopedic specialists depend on Oracle Cloud to help them quickly analyze patient histories, financial statements, accounts receivables, and payer reimbursements.
Oracle Autonomous Database
Oracle Analytics Cloud

Oracle Cloud accelerates Grupo DPSP service rollout
Brazil’s second-largest drugstore chain is using Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing to accelerate the availability of new services and secure its business.
Oracle Autonomous Database

Forth Smart connects rural economies using Oracle Cloud
Brazil’s second-largest drugstore chain is using Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing to accelerate the availability of new services and secure its business.
Oracle Autonomous Database
Oracle Analytics
Oracle Machine Learning

Oracle Cloud helps Maine make data-backed decisions
The state provides government partners and staff with direct access to data to improve decisions and efficiency with Oracle Analytics Cloud.
Oracle Autonomous Database
Oracle Analytics
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Accenture Philippines drives continuous innovation with Oracle Cloud
Professional services firm quickly introduces digital innovation to clients with rapid application development from Oracle Application Express and Autonomous Database.
Oracle Autonomous Database
Oracle Analytics
Oracle APEX

Strands delivers fintech insights with Oracle Cloud
With a growing customer base of hundreds of banks, Strands creates customizable money management software for top-tier financial institutions around the world.
Oracle Autonomous Database

Kingold uses Oracle Cloud to find new opportunities
The Chinese property developer is expanding its services and broadening its industry scope with the help of Oracle Autonomous Database.
Oracle Autonomous Database
Oracle Analytics

Zebra Technologies accelerates growth with Oracle Cloud
The maker of solutions that intelligently connect people, assets, and data uses Oracle Cloud technologies to strengthen ties with its channel partners.
Oracle Autonomous Database
Oracle Analytics
Oracle Advertising and CX

AsiaPay makes payments painless with Oracle Cloud
AsiaPay’s payment gateway keeps commerce flowing in 144 currencies. With Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, it can scale beyond 40 million transactions a year while personalizing services and fighting fraud.
Oracle Autonomous Database
Oracle Analytics

Location:HONG KONG
Oracle Cloud helps MESTEC lift factory performance
MESTEC’s cloud-based software relies on Oracle Autonomous Database with Azure Interconnect to help makers of everything from cupcakes to submarine parts streamline their operations and raise employee productivity.
Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing
Oracle Cloud and Azure Interconnect

Certegy fights payment fraud with Oracle Cloud
Certegy uses Oracle Analytics and Autonomous Database with machine learning and spatial analysis to help businesses minimize losses and prevent fraud.
Oracle Autonomous Database
Oracle Analytics
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Beso innovates with data-driven insights from Oracle Cloud
Mexico City-based creative agency taps Oracle Autonomous Database to predict consumer behavior, inform its campaigns, and spur business growth.
Oracle Autonomous Database
Oracle Analytics
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Aon consolidates sales, marketing insights in Oracle Cloud
The global professional services firm uses Oracle Cloud CX, Autonomous Database, and Analytics to better engage customers with less administration.
Oracle Autonomous Database
Oracle Analytics
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Dropbox slashes processing costs by 80% with Oracle Cloud
The file hosting service eliminates manual tasks and cuts financial close in half with cloud ERP, helping to capitalize on the work-from-home shift.
Oracle Cloud ERP
Oracle Cloud EPM
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


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