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Virtual Machine with RDF Knowledge Graph and Big Data Property Graph

The Oracle Big Data Lite Virtual Machine is an integrated environment to help you get started with Oracle Database 12c, Oracle Spatial and Graph 12c, and Oracle Big Data products, including Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph. Many other platform components have been installed and configured - allowing you to begin using the system right away.

Oracle Spatial and Graph Support for Graph Visualization using Cytoscape.

May 2018

Cytoscape is an open source graph visualization tool. Oracle Spatial and Graph supports Cytoscape 3.2 and above with two respective Cytoscape applications (plugins), one for visualizing property graphs and another for visualizing World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Resource Description Framework (RDF) graphs stored in Oracle Database.

Oracle Spatial and Graph Support for Apache Jena (Jena adapter,) Apache Jena Fuseki, Protégé Desktop and Joseki.

May 2019

Support for these open source technologies now includes Apache Jena 3.1.0 and Apache Jena Fuseki 2.4.0, both standalone and web application versions.

It also includes dynamic SPARQL endpoint, updated support for Protege Desktop 5.2, optimized support for SPARQL 1.1 query syntax and a smart router for small to medium size RDF/OWL datasets.

This set of adapters and plugins provides a feature rich Java-based interface to RDF Knowledge Graph that implements the well-known Apache Jena Graph, Model, BulkUpdateHandler, and DatasetGraph APIs. It supports SPARQL 1.1 and OGC GeoSPARQL queries. It runs on Oracle WebLogic Server, as well as Apache Tomcat Application Servers. It includes a SPARQL Gateway for tools that support an XML data source to query an RDF Graph in Oracle Database.