Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database XE

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Getting Help
  • How can I get support?

    Go to the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Community Forum to search existing questions and answers or enter a question.

  • Can I log an SR against TimesTen XE?

    No, you can only log Service Requests, with Oracle Support, against fully supported products with valid support agreements, such as Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database.

  • Will patches be provided for TimesTen XE?

    No, patches will not be released for TimesTen XE. To obtain patches, you must be licensed on a fully supported release of Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database or Oracle TimesTen Application-Tier Database Cache.

  • Can I run TimesTen XE in a Docker container?

    Yes, you can install and run TimesTen XE in a Docker container.
  • Can I run TimesTen XE in Kubernetes or OpenShift?

    Yes, you can run TimesTen XE in Kubernetes or OpenShift.
  • Can I run TimesTen XE in a VirtualBox VM?

  • Yes, you can install and run TimesTen XE inside a VM.
  • What are the resource limits for TimesTen XE?

    Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database XE supports up to:

    • Up to 16 GB  database size for Classic mode, 16 GB element size for Scelout mode
    • Up to 4 elements in Scaleout mode

    For more TimesTen XE restrictions information, review the TimesTen XE restriction in the TimesTen Licensing Guide.

  • Can I use TimesTen XE in production?

    Yes, you can run TimesTen XE in production. TimesTen XE doesn't have any restrictions regarding which environments you can deploy based on the  Oracle Free Use Terms and Conditions.  However, Oracle Support doesn't support TimesTen XE. Also, TimesTen XE doesn't receive any patches, including security patches. Oracle recommends running production applications on fully supported Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database or Oracle TimesTen Application-Tier Database Cache Releases.

  • What features does TimesTen XE not support?

    The TimesTen Licensing Guide describes the restrictions in TimesTen XE.

  • Can I upgrade from TimesTen XE to TimesTen 22.1?

    Yes, you can upgrade your TimesTen XE environment by using a migration tool (such as ttMigrate) to transfer your data from the TT XE environment to the new fully supported TimesTen 22.1 releases. See the TimesTen Installation, Upgrade and Migration Guide

  • Will my database character set be preserved during upgrade from TimesTen XE to TimesTen 22.1?

    The character sets supported by TimesTen XE and TimesTen 22.1 are the same. The character encoding of character data is preserved when migrating using the ttMigrate tool.

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  • Is SQL Developer included with TimesTen XE?

    SQL Developer is not part of Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database XE download. Go to the SQL Developer Home Page for more information and download the latest versions.