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Oracle as a RDF Graph

Oracle as a RDF Graph

RDF graph is a W3C standards-based, full-featured graph store in Oracle Database for scalable and secure Knowledge Graph, Linked Data and Social Networks applications.

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RDF Graph Features

Standards-based RDF data management and analysis

Oracle Database includes advanced RDF graph data management and analysis.  It provides native support for RDF and OWL, W3C-standards for representing and defining knowledge graphs, semantic data, and SPARQL, a graph query language, enabling comprehensive RDF query, reasoning, and analytics.

Open, performant, scalable RDF graph data platform

RDF graph leverages Oracle Database features such as triple-level security, Exadata, RAC, compression, partitioning, In-Memory Database, parallel query, and high availability for excellent performance and scalability, for data sets in the trillions of quads.

Supports Knowledge Graph, Linked Data, and Social Network applications

RDF graphs create a unified metadata layer for disparate applications that facilitates identification, integration, and discovery.  RDF graphs are central to knowledge management, linked data and social network applications common in the healthcare and life sciences, finance, media and intelligence communities.