Oracle TimesTen Sample Utilities


The following utilities are not officially certified by Oracle. They are supported on a "best effort" basis. If you have any questions or encounter issues with using these utilities, please post your questions to the OTN TimesTen Community.

ttImportFromOracle v3.8.0

A command-line utility that analyzes source tables in an Oracle database and generates scripts for importing the tables into a TimesTen database. The tool recommends space-efficient data types and compression candidates to further reduce the memory requirement for storage in the TimesTen database. It also generates an optimized loader script that performs data loading in parallel.

See the README for more info

ttSizeOra v1.2.0

A command-line utility that examines a table in an Oracle database and provides an estimate of the memory requirement for the table, its metadata and its indexes to be imported into a TimesTen database.

See the README for more info