Corente Cloud Services Exchange Downloads

Corente Services Gateway

The Corente Services Gateway can be downloaded from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud or My Oracle Support.

App Net Manager*

Subscribers to Corente Cloud Service Exchange can access the App Net Manager service portal here.

Use this secure application to create, configure, modify, delete, and monitor the components of your application network.

As of release 9.4.1, App Net Manager can be run from outside a Corente Services Gateway (CSG), therefore, App Net Manager Lite is no longer supported. You can continue to run App Net Manager from behind a CSG at, but it is recommended that you access the latest App Net Manager at the new link provided above.

* Requires Oracle's Java Web Start application.

Source Code for Open Source Software Components

The source code to the included open source software can be obtained here.

Oracle Public Cloud Customers

Subscribers to Oracle Public Cloud services must click here to download and access Oracle VPN for Multitenant Compute (via Corente Cloud Services Exchange).

Corente Cloud Services Exchange Documentation