Corente Cloud Services Exchange

Corente Cloud Services Exchange (CSX) provides enterprises with a cloud-based service that delivers trusted connectivity services over any global IP network with less complexity, in significantly less time, and at reduced cost.

What's New

  • IMPORTANT: The last day of standalone Corente cloud services for legacy customers (excluding Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic customers) is March 31, 2019. Please delete your Corente Services Gateways by April 1st, 2019. As of this date, legacy customers no longer have the right to use or access the Corente service.
  • Corente CSX Release 9.4.3 - This release provides security and maintenance updates. For more information, refer to the release notes. Updated 5/7/17
  • Corente CSX Release 9.4.2 - This release provides security and maintenance updates. For more information, refer to the release notes. Updated 1/15/17
  • Corente CSX Release 9.4.1 - App Net Manager can now run from outside a Corente Services Gateway, therefore, support for App Net Manager Lite is no longer available. In addition, improvements were made to the Corente Services Gateway upgrade process, and the Corente Services Gateway Virtual Environment Edition (CSG-VE) is now desupported. For more information, refer to the release notes.
  • Deprecated Feature Advisory - Corente Services Gateway Virtual Environment (VE) - The Corente Virtual Services Gateway Virtual Environment (CSG-VE) edition enables applications to be deployed to remote locations by combining the gateway service and virtual application VirtualBox VM's in a single device. The CSG-VE edition is no longer supported as version 9.4.1. For more information, please contact Oracle Support.
  • Corente CSX Release 9.4 - This cloud service release includes a new lightweight Corente Client for Windows, Windows 10 Client support, new console gateway machine and network information, monitoring support for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016, and support for Gateway connections to third party IPSec VPN appliances. For new information on how to access Corente CSX downloads and App Net Manager, click here.
  • Deprecated Features Advisory - 32-bit gateways and SSL Clients are no longer supported as of Release 9.4. Please review the advisory and take the necessary actions if this applies to your deployment.
  • Corente Support - The point of contact for Corente product support is through Oracle's Support portal, My Oracle Support, and no longer through the ticketing function in App Net Manager, the Corente telephone number, or via email ( The Ticketing function has been disabled and replaced by a link to My Oracle Support. App Net Manager will continue to be available; however, please use My Oracle Support, or call 888-783-0383 or the Oracle Support hotline in your country to log any issues that you have.

Corente Cloud Services Exchange Documentation

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