Analytics and Embedded Machine Learning Can Inform and Improve Government

Today’s smart governments must use their wealth of data to predict tomorrow, preparing their agencies and constituents for the challenges that must be met.

Solutions for a Future-Forward Government


Improve decision-making

Get faster insights through analytical tools that help government visualize and plan. Agencies are increasingly digital and interconnected: Constituents instantly interact with city and state employees, and devices—sensors, smart phones, wearable technology, and cameras—provide a constant stream of digital data to help agencies think proactively about citizen needs. Managing all of that data requires a powerful analytics solution.

Business brief: Predict and Prepare for the Future (PDF)
Brief: Machine Learning for a More Intelligent Government (PDF)
Case study: Maine's Journey to Cloud-Based Data Analytics (PDF)

Predict the future

Move from a reactive to a proactive state. Amplify the value of all of your applications and provide your citizens with better experiences and services. Bring government to a new state that is open and transparent and responsive to any civic issue. Set the stage to solve big problems such as homelessness, fraud, and public safety, all in a thriving economic climate.

Case study: San Joaquin County (PDF)
Video: Drive Better Decision Making with Smart Data Solutions (54:18)
Video: Harness the Power of Your Data (1:31)


Oracle Analytics Cloud

Gain faster insights for your agency

How can you extract meaning from diverse data types that are siloed across different agencies? Pull together structured and unstructured information to get new insights.

Oracle Business Intelligence

Transform data into your vision

Get a comprehensive view of your agency, all in one place, through stunning visual analytics.

Oracle Autonomous Database

Make the mission matter

Eliminate complexity, human error, and rote manual management through the power of machine learning. Your employees can spend time on higher-order work instead of maintenance.

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

Move from data to decisions

Deploying a data warehouse can be done in a matter of minutes, with no database expertise required. Built-in adaptive machine learning eliminates manual labor and tedious administrative management.