Create a Cloud-Enabled, Mobile Back Office

Cloud-based back-office systems—from human capital to finance, procurement, and supply chain—can improve efficiency, automate rote tasks, and create a more open government.

Solutions for Government Back Office


Move finance to the cloud

A cloud-based finance system positions your agency for future growth. A modern government back office has no room for a thicket of spreadsheets, redundant manual processes, or legacy customizations. Migrating your data to Oracle ERP Cloud can be accomplished in months, not years, with Oracle Soar’s automated tools.

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Case study: Cloud-Powered Back Office for St. Croix (PDF)
Video: San Luis Obispo Streamlines Procurement (1:36)

Recruit your next generation of leaders

Recruit and retain top talent who have a passion to serve government. A comprehensive human capital management (HCM) system gives government agencies the tools to attract new talent that’s accustomed to a mobile, digital office environment. Once hired, this workforce will expect a suite of training and career advancement tools.

Brief: Put Some SaaS into Your Small City (PDF)

Simplify budget planning

Gain insights and efficiency with budgeting and planning in the cloud. The traditional five-year plan cannot accommodate the speed of today’s government. A configurable enterprise planning management (EPM) system can help state and local governments forecast the future and use the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) to report on the present state.

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Manage the logistics of government

From the procurement of employee laptops to the logistics of purchasing and maintaining a fleet of police cars, state and local governments require a suite of supply chain management tools to maximize taxpayer value. Combined with blockchain and the cloud, these tools can help agencies meet compliance regulations.

Wall Street Journal blog: Blockchain Is a Supply Chain’s Best Friend
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A gateway to digital government

The back office can be a springboard for modernization. A cloud-based ERP system gives agencies the framework for the new kind of digital transactional government expected by constituents who demand a digital experience.


Recruit and retain a modern workforce

The next generation of leaders expects the rewards of public service, but not the ancient IT systems.


Sharpen your five-year plan

Lengthy procurement cycles and mandated processes require that budget planning must be spot on.


Manage your inventory to prepare for any emergency

When your constituents need a helping hand, ensure you’ve got the right supplies they need.


Create an indelible public record

An immutable, permanent record of any kind of transaction is vital for the complex web of compliance and regulatory requirements in government.