Introducing Oracle Health Clinical Digital Assistant

In partnership with physicians, Oracle Health is elevating the patient experience. Our AI-powered voice recognition technology records key elements of the physician-patient encounter to interpret the information, accurately inputs a draft note into the Oracle Health EHR, and enables the physician to quickly review and approve the clinical documentation produced.

Help physicians reduce their administrative burden and restore joy to the practice of medicine with Oracle Health Clinical Digital Assistant.

Giving physicians time back for their patients and themselves

To make headway in reducing the documentation burden on physicians, Oracle Health developed an AI-powered, voice-first solution that personalizes physician experiences. Oracle Health Clinical Digital Assistant provides a comprehensive mobile solution that helps physicians navigate workflow challenges—supporting time- and cost-efficient operations—by combining the capabilities of clinical automation, note generation, integrated dictation, and proposed actions in a single, unified experience.

The Oracle Health Clinical Digital Assistant listens so physicians can, too.

  • Restore the physician-patient relationship and emphasize patients over documentation.

  • Redefine pajama time and give physicians time back for themselves.

  • Address physician burnout with automated clinical documentation.

"I truly believe that Oracle Health Digital Assistant is going to be a game changer for reduction of [the] burden of EHRs, not just for physicians...for all clinicians, and I can't wait to see what's going to happen in this space." —Tania Tajirian, Chief Health Information Officer, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

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