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Using Pop-Ups to Increase Brand Awareness, Engagement


In the January/February 2019 edition of Ancillary Retail, Oracle’s Chris Sarne, senior director of global retail strategy and solutions management, discusses how to launch a successful pop-up shop.

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Mastering Post-Holiday Customer Service


Chris Sarne, Oracle senior director of global retail strategy and solutions management, offers advice to retailers on how to navigate the post-holiday return season.

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Rules of Engagement: Consumers Reveal Shopping and Data Privacy Preferences


TotalRetail reveals findings from a study of 15,500 consumers regarding their views on privacy and personalization, supply chain visibility, and readiness for emerging technologies like facial recognition, virtual sales assistants, and delivery by drone.

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Mobile Rising: Retailers’ Cautious Optimism and Trepidation for Mobile Commerce


Oracle Retail surveyed professionals who work in retail businesses of all sizes, including a cross-section who lead and work for those businesses. Findings reveal that the industry has cautious optimism for mobile innovations.

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The Right Technology Can Help Workers Stay in the Holiday Spirit All Season Long


To ensure job satisfaction and success that trickles down to the customer, Chain Store Age highlights why new holiday hires need the right tools to hit the ground running including mobile, intuitive applications that deliver accurate information in real-time.

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Gain an “Unstructured” Advantage


As consumers expect a personalized shopping experience, many retailers are not meeting their expectations. According to Oracle’s study “Retail 2018: The Loyalty Divide,” only 32 percent of consumers reported that the retail promotions they receive are relevant, yet 69% said personalized offers based on their preferences are appealing.

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What Retailers Don’t Know About Customer Loyalty


Although retailers claim to rely on loyalty programs to incentivize shoppers and ensure repeat business, 38% don’t plan to refresh their loyalty offerings within the next year, according to Oracle Retail’s study Retail 2018: The Loyalty Divide.

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The Great Divide: How Consumers vs. Retailers Perceive Loyalty Programs


Retailers have consistently relied on loyalty programs that offer incentivizing rewards to consumers in exchange for repeat business. A recent study by Oracle suggests otherwise—there’s a significant gap between what retailers and consumers think about loyalty.

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