Oracle IT Infrastructure

Oracle IT Infrastructure
Engineered for Cloud

A cloud-ready IT Infrastructure optimizes for today’s requirements and prepares you for tomorrow’s.


Cloud-Ready Infrastructure Solutions

Cloud is a major engine of change, and it’s ushering in a new era of IT. This is your opportunity to bend the innovation curve, boost performance, and minimize cost. Isn’t it time you prepared for cloud transformation?

Your cloud journey begins with optimizing your on-premises architecture, and only Oracle delivers cloud-ready infrastructure that is optimized for Oracle Database and application environments. No other vendor can tie today’s on-premises investments to a cloud future.

Oracle’s cloud-ready infrastructure uses the same architecture and the same technology stack on premises as in Oracle Public Cloud, so you can modernize your architecture and future-proof your IT investment.

Top Three Things to Look for in a Cloud-Ready Infrastructure (PDF)

Watch the video (1:48) Video: Xait Implements an On-Premises Cloud with Oracle Private Cloud Appliance?

Video: Xait Implements an On-Premises Cloud with
Oracle Private Cloud Appliance

Ebook: My Infrastructure's Journey to the Cloud

Explore how Oracle is helping organizations transform their on-premises infrastructure for the cloud.

Ebook: My Infrastructure's Journey to the Cloud

Blog: Preparing for Cloud: Is Your Infrastructure Cloud-Ready

How can you move closer to the benefits of a cloud model even if you're not quite ready for public cloud? Find out with Oracle cloud-ready infrastructure.

Blog: Preparing for Cloud: Is Your Infrastructure Cloud-Ready

What’s Your Enterprise Cloud Strategy?

With so many IT infrastructure priorities facing IT leaders today, how do you decide the best path forward for your organization? Here are a few places to start:

Streamline On-Premises IT
Build A Better Private Cloud
Public Cloud Behind Your Firewall

The Most Complete, Cloud-Ready Infrastructure Product Portfolio

Engineered Systems

Get the most from your Oracle software investment with purpose-built, preintegrated engineered systems.

Learn more about engineered systems

Enterprise Servers

Get outstanding price/performance with cloud-proven and cloud-ready Oracle servers.

Learn more about servers

Storage Solutions

Improve your database performance and speed data protection with Oracle storage.

Learn more about storage

Infrastructure Software

Streamline and secure your applications with cloud-proven Oracle Linux, Oracle Virtualization, and the most advanced enterprise operating system, Oracle Solaris.

Learn more about infrastructure software


Improve infrastructure performance and cost and reduce complexity with Oracle’s networking and data center fabric products.

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Optimized Solutions

Deploy with confidence when using Oracle Optimized Solutions: designed, tested, and fully documented architectures tuned for optimal performance, security, and availability.

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