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Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence

Capture real-time digital behavioral data and use it to engage customers at the right moment, with the right message. Oracle Infinity brings in and connects online behavioral data and delivers actionable insights and intelligence to your applications in real time.

Discover Oracle Infinity in this product tour.

Explore Oracle Infinity

Unify customer behavioral data in real time

Stream your online behavioral data into one, unified location. Remove any silos around your data, apply intelligence to it, and use it to positively impact each stage of the customer journey.

Data collection

Set up your Oracle CX tag so data can flow into Oracle Infinity. This new tag works across various Oracle CX applications, so you can set up your site once, and then need fewer tags running to have a complete digital picture across applications.

Real-time behavioral signals

Stream data while a person is still visiting your digital property. Oracle Infinity observes sessions while they’re happening in real time.

A single stream of digital behavioral data

Gain an individual-level view of each customer’s online behavior across all of their digital channels.

Determine actions to take, guided by Oracle Infinity

Use the new, intelligent decision-making capabilities in Oracle Infinity to see what recommended actions could be taken with customers.

Detailed analytics and suggested opportunities

Gain insight into past, current, and anticipated customer behaviors as part of their journey. Utilize flexible reporting options around all of the data related to what actions a customer took and who they are.

Predictions powered by machine learning

Apply probability scores to predict the likelihood customers will reach a specific objective or conversion event. Take advantage of built-in, real-time decision making with intelligence applied to past customer behaviors.

Business-friendly user interface

Get your nontechnical and technical users up and running quickly. Oracle Infinity makes it easy to understand what capabilities are available and how to take advantage of them.

Strategic testing and viewing of digital behavior

Launch A/B and multivariate testing with session and audience data from any marketing platform or third-party business source. Utilize Heatmaps to view customer behavior on your digital properties.

Drive business results through your CX ecosystem

Use your online behavioral data and the intelligent recommendations made by Oracle Infinity to take real-time actions that result in better customer experiences (CX).

Setting rules for actions

Specify what steps should occur when certain trigger conditions are met.

Tailored experiences

Leverage in-session behavior to provide content personalized for each customer. Improve their experience as well as outcomes across channels and areas of your business.

Relevant recommendations

Configure, deploy, and inject real-time recommendations tailored for each customer based on machine learning algorithms.

Connections established

Take advantage of user-friendly, intuitive connectors into Oracle Responsys campaign management and Oracle Eloqua marketing automation, as well as Webhook and SFTP connectors for integrations with third-party systems.

Key benefits

  • Increase conversions with real-time behaviors

    Harness customer behaviors as they happen and use them to optimize customer experience.

  • Scale with flexibility

    Use a system that will grow with you. Built on an innovative, big data platform, Oracle Infinity is a digital intelligence solution that offers unparalleled data collection and accessibility.

  • Improve personalization

    Gather data about each customer at an individual level to better understand behaviors and deliver more personalized experiences.

  • Accelerate ROI from your marketing ecosystem

    Take advantage of built-in integrations, customizable APIs, and data streaming to easily embed rich behavioral data into your marketing ecosystem.

Key benefits of Oracle Infinity
Thought Leadership

Why Should You Care About Oracle Infinity?

Abbas Makhdum, Director of Product Marketing, Oracle Cloud CX

The old ways of capturing, processing, and reporting on customer data are no longer sufficient, as three significant developments are creating a new paradigm: 1. The need for highly relevant and contextual customer experiences, 2. Channel proliferation and the Internet of Things (IoT), and 3. Concerns about data security. Oracle Infinity is built to handle data from most any device and aggregate data together in real time to analyze and feed action systems instantly.

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