Java EE 5 Compatibility

Java EE Compatibility

In every industry, businesses face the challenge of accommodating ever greater demands for high-speed data access, diverse clients, and secure transactions without incurring extensive additional costs. To extend existing IT investments while meeting these demands, developers have consistently adopted the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition.

The de-facto standard for delivering secure, robust, scalable multi-platform applications and services, Java EE technology and its success is predicated on compatibilty which brings Java technology's mission of "Write Once, Run Anywhere" capability to the server. Developers can write applications to the Java EE specification -- and companies can purchase such applications -- and be assured that they are portable across all the Java compatible, Enterprise Edition products available today.

Java EE 5 Compatible Implementations

  • Geronimo
  • Apache Geronimo-2.1.4
  • Geronimo
  • Oracle WebLogic Server 10g R3
  • Fujitsu
  • Fujitsu Interstage Application Server Enterprise Edition 9.2
  • IBM
  • IBM WASCE 2.0
  • IBM
  • IBM WebSphere Application Server v7
  • JBoss
  • JBoss Application Server 5.0
    JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 5
  • Kingdee
  • Apusic Application Server (v5.0)
  • IBM
  • NEC WebOTX 8.1
  • oracle
  • Oracle Application Server 11
  • OW2
  • OW2 JOnAS 5.1
  • SAP
  • SAP NetWeaver 7.1
  • sun micro
  • Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 9.1
  • TmaxSoft
  • TmaxSoft JEUS 6
  • TongTech
  • TongTech Co., Ltd TongWeb Application Server 5.0
  • GlassFish
  • GlassFish Application Server v2