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J2EE Patterns Catalog

Each pattern in this catalog includes sample code from Java TM BluePrints reference applications such as the Java Pet Store sample application.

Pattern Name Description
Business Delegate [ACM01] Reduce coupling between Web and Enterprise JavaBeans TM tiers
Composite Entity [ACM01] Model a network of related business entities
Composite View [ACM01] Separately manage layout and content of multiple composed views
Data Access Object (DAO) [ACM01] Abstract and encapsulate data access mechanisms
Fast Lane Reader Improve read performance of tabular data
Front Controller [ACM01] Centralize application request processing
Intercepting Filter [ACM01] Pre- and post-process application requests
Model-View-Controller Decouple data representation, application behavior, and presentation
Service Locator [ACM01] Simplify client access to enterprise business services
Session Facade [ACM01] Coordinate operations between multiple business objects in a workflow
Transfer Object [ACM01] Transfer business data between tiers
Value List Handler [ACM01] Efficiently iterate a virtual list
View Helper [ACM01] Simplify access to model state and data access logic