Effective Java

Programming Language Guide
By Joshua Bloch; Forward By Guy L.Steele, Jr.
May 2001

The JDC is pleased to present two chapters from Joshua Bloch's book Effective Java Programming Language Guide , from the The Java Series

About the Book

This highly readable book tells you how to use the Java programming language and its most fundamental libraries to best effect. The book consists of fifty-seven freestanding items, each conveying one specific rule for improving your programs and designs. The items are loosely grouped into nine chapters and are richly illustrated with working code examples. Many patterns, idioms, and antipatterns are described, including some which have never before been published.

About the Chapters

Chapter 3, "Methods Common to All Objects," tells you when and how to override the nonfinal Object methods ( equals, hashCode, toString, and clone), as well as Comparable's compareTo method.

Chapter 5, "Substitutes for C Constructs," (which was previously posted on the JDC in a preliminary version) suggests replacements for several C constructs that were omitted from the Java programming language.

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About the Author

Joshua Bloch Joshua Bloch is a Senior Staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems, Inc., where he is an architect in the Core Java Platform Group. He designed and implemented the award-winning Java Collections Framework, the java.math package, and contributed to many other parts of the platform. Joshua is the author of numerous articles and papers. His Ph.D. thesis on the replication of abstract data objects was nominated for the ACM Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation Award. He holds a B.S. from Columbia University and a Ph.D. from Carnegie-Mellon University.

"Effective Java Programming Language Guide," the best-selling Java Series title by Joshua Bloch, has won the prestigious Jolt Award from Software Development Magazine.