JavaTM SE 6 Release Notes

JRE Installation for Microsoft Windows (64-bit)

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System Requirements

System Configurations

Installation Instructions

This procedure installs the Java SE Runtime Environment, but not the Java Plugin or Java Web Start (which are not yet available for 64-bit Windows). The Java SE Runtime Environment for Windows 64-bit comes bundled in the install formats whose filename is given here:

  • Self-extracting binary: jre-1_6_0_<version>-windows-x64.exe

32-bit Windows installation

The following are some of the known issues when you install a 32 -bit JRE on a 64- bit Windows architecture machine:

  • Online Installation and Java Update features are not applicable to 64-bit architecture.
  • The public JRE installed with the 32-bit JRE is not registered. You must set the PATH environment variable to point to JAVA_HOME \bin to register the JRE.