Java Sound API

The Java Sound API specification provides low-level support for audio operations such as audio playback and capture (recording), mixing, MIDI sequencing, and MIDI synthesis in an extensible, flexible framework.

Included in Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE)

The Java Sound API is part of J2SE version 1.3.x and higher.

Java Sound API: Links

External Java Sound Extensions/Plugins

  • Tritonus plugins: mp3 codecs, GSM codecs, MIDIShare, Java-only sequencer and more


Java Sound Demo

The Java Sound Demo showcases how the Java Sound API can be used for controlling audio playback, audio capture, MIDI synthesis, and basic MIDI sequencing. It includes source code, and is designed to work with the Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition 1.3 Release and above.


Java Sound Demo v1.0 [871 KB]


Unzip the zip file to any directory. To start the demo:

  • Windows: a double click should be sufficient
  • Other OS's: In a shell, or at the command line, type: java -jar JavaSoundDemo.jar