JavaFX 2 Runtime README


The JavaFX Runtime provides the runtime libraries and application launcher that are needed to run JavaFX applications.

See the Release Notes for late-breaking information and known issues.

System Requirements and Installation

The requirements for the JavaFX Runtime are listed in the JavaFX 2 System Requirements document.

Installation instructions are provided in the Installing JavaFX document.

Release Contents

The JavaFX Runtime contains the following directories and content:

  • bin/ - Runtime tools.
  • lib/ - Runtime libraries.
  • COPYRIGHT.html - Copyright information for the readme.html document.
  • README.html - A pointer to this document, which provides information about the JavaFX Runtime.
  • THIRDPARTYLICENSEREADME.txt - License information for third-party software included in the JavaFX Runtime.

Limitations on Redistribution

Redistributing the JavaFX Runtime is not allowed as per the terms and conditions in the License Agreement.