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JavaMail API Changes


The following bugs have been fixed in the 1.4.6 release.

K 4906 IMAP Store socket leak on connect with ProtocolException
K 5086STARTTLS when already using SSL may cause connection to fail
K 5090 Yahoo: Error reading emails containing "undisclosed recipients"
K 5233 Infinite loop if Quota information is not correctly reported by server
K 5816Issue in decoding filename with charset iso-2022-jp from Mime header based on rfc 2231
<no id>add mail.imap.ignorebodystructuresize to work around server bugs
<no id>add "gimap" EXPERIMENTAL Gmail IMAP provider
<no id> add isSSL() method to all protocol providers
<no id>add support for debug output using java.util.logging
<no id>avoid NullPointerException when encountering a bad Content-Type

The following bugs have been fixed in the 1.4.5 release.

7021190 MimeMessage.setRecipients(type, String) does not accept null address
K 3815 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException for some IMAP protocol errors
K 4002MultipartReport.setReport and setDeliveryStatus are broken
K 4065Wrong representation of CR/LF are appended to the attachment
K 4296SSL Re-Negotiation Problem with checkserveridentity=true
K 4511 Thread safety in javax.mail.PasswordAuthentication
K 4583 Add SOCKS5 support
K 4753wrong message accessed when another client expunges and adds messages
<no id> properly handle timeouts during SSL negotiation
<no id>free MIME headers in IMAPMessage.invalidateHeaders
<no id>fix exception in POP3Message when reading file cached content twice
<no id>suppress auth info in debug output, unless mail.debug.auth=true
<no id>better handle timeouts from POP3 server, throwing FolderClosedException
<no id>add com.sun.mail.util.ReadableMime to allow reading raw MIME data
<no id> work around Gmail IMAP bug with nested messages
<no id> close the SMTP connection if there's an I/O error

The following bugs have been fixed in the 1.4.4 release.

5057742 javax.mail.internet.MimeMessage.addFrom() violates RFC2822
6778568lower memory usage of POP3 parsing by buffering to disk
6905730MimeMessage.parse() is very slow on malformed message content
6910675IMAP provider can lose track of message sequence numbers
6928566 Header violates RFC 2822 for multiple calls of addRecipient(s)
6995537work around this JDK bug that causes iso-2022-jp decoding problems
G 11069update the mail.jar manifest to include DynamicImport-Package
K 3442make sure socket is closed if SMTP connect fails
K 3539Multiparts do not parse correctly in presence of legacy Mac line endings
K 3566 InputStreams are not closed in MimeMultipart
<no id> add mail.mime.windowsfilenames System property to handle IE6 breakage
<no id>properly disable TOP if POP3 CAPA response doesn't include it
<no id> add mail.pop3.disablecapa property to disable use of the CAPA command
<no id> fix support for Properties objects with default Properties objects
<no id>integrate NTLM support, no longer needs jcifs.jar
<no id> add mail.pop3.cachewriteto property, default false
<no id> add mail.pop3.filecache.enable property for caching messages in tmp file
<no id>add mail.mime.ignorewhitespacelines property, default false
<no id>add support for IMAP UNSELECT command
<no id>add mail.mime.contentypehandler System property, to clean Content-Type
<no id> add mail.mime.allowencodedmessages System property
<no id> add support for SASL authentication to SMTP provider
<no id>add SMTPSenderFailedException to indicate problems with sender address
<no id> ignore encoding for composite content when writing message
<no id> cache POP3 content using java.lang.ref.SoftReference, set mail.pop3.keepmessagecontent to true to disable
<no id>add POP3 PIPELINING support
<no id>reduce POP3 memory usage, especially if server supports pipelining
<no id>add support for IMAP SORT extension (RFC 5256) to IMAPFolder
<no id> add demo classes to support non-MIME messages from Outlook
<no id>fix deadlock when using IMAP fetch and IDLE
<no id> add support for mail.smtp.auth..disable properties
<no id>fix deadlock when accessing IMAP messages while doing a fetch

The following bugs have been fixed in the 1.4.3 release.

6829124 IMAPFolder deadlock using IMAP IDLE
6850882IMAPMessage returns wrong getMessageNumber() from messageRemovedEvent
6857090JavaMail is not sending HELO / EHLO according to specs
6872072 QPEncoderStream write method eats up trailing white space of a string
6875367LineOutputStream wraps IOException instead of throwing it directly
6890265 SMTPTransport does not close socket if STARTTLS is req'd but not sup'd
G 9941SMTPTransport violates RFC 2821 in HELO command
K 202InternetAddress verifies domain per RFC1034 instead of RFC822 in strict
K 1207added NTLM authentication support for SMTP and IMAP, see NTLMNOTES.txt
<no id> add starttls support to POP3
<no id>add mail.transport.protocol. property
<no id>fail POP3Folder.open if STAT command fails
<no id> fix POP3Folder.isOpen if POP3 server fails and is then reconnected
<no id>better handle modifying messages created from input streams
<no id>include server error message in exception when SMTP authentication fails
<no id>com.sun.mail.util.logging.MailHandler contributed by Jason Mehrens
<no id>add mail.smtp.noop.strict property, default true
<no id>add mail..ssl.trust property to list hosts to be trusted
<no id>work around buggy IMAP servers that don't quote mbox name in STATUS resp

The following bugs have been fixed in the 1.4.2 release.

6621377 unexpected result when uuencode data has any line starting with "END" characters
6629213 base64 encoder sometimes omits CRLF
6670275 headers may not end up on top where they belong
6671855 list on IMAP folder that can contain both messages and folders might fail if folder is open
6672359SMTPTransport notifying both partially delivered and not delivered methods
6676257 cannot specify two custom ssl socket factories for starttls usage
6679333missing quotes around zero length parameter values
6720896 add mail.mime.uudecode.ignoreerrors system property
6720896 add mail.mime.uudecode.ignoremissingbeginend system property
6730637 deadlocks in IMAP provider when connections fail
6738454deadlock when connection is broken
6738468javadocs use fully qualified names
6797756StringIndexOutOfBoundsError in InternetAddress.parseHeader()
6799810 getReplyTo() returns zero length array when ReplyTo hdr has no value
G 3929Inconsistent synchronization in com.sun.mail.iap.Protocol
G 4997BASE64DecoderStream.skip (etc) skips the wrong number of octets
G 5189 Can't specify SSLSocketFactory for STARTTLS in Javamail 1.4
G 5861 add mail..starttls.required prop to require use of STARTTLS
<no id>ignore socket timeout while waiting in IMAP IDLE
<no id>fix bug in MailDateFormat parsing in non-lenient mode
<no id>add mail.mime.multipart.allowempty system property to handle (illegal) empty multiparts (see javax.mail.internet.MimeMultipart)
<no id>add mail.mime.multipart.ignoreexistingboundaryparameter system property to allow parsing multiparts with incorrect boundary parameters
<no id> handle address of the form "Undisclosed-Recipients:;"
<no id>add com.sun.mail.util.DecodingException to distinguish decoding errors
<no id>add mail.mime.ignoreunknownencoding system property (see MimeUtility)
<no id>ignore errors from SMTP RSET command
<no id>InternetAddress - detect more errors when strict, accept more when not
<no id>add mail..socketFactory and .ssl.socketFactory properties
<no id>add mail..ssl.enable property
<no id>add mail..ssl.checkserveridentity prop for RFC 2595 checks
<no id>add com.sun.mail.util.MailSSLSocketFactory class
<no id> fix possible NPE in MimeMessage if flags is not set in copy constructor
<no id>SMTP I/O failure incorrectly reports valid sent addresses
<no id>avoid creating IMAPMessage objects until they're actually needed
<no id>IMAPStore.isConnected might return true even though not connected
<no id> add support for Message Delivery Notifications (RFC 3798) to dsn.jar
<no id>if mail.mime.parameters.strict=false, param vals can start with specials

The following bugs have been fixed in the 1.4.1 release.

4107594 IMAP implementation should use the IDLE extension if available
4119871MimeMessage.reply() should set the "References" header
6228377 IMAPFolder's setFlags method handles user flags incorrectly
6423701Problem with using OrTerm when the protocol is IMAP
6431207SMTP is adding extra CRLF to message content
6447295 IMAPMessage fails to return Content-Language from bodystructure
6447799encoded text not decoded even when mail.mime.decodetext.strict is false
6447801MimeBodyPart.writeTo reencodes data unnecessarily
6456422 NullPointerException in smtptransport when sending MimeMessages with no encoding
6456444MimeMessages created from stream are not correctly handled with allow8bitmime
6478460 java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0 >= 0 in MultipartReport
6506794ProtocolException not correctly treated in IMAPStore
6517273 encoded parameters not decoded when using IMAP
6538483JavaMail fails in Turkish locale
6569311 Deadlock in IMAP attachment handling
6604571Folder.hasNewMessages hangs with some IMAP servers when folder is closed
<no id>fix performance bug in base64 encoder; now even faster!
<no id>throw MessageRemovedException from getContent for IMAP messages
<no id>MimeUtility.decodeText should not discard trailing whitespace
<no id>SSLSocketFactory should be used for imap and smtp STARTTLS commands
<no id> added mail..ssl.protocols and mail..ssl.ciphersuites props
<no id>fix bug in mapping IMAP UIDs to msgs when some msgs have been expunged
<no id>MimeMultipart failed to parse stream before adding/removing body parts
<no id>if IMAP folder is open, assume it exists, don't ask again
<no id> avoid unnecessary copies of the data in ByteArrayDataSource
<no id>add mail.mime.applefilenames to work around filename encoding bug
<no id>support decoding multi-segment parameter names per RFC 2231
<no id> make sure Message-ID is really unique (GlassFish Issue 3064)
<no id>do SMTP authentication if connect is called with username and password even if mail.smtp.auth is not set

The following bugs have been fixed in the 1.4 release.

4107342 parameterList class should support non US-ASCII parameters
4252273 support the IMAP UIDPLUS extension
4377727 allow applications to dynamically register address type mappings
4403733 MimeMessage read from a byte stream loses modifications
4623517 add ByteArrayDataSource class
4820923JavaMail loads SocketFactories with wrong classloader
4971381add mail.mime.multipart.ignoremissingendboundary System property
6300765add MimePart.setText(text, charset, subtype) method
6300768 add mail.mime.encodefilename and decodefilename properties
6300771add Service.connect(user, password)
6300811add MimeMultipart.isComplete() method
6300814add mail.mime.multipart.ignoremissingboundaryparameter property
6300828add MimeMultipart getPreamble and setPreamble methods
6300831add MimeMessage.updateMessageID() protected method
6300833 add MimeMessage.createMimeMessage() protected method
6300834make the "part" field of MimePartDataSource protected
6301381folder.getSeparator should not require the folder to exist
6301386 add PreencodedMimeBodyPart class
6301390 add MimeBodyPart attachFile and saveFile methods
6302118add MimeUtility fold and unfold methods
6302832allow more control over headers in InternetHeaders object
6302835allow applications to dynamically register new protocol providers
6304051standard interface for Stores that support quotas
6304189add SharedByteArrayInputStream class
6304193 add SharedFileInputStream class
6332559 REGRESSION: Bug in JavaMail (1.3.3 !) base64 decoder
6378822Transport.isConnected() conflicts with Sendmail NOOP check
6401071 Deadlock in IMAP attachment handling
<no id> handle very large IMAP responses more efficiently
<no id> changed default for mail.smtp.quitwait to true
<no id> mailcap multipart entry is a JAF 1.1 fallback entry
<no id> improve MIME multipart parsing performance by 30% - 40%
<no id> add com.sun.mail.dsn package for parsing multipart/report DSN messages

The following bugs have been fixed in the 1.3.3 release.

4239782add IMAPFolder.getUIDNext
4288393add IMAPMessage.setPeek to allow reading message without setting SEEN
6214426 POP3Folder.isOpen may return false even though folder is open
6214448IMAPStore.isConnected may return true even though server is down
6236588Duplicate Message IDs are generated when mutiple threads create messages
6287582ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when "Sender" field exists with no value
6288399IMAP Problem parsing bad envelope address format
<no id>improve base64 encoding performance 5X (thanks to John Freeman)
<no id>improve base64 decoding performance 3X
<no id> ignore invalid encodings for composite MIME parts
<no id>add mail.mime.multipart.ignoremissingboundaryparameter
<no id>if IMAP store times out, force folders closed without waiting
<no id>don't check if an IMAP folder exists before subscribing/unsubscribing
<no id>add IMAPMessage.getSender(), getInReplyTo() and getContentLanguage()
<no id>add IMAPFolder.getAttributes to retrieve LIST response attributes
<no id>add IMAPStore.hasCapability to check for IMAP server CAPABILITY strings
<no id>add IMAPMessage.invalidateHeaders for memory management
<no id>when opening IMAP folder, don't do LIST before SELECT
<no id> add mail.pop3.disabletop property to disable use of the TOP command
<no id>add mail.pop3.forgettopheaders property to forget headers from TOP cmd
<no id>add POP3Folder.getSizes() method to return sizes of all messages
<no id>add POP3Folder.listCommand() method to return raw results of LIST cmd
<no id>add SMTPTransport.connect(Socket) to enable ATRN support in server

The following bugs have been fixed in the 1.3.2 release.

4358984 POP3 provider should support APOP, courtesy of "chamness"
4711696 Mapping of nested Exceptions of a SendFailedException
4863399 JavaMail should support specifying the SMTP bind address
4900116NotifyResponseHandler in Protocol.java throws an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundExc
4924077folder.getDeletedMessageCount() reports number of undeleted messages
4934814SASL authentication doesn't default to server specified realm
4945852Folder exists() function does not handle well folder names that contains * or %
4945868Potential infinite loop in com.sun.mail.imap.protocol.BODY
4945901 Folder.copyMessages() throws wrong exception in case of deleted messages
4971383 [RFE] javamail should allow easy access to last smtp response
4971391BASE64DecoderStream handling error in encoded streams is too strict
4996040 SharedInputStream stream closing policy is inconsistent
4996543 IndexOutOfBoundsException when using SharedInputStream
4996863 in the com.sun.mail.iap.Response bitfield constant "BAD" is set wrongly
6041271APPEND does not consider DST when computing timezone offset
6067307 Mime-Version capitalization should match MIME spec
6172894 MIME messages with missing end boundary are not reported as an error (added mail.mime.multipart.ignoremissingendboundary System property)
<no id>accommodate some RFC3501 IMAP protocol changes
<no id>support RFC822 group lists when parsing IMAP address lists
<no id>don't read past end of IMAP part, for buggy servers that don't handle it
<no id>fix IMAP NAMESPACE support
<no id>allow different SMTPTransport objects to have different localhost names
<no id>make sure server is really alive in POP3Folder.isOpen()
<no id>support RFC2554 AUTH= submitter via mail.smtp.submitter and SMTPMessage.setSubmitter
<no id>added SMTPSendFailedException, SMTPAddressFailedException, and SMTPAddressSucceededException
<no id>mail.smtp.reportsuccess causes an exception to be thrown even on successful sends, allowing access to the return codes for each address
<no id>fix IMAP isSubscribed in case where LSUB returns a \Noselect folder
<no id>parse invalid messages with non-ASCII characters in boundary string
<no id> add IMAP AUTH=PLAIN support, courtesy of Sandy McArthur
<no id> add SSL support to all protocols, see SSLNOTES.txt for details
<no id>add STARTTLS support to IMAP and SMTP protocols, see SSLNOTES.txt
<no id> handle IMAP email addresses composed of empty strings
<no id>add SASL support to IMAP provider
<no id> rename mail.stmp.saslrealm to mail.smtp.sasl.realm

The following bugs have been fixed in the 1.3.1 release.

4416417IMAP alerts and notifications are not sent in all cases - more fixes
4702410header formatting incorrect for long multibyte
4707106AuthenticationFailedException not thrown in some cases with POP3
4708655 IMAPNestedMessage.getContent without partialfetch
4709848message_rfc822 DataContentHandler can cause NPE
4711606 uudecoder fails when reading more than a byte at a time
4726447 InternetHeaders.getHeader() doc. doesn't document null pointer return
4726629 Java Mail very slow with large attachment
4741812 IMAPFolder can deadlock
4750514REGRESSION: MimeBodyPart.getContent fails on image/gif if no X11 present
4750519 using SSL, SocketFetcher.getSocket0() throws incorrect Exception
4762643JavaMail does not support search in all message's parts.
4780255Message subject not encoded according to 'mail.mime.charset' property
4787814accessibility 508 non-compliance: api/javax/mail/Session.html
4790700JavaMail Store.connect() throws wrong exception when already connected
4820025 IMAPStore.getPersonalNamespaces throws a ProtocolException
4874787InternetAddress.toUnicodeString throws NPE, personal not initialized
4882554 Line breaks in subject text break message format
<no id>don't close connection if open fails, put it back in the pool
<no id>don't always fetch entire envelope in IMAPMessage.getSize
<no id>fixed demo webapp to work with servlet 2.3 and newer
<no id>add DIGEST-MD5 support to SMTP provider, courtesy of Dean Gibson
<no id>added mail.smtp.quitwait property to wait for response to QUIT
<no id>added mail.imap.auth.login.disable prop to disable AUTHENTICATE LOGIN

The following bugs have been fixed in the 1.3 release.

4112002 IMAP provider hangs if APPEND is prohibited
4201203 I18N: Incorrectly encoded MIME header can't be decoded (set the *System* property "mail.mime.decodetext.strict" to "false")
4413498 InternetHeaders should add Received headers in front
4416417 IMAP alerts and notifications are not sent in all cases
4483125 Multi-line mail header processing is slow
4483158 null pointer exception for MessageContext.getMessage()
4483206 Please add a public POP3 TOP method in the next release of the POP3 api
4484098 IMAP PREAUTH does not work
4516973 doPrivileged blocks needed for javamail
4517683 new Flags("FOO").contains("FOO") fails
4517686 want JavaMail-specific debug output stream
4638743 JavaMail does not properly parse dates containing folding white space
4638741 JavaMail does not handle in-spec Internet group addresses properly
4650940 InternetAddress parsing should be more tolerant of bad addresses
4650949 wrong encoding chosen for non-text data in rare cases
4650952 should be able to extract group address members
4672308 InternetAddress.toString () throws a NullPointerException after creation
4679516 "NO" Response from IMAP server causes NPE from getSubject()
4684040 Calling Folder.fetch twice may cause to header duplication
<no id> make uudecoder more tolerant of incorrect input
<no id> improve performance of SMTP for small messages
<no id> handle connection failure during open of POP3 folder
<no id> ensure ASCII, not EBCDIC output for POP3 protocol on IBM mainframes
<no id> add POP3Message.invalidate method to invalidate cached message data
<no id> fix thread safety bug in date formatting when appending to IMAP folders
<no id> fix parsing bug in QUOTA support
<no id> add mail.imap.allowreadonlyselect property to support shared mailboxes
<no id> use thread's context class loader for loading classes
<no id> add IMAPFolder.FetchProfileItem.HEADER and SIZE
<no id> don't try to logout store connection twice
<no id> IMAPFolder.close(false) read-only folder doesn't need to EXAMINE first
<no id> add support for group addresses to SMTP transport
<no id> use builtin defaults to allow JavaMail to work in netscape 4
<no id> tolerate trailing semicolon in Content-Type header (requires JAF 1.0.2)
<no id> add x-uue as another synonym for uuencode Content-Transfer-Encoding
<no id> set default charset for text parts
<no id> properly escape CRLF in MimeUtility.quote
<no id> fix NPE in MessagingException.getMessage

The following bugs have been fixed in the 1.3 release.

4107752 need MimeMessage(MimeMessage msg) constructor to allow copying message
4112065 Need API to list and set/remove ACLs on folders (IMAP-specific)
4119681 MimeMessage should allow creation of light-weight messages
4124022 Two connections required to IMAP server to open a folder
4124840 A mechanism to get the raw (unencoded) data from a MimePart is needed
4126013 javax.mail.search terms should be serializable
4129743 MimeMessage.parse() and MimeMessage.modified should be protected
4132029 SMTP Submit is limited to 7bit; does not use ESMTP/8BITMIME
4140579 MimeUtility.encode() does not allow for filename when using UUEncode
4163360 Need a suitable MessagingException subclass to indicate read-only folder
4181144 InternetAddress should be Cloneable
4230553 AuthenticationFailedException should include error message from server
4259211 exception constructors inconsistent
4266390 MailDateFormat class should be part of the public API
4281729 AddressStringTerm.match bug
4319895 POP3 provider doesn't enforce read-only mode
4319957 Ambiguous documentation in Javamail 1.1.3 early access edition
4328824 string based methods to add recipients
4328826 getDefaultInstance method with no Authenticator
4330580 MimeMultipart.getBodyPart(String CID) throws exception
4333694 NullPointerException in version 1.1.1 of the POP3 Provider
4336435 quoted right angle bracket not handled in InternetAddress
4339203 writeTo should automatically call saveChanges
4340648 MimeUtility.getEncoding(DataHandler) method should be public
4364827 Support IMAP NAMESPACE extension
4366373 ContentDisposition class should be public
4371862 improve performance of MimeMessage
4372700 ParameterList.toString method should allow for returning folded results
<no id> most control characters must be encoded, not sent as "7bit"
<no id> appending very large message to IMAP folder uses too much memory
<no id> changed multipart boundary generation to not include email address
<no id> support IMAP LITERAL+ extension (RFC 2088)
<no id> allow SMTP multiline reponses with no text (e.g., "250-")
<no id> fix many potential locking bugs in IMAP provider
<no id> add mail.smtp.sendpartial property to send msg with some bad addresses
<no id> add mail.pop3.rsetbeforequit property (see NOTEST.txt)
<no id> throw IllegalStateException instead of MessagingException when folder is not open (or closed, as appropriate)
<no id> added support for IMAP QUOTA extension
<no id> added support for IMAP PREAUTH greeting response
<no id> added DataContentHandler for text/xml data
<no id> added SMTPMessage class to specify SMTP options on a per-message basis
<no id> added javadocs for Sun protocol providers
<no id> mail.pop3.message.class property allows POP3Message class to be replaced
<no id> mail.{smtp,imap,pop3}.connectiontimeout property for connection timeouts

The following bugs have been fixed in the 1.1.3 release.

4248755 Problem loading a custom provider
4249046 don't put space after SMTP FROM: and TO:
4249058 IMAP appendMessages() should include the message Flags as well.
4263185 JavaMail and JAF can't find properties when used as std ext
4271714 DEBUG message always printed when providers loaded from <java.home>/lib
4276080 getEncoding method doesn't parse MIME header
4279603 RFC822 and MIME specials does not include period "."
4292793 using Message.reply(true) twice on the same IMAP message causes NPE
4293605 javax.mail.MimeMultipart boundary string contains invalid characters
4296711 JavaMail IMAP provider doesn't set SEEN on messages with 0 length body
4305687 JavaMail speaking SMTP fails to quote dots in some cases
<no id> add support for SMTP Authentication, see NOTES.txt
<no id> add support for SMTP Delivery Status Notification, see NOTES.txt
<no id> SMTP return address is now set in mail.smtp.from
<no id> fix bug in InternetAddress when parsing ``<x@foo.com> (Mr. X)''
<no id> improve javadocs in many places based on questions to javamail@sun.com
<no id> avoid JDK 1.2 bug 4208960 in SimpleTimeZone.getOffset
<no id> canonicalize the URLName before fetching saved PasswordAuthentication
<no id> convert SimpleClient to swing 1.1 package names (javax.swing.*)
<no id> folder.getURLName() should return native separator, not /, per RFC 2192
<no id> use JDK 1.2 ClassLoader.getResources() method (if available) to find all META-INF/javamail.providers and META-INF/javamail.address.map files in the CLASSPATH, to better support protocol provider jar files
<no id> encode/decode username and password fields of URLName to allow (e.g.) usernames with "@"
<no id> added DataContentHandler for text/html, to simplify creation of HTML messages and body parts
<no id> remove escapes from personal name when parsing in InternetAddress
<no id> cache results of IMAP STATUS command for 1 second, to improve performance of back-to-back calls to getMessageCount, getNewMessageCount, getUnreadMessageCount
<no id> fix InternetHeaders Enumeration to work even if hasMoreElements isn't called
<no id> support mail.smtp.timeout property

The following bugs have been fixed in the 1.1.2 release.

<no id> Fixed bug where IMAP server connection hangs around even though the connect() method failed.
4199595force quoted-printable encoding of long text lines
<no id>fix bug in SMTP output that sometimes duplicated "."
<no id> close SMTP transport on I/O error
4230541 don't send SMTP NOOP unnecessarily
4216666IMAP provider INTERNALDATE formatter error, causing problems during appendMessages()
4227888IMAP provider does not honor the UID item in its FetchProfile

The following bugs have been fixed in the 1.1.1 release.

4181143 personal can't be null in constructor
4134273 more careful & picky address parsing in InternetAddress parser
4183700 SMTPTransport fails to close socket under certain situations.
<no id> IMAP provider retains appended message's internal date during Folder.appendMessages(Message[] m);
<no id>More efficient server-side search for MessageIDTerm in the IMAP provider
<no id> Fix RFC2047 decoding bug in InternetAddress.getPersonal()
<no id>Be more tolerant of illegally formatted dates in date parsing.
<no id> ignore empty lines in loadMappings
<no id>forgot to use javaCharset() in MimeUtility.decodeWord()
<no id>Allow addresses without hostnames in InternetAddress parser
<no id>unrecognized charsets can cause IllegalArgument runtime exception when invoking getContent().
<no id>Authentication failure when connecting to Sun IMAP server.
<no id> Reset SMTP connection after invalid address to allow future sends to succeed
<no id>Any response to an SMTP NOOP command means we're still connected