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Document Installation

You should have approximately 165 MB of free disk space before installing the documentation.

Install the Java Platform Standard Edition documentation by following these steps:

1.Where to unbundle your documentation

You can install the documentation inside your JDK directory or in any other location you prefer.

Unbundling the JDK documentation creates a docs directory (folder) in the current directory, pucodeing all the documentation inside that directory as shown here.

               (documents)              docs          (APIs)


     |        |       |          |      |      |       |    |

index.html  legal  technotes   images  api  platform  jre  jdk


              |       |       |

            tools  samples  guides

2. Unbundle your documentation

Unbundle the documentation using the a zip-compatible utility such as winzip, unzip, gunzip, or pkunzip. Your utility must support long file names.

To unbundle the documentation bundle using the zip utility:

C:> unzip jdk-6-doc.zip

You can also unbundle the .zip file using the JDK's jar utility:

C:> jar xvf jdk-6-doc.zip

Note: If you are using another tool that doesn't preserve path names by default, be sure to specify that path names be preserved. For example, if you are using pkunzip, specify -d:

C:> pkunzip -d jdk-6-doc.zip

Unzipping the documentation bundle creates a docs/ directory containing your Java Platform documentation.

3. View the documentation

Open the docs/index.html page in a browser. This is the front page and table of contents of the JDK documentation.