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JDK 11.0.8 Bug Fixes

# JBS Component Subcomponent Summary
1 JDK-6933331 client-libs 2d (d3d/ogl) java.lang.IllegalStateException: Buffers have not been created
2 JDK-8196181 client-libs 2d sun/java2d/GdiRendering/InsetClipping.java fails
3 JDK-8209113 client-libs 2d Use WeakReference for lastFontStrike for created Fonts
4 JDK-8214481 client-libs 2d freetype path does not disable TrueType hinting with AA+FM hints
5 JDK-8224109 client-libs 2d Text spaced incorrectly by drawString under rotation with fractional metrics
6 JDK-8234398 client-libs 2d Replace ID2D1Factory::GetDesktopDpi with GetDeviceCaps
7 JDK-8235904 client-libs 2d Infinite loop when rendering huge lines
8 JDK-8236996 client-libs 2d Incorrect Roboto font rendering on Windows with subpixel antialiasing
9 JDK-8239091 client-libs 2d Reversed arguments in call to strstr in freetype "debug" code.
10 JDK-8176359 client-libs java.awt Frame#setMaximizedbounds not working properly in multi screen environments
11 JDK-8196019 client-libs java.awt java/awt/Window/Grab/GrabTest.java fails on Windows
12 JDK-8211301 client-libs java.awt [macos] support full window content options
13 JDK-8225126 client-libs java.awt Test SetBoundsPaintTest.html failed on Windows when desktop is scaled
14 JDK-8226806 client-libs java.awt [macOS 10.14] Methods of Java Robot should be called from appropriate thread
15 JDK-8231438 client-libs java.awt [macOS] Dark mode for the desktop is not supported
16 JDK-8231564 client-libs java.awt setMaximizedBounds is broken with large display scale and multiple monitors
17 JDK-8233573 client-libs java.awt Toolkit.getScreenInsets(GraphicsConfiguration) may throw ClassCastException
18 JDK-8233707 client-libs java.awt systemScale.cpp could not compile with VS2019
19 JDK-8234107 client-libs java.awt Several AWT modal dialog tests failing on Linux after JDK-8231991
20 JDK-8237221 client-libs java.awt [macos] java/awt/MenuBar/SeparatorsNavigation/SeparatorsNavigation.java fails
21 JDK-8238575 client-libs java.awt DragSourceEvent.getLocation() returns wrong value on HiDPI screens (Windows)
22 JDK-8242174 client-libs java.awt [macos] The NestedModelessDialogTest test make the macOS unstable
23 JDK-8242498 client-libs java.awt Invalid "sun.awt.TimedWindowEvent" object leads to JVM crash
24 JDK-8226253 client-libs javax.accessibility JAWS reports wrong number of radio buttons when buttons are hidden
25 JDK-8238842 client-libs javax.imageio AIOOBE in GIFImageReader.initializeStringTable
26 JDK-8221445 client-libs javax.sound FastSysexMessage constructor crashes MIDI receiption thread
27 JDK-8040630 client-libs javax.swing Popup menus and tooltips flicker with previous popup contents when first shown
28 JDK-8198339 client-libs javax.swing Test javax/swing/border/Test6981576.java is unstable
29 JDK-8183369 core-libs java.net RFC unconformity of HttpURLConnection with proxy
30 JDK-8210147 core-libs java.net adjust some WSAGetLastError usages in windows network coding
31 JDK-8232854 core-libs java.net URLClassLoader.close() doesn't close cached JAR file on Windows when load() fails
32 JDK-8044365 core-libs java.nio (dc) MulticastSendReceiveTests.java failing with ENOMEM when joining group (OS X 10.9)
33 JDK-8221531 core-libs java.nio Incorrect copyright header in src/java.base/windows/native/libnio/ch/FileChannelImpl.c
34 JDK-8205399 core-libs java.util:collections Set node color on pinned HashMap.TreeNode deletion
35 JDK-8160768 core-libs javax.naming Add capability to custom resolve host/domain names within the default JNDI LDAP provider
36 JDK-8214440 core-libs javax.naming ldap over a TLS connection negotiate failed with "javax.net.ssl.SSLPeerUnverifiedException: hostname of the server '' does not match the hostname in the server's certificate"
37 JDK-8217606 core-libs javax.naming LdapContext#reconnect always opens a new connection
38 JDK-8240523 core-libs javax.naming JCK Test Case api/modulegraph/index.html#ModuleGraphTest failed in CI
39 JDK-8193879 core-svc debugger Java debugger hangs on method invocation
40 JDK-8239055 core-svc debugger Wrong implementation of VMState.hasListener
41 JDK-8206179 core-svc javax.management com/sun/management/OperatingSystemMXBean/GetCommittedVirtualMemorySize.java fails with Committed virtual memory size illegal value
42 JDK-8132849 hotspot compiler Increased stop time in cleanup phase because of single-threaded walk of thread stacks in NMethodSweeper::mark_active_nmethods()
43 JDK-8156207 hotspot compiler Resource allocated BitMaps are often cleared unnecessarily
44 JDK-8163511 hotspot compiler Allocation of compile task fails with assert: "Leaking compilation tasks?"
45 JDK-8187078 hotspot compiler -XX:+VerifyOops finds numerous problems when running JPRT
46 JDK-8208277 hotspot compiler Code cache heap (-XX:ReservedCodeCacheSize) doesn't work with 1GB LargePages
47 JDK-8209420 hotspot compiler Track membars for volatile accesses so they can be properly optimized
48 JDK-8209439 hotspot compiler C2 library_call can potentially ignore Math.pow intrinsic or use null pointer
49 JDK-8209684 hotspot compiler Intrinsics that assume some input non null should use GraphKit::must_be_not_null()
50 JDK-8209686 hotspot compiler cleanup arguments to PhaseIdealLoop() constructor
51 JDK-8210284 hotspot compiler "assert((av & 0x00000001) == 0) failed: unsupported V8" on Solaris 11.4
52 JDK-8210389 hotspot compiler C2: assert(n->outcnt() != 0 || C->top() == n || n->is_Proj()) failed: No dead instructions after post-alloc
53 JDK-8211129 hotspot compiler compiler/whitebox/ForceNMethodSweepTest.java fails after JDK-8132849
54 JDK-8211233 hotspot compiler MemBarNode::trailing_membar() and MemBarNode::leading_membar() need to handle dying subgraphs better
55 JDK-8211332 hotspot compiler code_size2 (defined in stub_routines_x86.hpp) is too small on new Skylake CPUs
56 JDK-8211740 hotspot compiler [AOT] -XX:AOTLibrary doesn't accept windows path
57 JDK-8211743 hotspot compiler [AOT] crash in ScopeDesc::decode_body() when JVMTI walks AOT frames
58 JDK-8214344 hotspot compiler C2: assert(con.basic_type() != T_ILLEGAL) failed: elembt=byte; loadbt=void; unsigned=0
59 JDK-8214444 hotspot compiler Wrong strncat limits in dfa.cpp
60 JDK-8214857 hotspot compiler "bad trailing membar" assert failure at memnode.cpp:3220
61 JDK-8214862 hotspot compiler assert(proj != __null) at compile.cpp:3251
62 JDK-8215551 hotspot compiler Missing case label in nmethod::reloc_string_for()
63 JDK-8215555 hotspot compiler TieredCompilation C2 threads can excessively block handshakes
64 JDK-8216151 hotspot compiler [Graal] Module jdk.internal.vm.compiler.management has not been granted accessClassInPackage.org.graalvm.compiler.debug
65 JDK-8216154 hotspot compiler C4819 warnings at HotSpot sources on Windows
66 JDK-8216541 hotspot compiler CompiledICHolders of VM locked unloaded nmethods are released too late
67 JDK-8217230 hotspot compiler assert(t == t_no_spec) failure in NodeHash::check_no_speculative_types()
68 JDK-8217447 hotspot compiler Develop flag TraceICs is broken
69 JDK-8219214 hotspot compiler Infinite Loop in CodeSection::dump()
70 JDK-8219919 hotspot compiler RuntimeStub's name lost with PrintFrameConverterAssembly
71 JDK-8220341 hotspot compiler Class redefinition fails with assert(!is_unloaded()) failed: unloaded method on the stack
72 JDK-8221482 hotspot compiler Initialize VMRegImpl::regName[] earlier to prevent assert during PrintStubCode
73 JDK-8221782 hotspot compiler [Graal] Module jdk.internal.vm.compiler.management has not been granted accessClassInPackage.jdk.vm.ci.services
74 JDK-8225567 hotspot compiler Wrong file headers with 8202414 fix changeset
75 JDK-8225783 hotspot compiler Incorrect use of binary operators on booleans in type.cpp
76 JDK-8226198 hotspot compiler use of & instead of && in LibraryCallKit::arraycopy_restore_alloc_state
77 JDK-8226879 hotspot compiler Memory leak in Type::hashcons
78 JDK-8227034 hotspot compiler Graal crash with gcbasher
79 JDK-8227632 hotspot compiler Incorrect PrintCompilation message: made not compilable on levels 0 1 2 3 4
80 JDK-8229855 hotspot compiler C2 fails with assert(false) failed: bad AD file
81 JDK-8231515 hotspot compiler [Graal] Crash during exception throwing in InterpreterRuntime::resolve_invoke
82 JDK-8232106 hotspot compiler [x86] C2: SIGILL due to usage of SSSE3 instructions on processors which don't support it
83 JDK-8233019 hotspot compiler java.lang.Class.isPrimitive() (C1) returns wrong result if Klass* is aligned to 32bit
84 JDK-8233364 hotspot compiler Fix undefined behavior in Canonicalizer::do_ShiftOp
85 JDK-8235332 hotspot compiler TestInstanceCloneAsLoadsStores.java fails with -XX:+StressGCM
86 JDK-8235762 hotspot compiler JVM crash in SWPointer during C2 compilation
87 JDK-8235984 hotspot compiler C2: assert(out->in(PhiNode::Region) == head || out->in(PhiNode::Region) == slow_head) failed: phi must be either part of the slow or the fast loop
88 JDK-8236285 hotspot compiler [JVMCI] improve TranslatedException traces
89 JDK-8236709 hotspot compiler struct SwitchRange in HS violates C++ One Definition Rule
90 JDK-8236759 hotspot compiler ShouldNotReachHere in PhaseIdealLoop::verify_strip_mined_scheduling
91 JDK-8237045 hotspot compiler JVM uses excessive memory with -XX:+EnableJVMCI -XX:JVMCICounterSize=2147483648
92 JDK-8237086 hotspot compiler assert(is_MachReturn()) running CTW with fix for JDK-8231291
93 JDK-8237375 hotspot compiler SimpleThresholdPolicy misses CounterDecay timestamp initialization
94 JDK-8237945 hotspot compiler CTW: C2 compilation fails with assert(just_allocated_object(alloc_ctl) == ptr) failed: most recent allo
95 JDK-8237951 hotspot compiler CTW: C2 compilation fails with "malformed control flow"
96 JDK-8238190 hotspot compiler [JVMCI] Fix single implementor speculation for diamond shapes.
97 JDK-8238356 hotspot compiler CodeHeap::blob_count() overestimates the number of blobs
98 JDK-8238438 hotspot compiler SuperWord::co_locate_pack picks memory state of first instead of last load
99 JDK-8238756 hotspot compiler C2: assert(((n) == __null || !VerifyIterativeGVN || !((n)->is_dead()))) failed: can not use dead node
100 JDK-8238765 hotspot compiler PhaseCFG::schedule_pinned_nodes cannot handle precedence edges from unmatched CFG nodes correctly
101 JDK-8238811 hotspot compiler C2: assert(i >= req() || i == 0 || is_Region() || is_Phi()) with -XX:+VerifyGraphEdges
102 JDK-8239142 hotspot compiler C2's UseUniqueSubclasses optimization is broken for array accesses
103 JDK-8239456 hotspot compiler [win][x86] vtable stub generation: assert failure (code size estimate)
104 JDK-8239852 hotspot compiler java/util/concurrent tests fail with -XX:+VerifyGraphEdges: assert(!VerifyGraphEdges) failed: verification should have failed
105 JDK-8239931 hotspot compiler [win][x86] vtable stub generation: assert failure (code size estimate) follow-up
106 JDK-8240220 hotspot compiler IdealLoopTree::dump_head predicate printing is broken
107 JDK-8240223 hotspot compiler Use consistent predicate order in and with PhaseIdealLoop::find_predicate
108 JDK-8240576 hotspot compiler JVM crashes after transformation in C2 IdealLoopTree::merge_many_backedges
109 JDK-8240831 hotspot compiler [JVMCI] Export missing vmStructs entries used by JVMCI compilers
110 JDK-8240905 hotspot compiler assert(mem == (Node*)1 || mem == mem2) failed: multiple Memories being matched at once?
111 JDK-8240976 hotspot compiler [JVMCI] MethodProfileWidth flag is broken
112 JDK-8241556 hotspot compiler Memory leak if -XX:CompileCommand is set
113 JDK-8241900 hotspot compiler Loop unswitching may cause dependence on null check to be lost
114 JDK-8242108 hotspot compiler Performance regression after fix for JDK-8229496
115 JDK-8242357 hotspot compiler [JVMCI] Incorrect use of JVMCI_CHECK_ on return statement
116 JDK-8243467 hotspot compiler [BACKOUT] JDK-8132849 and JDK-8211129 from 11.0.8-oracle
117 JDK-8204834 hotspot gc Fix confusing "allocate" naming in OopStorage
118 JDK-8221534 hotspot gc Incorrect copyright header in src/jdk.hotspot.agent/share/classes/sun/jvm/hotspot/gc/z/ZPageTableEntry.java
119 JDK-8231779 hotspot gc crash HeapWord*ParallelScavengeHeap::failed_mem_allocate
120 JDK-8189633 hotspot runtime Missing -Xcheck:jni checking for DeleteWeakGlobalRef
121 JDK-8203911 hotspot runtime Test runtime/modules/getModuleJNI/GetModule fails with -Xcheck:jni
122 JDK-8209850 hotspot runtime Allow NamedThreads to use GlobalCounter critical sections
123 JDK-8209976 hotspot runtime Improve iteration over non-JavaThreads
124 JDK-8210303 hotspot runtime VM_HandshakeAllThreads fails assert with "failed: blocked and not walkable"
125 JDK-8212933 hotspot runtime Thread-SMR: requesting a VM operation whilst holding a ThreadsListHandle can cause deadlocks
126 JDK-8213250 hotspot runtime CDS archive creation aborts due to metaspace object allocation failure
127 JDK-8219241 hotspot runtime Provide basic virtualization related info in the hs_error file on linux/windows x86_64
128 JDK-8219562 hotspot runtime Line of code in osContainer_linux.cpp#L102 appears unreachable
129 JDK-8222720 hotspot runtime Provide extended VMWare/vSphere virtualization related info in the hs_error file on linux/windows x86_64
130 JDK-8224793 hotspot runtime os::die() does not honor CreateCoredumpOnCrash option
131 JDK-8240529 hotspot runtime CheckUnhandledOops breaks NULL check in Modules::define_module
132 JDK-8241296 hotspot runtime Segfault in JNIHandleBlock::oops_do()
133 JDK-8241464 hotspot runtime [11u] Backport: make rehashing be a needed guaranteed safepoint cleanup action
134 JDK-8241660 hotspot runtime Add virtualization information output to hs_err file on macOS
135 JDK-8237589 other-libs other Fix copyright header formatting
136 JDK-7092821 security-libs java.security java.security.Provider.getService() is synchronized and became scalability bottleneck
137 JDK-8228613 security-libs java.security java.security.Provider#getServices order is no longer deterministic
138 JDK-8231387 security-libs java.security java.security.Provider.getService returns random result due to race condition with mutating methods in the same class
139 JDK-8238452 security-libs java.security Keytool generates wrong expiration date if validity is set to 2050/01/01
140 JDK-8246613 security-libs java.security Choose the default SecureRandom algo based on registration ordering
141 JDK-8240983 security-libs javax.crypto Incorrect copyright header in Apache Santuario 2.1.3 files
142 JDK-8238898 security-libs javax.crypto:pkcs11 Missing hash characters for header on license file
143 JDK-8209333 security-libs javax.net.ssl Socket reset issue for TLS 1.3 socket close
144 JDK-8211339 security-libs javax.net.ssl NPE during SSL handshake caused by HostnameChecker
145 JDK-8215711 security-libs javax.net.ssl Missing key_share extension for (EC)DHE key exchange should alert missing_extension
146 JDK-8223482 security-libs javax.net.ssl Unsupported ciphersuites may be offered by a TLS client
147 JDK-8223940 security-libs javax.net.ssl Private key not supported by chosen signature algorithm
148 JDK-8233621 security-libs javax.net.ssl Mismatch in jsse.enableMFLNExtension property name
149 JDK-8235874 security-libs javax.net.ssl The ordering of Cipher Suites is not maintained provided through “jdk.tls.client.cipherSuites” and “jdk.tls.server.cipherSuites” system property.
150 JDK-8236039 security-libs javax.net.ssl JSSE Client does not accept status_request extension in CertificateRequest messages for TLS 1.3
151 JDK-8239798 security-libs javax.net.ssl SSLSocket closes socket both socket endpoints on a SocketTimeoutException
152 JDK-8242294 security-libs javax.net.ssl JSSE Client does not throw SSLException when an alert occurs during handshaking
153 JDK-8246031 security-libs javax.net.ssl SSLSocket.getSession() doesn't close connection for timeout/ interrupts
154 JDK-8163251 security-libs javax.smartcardio Hard coded loop limit prevents reading of smart card data greater than 8k
155 JDK-8210197 tools javac javac can't tell during speculative attribution if a diamond expression is creating an anonymous inner class or not
156 JDK-8213908 tools javac AssertionError in DeferredAttr at setOverloadKind
157 JDK-8214345 tools javac infinite recursion while checking super class
158 JDK-8218268 tools javac Javac treats Manifest Class-Path entries as Paths instead of URLs
159 JDK-8200432 tools javadoc(tool) javadoc fails with ClassCastException on {@link byte[]}
160 JDK-8212233 tools javadoc(tool) javadoc fails on jdk12 with "The code being documented uses modules but the packages defined in $URL are in the unnamed module."
161 JDK-8214856 tools javadoc(tool) Errors with JSZip in web console after upgrade to 3.1.5
162 JDK-8236700 tools javadoc(tool) Upgrading JSZip from v3.1.5 to v3.2.2
163 JDK-8216261 tools javap Javap ignores default modifier on interfaces
164 JDK-8217093 tools launcher Support extended-length paths in parse_manifest.c on Windows
165 JDK-8240629 tools launcher argfiles parsing broken for argfiles with comment cross 4096 bytes chunk
166 JDK-8221533 xml jaxp Incorrect copyright header in DurationDayTimeImpl.java, DurationYearMonthImpl.java and XMLStreamException.java
167 JDK-8242470 xml jaxp Update Xerces to Version 2.12.1