Update Release Notes

Changes in 1.6.0_01

The full internal version number for this update release is 1.6.0_01-b06 (where "b" means "build"). The external version number is 6u1.

US Daylight Savings Time Sun Alert 102836

Bug 6530336 that was part of Sun Alert 102836, has been fixed in this release. As a result, it is no longer necessary to run the tzupdater tool with the -bc flag to work around this bug. Bug 6466476, that was also part of Sun Alert 102836 has not yet been fixed. If your application uses the deprecated java.util.Timezone IDs and is sensitive to the behavior outlined in 6466476, you will still need to run the tzupdater tool with the -bc flag as a work-around. Note that running tzupdater with the -bc flag does not hinder the fix for 6530336 in any way.

This release contains Olson time zone data version 2007a. If you need the latest Olson data (currently 2007c) in order to accommodate the America/Indiana/Winamac changes (see US Daylight Savings Time Changes and the Java SE Platform: FAQ (Appendix)), then you will need to run the tzupdater (with -bc flag as appropriate) after installing this release. Please see Sun Java SE JDK tzupdater Tool for more information on how to do this.

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes are listed in the following table.

BugId Category Subcategory Description
6512111 hotspot compiler1 final long stack variable gets corrupted when FileChannel read is interrupted
6512534 hotspot compiler1 Strange behavior of Client VM (Unexpected value change on the specific situation)
6433335 hotspot garbage_collector ParNewGC times spiking, eventually taking up 20 out of every 30 seconds
6459113 hotspot garbage_collector CMS+ParNew: wildly different ParNew pause times depending on heap shape caused by allocation spread
6463096 hotspot runtime_system icache invalidation code can segv
6512182 hotspot runtime_system REGRESSION: JNI ExceptionClear does not clear JVMTI's view of the exception
6486322 idl orb org.omg.CORBA.ORB.init() thread safety issue
6502780 java build Adjustment jprt rules
6459404 java classes_2d jTextPane/jEditorPane text space higher than before
6487386 java classes_2d Font.equals() incorrectly returns false if getAttributes() is called on just one of the fonts
6448717 java classes_2d Unable to retrieve printer list on system with unconnected printers
6479365 java classes_2d Combining negative scale and negative shear in Font Transform produced incorrect results in JDK 6
6503212 java classes_2d PIT:Regression test FontAttributeTest.java and two others failed with PIT build 2006-12-04-int.6u1
6500903 java classes_2d PrintServices are incorrectly listed as "not accepting jobs"
6429775 java classes_awt Xgl/Compiz/Java 1.5/Swing problem
6448190 java classes_awt Focus issue with JFrame and JButton
6481004 java classes_awt SplashScreen.getSplashScreen() fails in Web Start context
6506966 java classes_awt COMPATIBILITY: Can't use the keypad to simulate game actions
6488786 java classes_awt Vista: Modality is broken on vista 5840 for all native Dialogs.
6489946 java classes_awt Win32: JVM fastdebug build crashes when Frame uses custom icon.
6479959 java classes_awt AWT needs to use the NO_WM case when running inside of Looking Glass
6481955 java classes_io Uncanonicalized absolute filepath with length 248-260 no longer works (win)
6469606 java classes_lang (process) Process.destroy() can kill wrong process (Unix)
6480566 java classes_management TEST_BUG: several tests fail because TESTVMOPTS are passed to javac directly
6434648 java classes_management native memory leak when use Thread.getAllStackTraces()
6469803 java classes_net Socket creation on Windows takes a long time if web proxy does not have a DNS entry
6481709 java classes_nio (se) epoll based Selector throws java.io.IOException: Operation not permitted during load
6470320 java classes_security (smartcardio) RI's implementation of Card.transmitControlCommand(int, byte[]) may cause JVM failure
6495567 java classes_sound CR 4964288 (sound, Unexpected IAE raised while getting TargetData) is not fixed in windows-amd64 JDK
6498661 java classes_sound api/javax_sound/sampled/TargetDataLine/index.html#TargetDataLine fails
6456892 java classes_swing Text cursor is too short.
6460921 java classes_swing First element of JDesktopPane.getAllFrames is an iconified internal frame
6466058 java classes_swing OceanTheme causes swing components to serialize with sun.* classes
6462008 java classes_swing ArrayOutOfBoundsException raised when SHIFT-selecting items in a JList
6452493 java classes_swing Regression: JToolBar's separator is wrongly rendered using GTK L&F on Linux and Solaris
6477839 java classes_swing GTK L&F: JToolBar handle rendered incorrectly under Nimbus theme
6465603 java classes_swing GTKLAF: Menu item selection bar hieght is not consistant in the menu and popupmenu across the items.
5069423 java classes_swing JFileChooser ignores FILES_AND_DIRECTORIES on GTK and Motif
6472901 java classes_swing GTK Theme change and JTextField can/will crash Java
6493680 java classes_swing SwingWorker notifications might be out of order.
6490679 java classes_swing Vista:In disabled JComboBox the drop down button background shows black color and looks enabled.
6491420 java classes_swing XPStyle.getSkin returning null is dangerous
6468338 java classes_swing Memory leak in XPStyle
6432667 java classes_swing Vista: Menu dropdown differs while compare with naitve in vista laf.
6496144 java classes_swing REGRESSION: JCheckBox doesn't show on JToolBar under Windows L&F
6494356 java classes_swing Jeditorpane does not start up the html file
6492110 java classes_swing GTK L&F: JMenuBar is taller than native under Clearlooks
6489585 java classes_swing GTK L&F: buttons, checkboxes, and radiobuttons are sized incorrectly
6479305 java classes_swing GTK L&F: more toolbar issues
6462383 java classes_swing Unbounded memory leak in Windows XP JRE for Applets and applications that open JFrame's
6453451 java classes_swing JTree is not visible with GTK and Right-to-Left component orientation
6511744 java classes_swing JRadioButton in JTree is not painted in correct state on Vista
6530336 java classes_text (tz) DST bug in latest jdk releases when using EST MST and HST abbreviations
6483402 java classes_util_i18n (date) calling java.util.Date.toString() slows down subsequent calls to the class
6510927 java classes_util_i18n (tz) Support tzdata2007a
6490560 java classes_util_i18n (tz) Support tzdata2006o
6497526 java classes_util_i18n (tz) Support tzdata2006p
6468404 java compiler ExecutableElement.getParameters() uses raw type for class loaded from -g bytecode
6509137 java cte_docs Copyright year need to modify with 2007 in J2SE UR releases
6485605 java debugger "com.sun.jdi.InternalException: Inconsistent suspend policy" in internal event handler
6433689 java install 1.5.0_u7 has "shielded" exe in Windows Vista
6477751 java install regression: re installing the same jre version does not pop up the reinstall dialog
6481358 java install remove "Installshield" text from offline installers
6531764 java install Installation of Solaris Packages fails with jdk1.6.0_01-b05
6500648 java install Privacy Policy is referring wrong URL
6471319 java install remove "no longer used splash screen" from installer will reduce jre size/speed
6267625 java install Close browser during JRE installation. Open a new window to java.com at the end of the installation.
6499487 java localization [zh_CN] README_zh_CN in jdk is out of sync with the english README
6510937 java localization [zh_CN, ja] Message sync for two bug fixes in 6.0
6476329 java localization PIT: additional sentence needs to be translated for 6267625
6473331 java rmi rmic does not use manifest classpath
6480383 java serviceability SA: Throws UnmappedAddressException while reading address from core file in shared area.
6477850 java serviceability jhat OQL Support direct value of java.lang.String type fields
6442448 java serviceability jhat: oql submit form should put last query into textform for resubmit
6476946 java serviceability JHAT - Missing class mishandled
6467192 java serviceability jhat fails with java.lang.ClassCastException on file created by jmap from core file
6484556 java tools jhat should be able to help in finding classloader leaks
6464051 java_deployment general InstallStats2 not sending full version for offline installers with 'failure' status
6487916 java_deployment general IS2 : InstallComplete ping 'ic' with status 'success' is not posted in silent mode
6502209 java_deployment general filename incorrect in jre readme
6464971 java_deployment general Need to implement webstart/plugin part of the bug fix 6439864
6502051 java_deployment update jusched crash: buffer overrun
6424631 java_plugin iexplorer Signed applet hangs browser if a remote policy server is being used
6477856 java_plugin other offline support does not work for plugin applets
6504406 java_plugin other regression: Desktop.browse does not work properly for java plug-in applets
6470319 javawebstart general deployment.javaws.secure.properties cannot be used in 1.4.2, 1.5.0, and Java Se 6
6484949 javawebstart general The Wrong proxy is derived from Mozilla browsers when there is no entry in prefs.js
6494357 javawebstart jnlp_file Regression: Cannot run application using jnlp extensions when offline.
6494365 javawebstart jnlp_file In JNLP file href must end with .jar extension
6507009 javawebstart jnlp_file Web Start application installed from CD will not run under Java 6u1
6484661 javawebstart other cannot launch application offline if https is used
6322588 jdbc rowset_implementation JoinRowSetImpl does not notify listeners
6467662 jdbc rowset_implementation api/javax_sql/rowset/impl/FilteredRowSet/index.html#FilteredRowSet[notifyCursorMovedTest3] fails b98
6467887 jdbc rowset_implementation api/javax_sql/rowset/impl/JoinRowSet/index.html#JoinRowSet[createCopySchemaTest] fails on b98
6493779 jdbc rowset_implementation Using JdbcRowSetImpl(strUrl,strUserId, strPassword) without executing a stmt throws NPE in getType()
6467707 jdbc rowset_implementation api/javax_sql/rowset/impl/FilteredRowSet/index.html#FilteredRowSet[absoluteTest] fails
6322649 jdbc rowset_spec There is no way to plug SyncProvider for CachedRowSet implementation
6475157 jmx classes RMIConnectorServer.stop: deadlock
6482247 jmx classes Using MXBeans can lead to memory leaks