Update Release Notes

Changes in 1.6.0_10

The full internal version number for this update release is 1.6.0_10-b33 (where "b" means "build"). The external version number is 6u10. Included in JDK 6u10 is version 11.0 of the Java HotSpot Virtual Machine.

OlsonData 2008c

This release contains Olson time zone data version 2008c. For more information, refer to 6627362 or see US DST Timezone Updater.

Java DB

Java DB 10.4 is included in 1.6.0_10. For more information, refer to the Java DB home page.

Security Baseline

This update release specifies the following security baselines for use with the original Java Plug-in technology:

JRE Family Version Security Baseline
5.0 1.5.0_16
1.4.2 1.4.2_18

For more information about the security baseline, see Deploying Java Applets With Family JRE Versions in Java Plug-in for Internet Explorer .

Note that as of this release, the next generation Java Plug-in is provided. The next generation Java Plug-in is the default for IE and Firefox 3. The original (old) Plug-in remains the default for Firefox 2. On Windows, you can switch between the old and new Plug-ins by using the Java Control Panel.

Next Generation Java Plug-in

This release introduces a new (default) implementation of the Java Plug-in that provides support for applets in the web browser. The next generation Java Plug-in combines the best architectural features of applet and Java Web Start technologies. It provides a robust platform for deployment of Java and JavaFX content in the web browser.

The next generation Java Plug-in offers many powerful features for both advanced consumer content and enterprise applications. Some of these are:

  • ability to increase the heap size and specify command-line arguments on a per-applet basis
  • ability to select a particular version of the Java Runtime Environment for an individual applet
  • improved reliability
  • better and more portable integration between the Java and JavaScript programming languages
  • improved support for accessing the DOM of the containing web page
  • enhanced support for web services

Built-in support for the Java Network Launch Protocol (JNLP) allows applets to immediately reuse extensions originally designed for Java Web Start applications such as the components of the JavaFX runtime, support for hardware accelerated 3D graphics, video playback, spatialized audio and more.

For more information, please see the following links:

New Direct3D Accelerated Rendering Pipeline for Microsoft Windows Platforms, Enabled by Default

This release introduces a fully hardware accelerated graphics pipeline based on the Microsoft Direct3D 9 API, translating into improved rendering of Swing or Java2D applications which rely on alpha compositing, gradients, arbitrary transformations, filtering and other more advanced 2D operations.

Since the new pipeline utilizes hardware acceleration capabilities offered by video cards, it is very important that the latest drivers for the cards are installed. Please refer to your system or video card manufacturer for the latest drivers.



  • Only devices produced by Nvidia and ATI are currently supported due to performance and driver quality issues. Other manufacturers (such as Intel) may be supported in a future release.
  • Some operations not directly supported by Direct3D API may perform slower than with previous releases (such as XOR paint mode)
  • The pipeline may be disabled on certain combinations of hardware and drivers where there are known bugs in the drivers. Again, make sure you have the latest drivers.
  • The pipeline is only enabled on Microsoft's client operating systems (Windows XP, Windows Vista) and not on the Windows Server line (Windows 2000, 2003, 2008) due to poor driver support and differing server requirements.
  • Due to a bug in the Microsoft Display Window Manager (Aero), on Windows Vista with Aero interface enabled, hardware accelerated rendering is disabled for applets embedded in a browser. Standalone applet windows remain hardware accelerated. For more information, see 6670586 .


  • To disable the Direct3D Pipeline, pass the following property to the Java VM: -Dsun.java2d.d3d=false
    Alternatively, set the J2D_D3D environment variable to 'false' prior to starting your application (or set it globally).
  • To get diagnostic information about the pipeline set the following environment variable prior to starting any GUI application from a command line console: J2D_TRACE_LEVEL=4. The tracing output will be printed into the console. Please provide this output when filing a bug or asking a question on the forums.
  • Some operations not directly supported by Direct3D API may perform slower than with previous releases (such as XOR paint mode or rendering on non-managed images). See 6635462 and 6652116
  • For more information about troubleshooting issues with Java2D consult Troubleshooting Java 2D .

Updated Documentation Bundle

This release contains an updated documentation bundle. There is also an updated online version of the documentation bundle. The bundle has been updated for the following technologies:

Unsigned Java Applet Window Change on Windows

Known Auto Update Issue on Windows Vista

For all previous 6u10 builds (thru b28) on the Microsoft Windows Vista OS, auto update is broken for an Administrator user with User Account Control (UAC) on.

Such a user, having a previous 6u10 build installed, will not be able to auto update to a newer version. Auto update fails silently. And manual update shows an error dialog.

Refer to 6725355.

Windows Vista Defaults to Sun Java VM (JRE)

As of this update, on Windows Vista, there is no MS Java VM shipped with Internet Explorer.

For prior updates, on a Windows platform, in Internet Explorer, you could switch between Sun Java VM and Microsoft Java VM. by means of an Internet Options check box. For example, in Internet Explorer, from the Tools menu, you could select Internet Options, click the Advanced tab, scroll to the Java (Sun) category. Then Enable or Disable Sun Java VM by clicking to either select or clear the Use JRE 1.6.0_10 for <applet> (requires restart) box.

On Windows Vista, in 1.6.0_10, this option check box has been removed, as disabling Sun Java VM would cause applets to not function on web pages.

Also, in the Java Control Panel under the Advanced tab, under Default Java for Browsers, there are checkboxes for setting Sun JRE or Microsoft JRE. On Windows Vista only, these boxes are disabled and Sun JRE is the default.

Refer to 6770742.

Known Input Method Candidate Window Problem on Windows XP, 2003, and 2000

On Windows XP, 2003, and 2000, for some locales (including Simplified and Traditional Chinese and Korean), an input method (IM) candidate window problem occurs. Following is an example of when you might see this problem:

  1. Run any Swing application that has a text area, for example, Notepad demo.
  2. Switch into Chinese or Korean input mode, and start typing into the text area.
  3. If you don't see an IM candidate window while typing, you have encountered the problem.

The workaround is to:

  1. Deactivate the window (click on the desktop).
  2. Acivate the window (click on the text area). At this point the IM candidate window is displayed.

Refer to 6743433.

Windows 64-bit Installation Error (Regression)

This problem exists for Windows 64-bit 6u10 b31 and subsequent releases.

When installing the Windows 64-bit JDK, the first part of the installation goes well, however the following error message is displayed at the beginning of the JRE installation:

Internal Error 2318. C:\Windows\system32\java.exe

If you click "OK" to close the message, the JRE Successfully Installed message is displayed. However, the JRE is not installed. And the java -version command does not work.

If you encounter this error, the JDK is already installed properly. However, you will need to install the 64-bit JRE separately to install a Public JRE.

To avoid the error, the workaround is to to do one of the following:

  • Install the 64-bit JRE before installing the 64-bit JDK. The Public JRE will then be installed and the error will not occur.
  • Deselect the Public JRE when installing the 64-bit JDK. Then install the 64-bit JRE separately.

Refer to 6747473.

Windows 32-bit Silent Installation Issue

The JRE installer for 32-bit Windows, as part of its installation, may download and install additional Sun components to support the JavaFX runtime. Note that this is part of the license agreement for the Sun JRE, and selecting silent installation will bypass the acceptance of that agreement. Silent installation should not be used where this is a concern.

Refer to 6757796.

Windows Regression when Using MSI Install Options

On Windows XP Pro SP3 (32bits), when installing JRE 6u10 or later and using MSI install options /qb or /passive, installation fails with Error 1606.Could not access network location 0..

The workaround is to not use the /qb or /passive options.
Options that work correctly are /q, /qn (no UI), /qr (reduced UI), and /quiet (quiet mode, no user interaction).

See 6764967 for details.

Bug Fixes

This feature release does not contain any new fixes for security vulnerabilities to its previous release, Java SE 6 Update 7. Users who have Java SE 6 Update 7 have the latest security fixes and do not need to upgrade to this release to be current on security fixes.

Bug fixes are listed in the following table.

BugId Category Subcategory Description
6610906 hotspot compiler1 inexplicable IncompatibleClassChangeError
6614100 hotspot compiler2 EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION while running Eclipse with 1.6.0_05-ea
6616627 hotspot compiler2 64-bit j2se build problem: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -2147483521
6623167 hotspot compiler2 C2 crashed in StoreCMNode::Value
6659207 hotspot compiler2 access violation in CompilerThread0
6661247 hotspot compiler2 Internal bug in 32-bit HotSpot optimizer while bit manipulations
6707044 hotspot compiler2 uncommon_trap of ifnull bytecode leaves garbage on expression stack
6724218 hotspot compiler2 Incorrect code is generated for org.apache.commons.collections.list.AbstractLinkedList::removeNode
6635560 hotspot garbage_collector segv in reference processor on t1000
6642634 hotspot garbage_collector Test nsk/regression/b6186200 crashed with SIGSEGV
6662086 hotspot garbage_collector 6u4+, 7b11+: CMS never clears referents when -XX:+ParallelRefProcEnabled
6676016 hotspot garbage_collector ParallelOldGC leaks memory
6497639 hotspot jvmti Profiling Swing application caused JVM crash
6551457 hotspot jvmti JVMTI: reference_info in HeapReferenceCallback is not NULL for "otherwise" reference_kind
6562569 hotspot jvmti REGRESSION: can not see BLOCKED state change after patching 5104215 diff.
6670684 hotspot jvmti SA command universe did not print out CMS space information
6550813 hotspot runtime_system JVM crash with EXCEPTION_FLT exception with product Alcohol 120
6599425 hotspot runtime_system OopMapCache::lookup() can cause later crash or assert() failure
6629887 hotspot runtime_system 64-bit windows should not restrict default heap size to 1400m
6372405 idl orb Server thread hangs when fragments don't complete because of connection abort
6438259 idl tools Wrong repository ID generated by IDLJ
6529796 java char_encodings Support JIS X 0213:2004 in existing JDK versions, especially for Windows Vista
6710199 java char_encodings SJIS_0213 does not handle "unmappable" encoding operation correctly
4835595 java classes_2d PixelGrabber.grabPixels runs up to 600 times slower on JDK1.4.1 than on JDK1.3.1
6223022 java classes_2d '8' in 11pt Tahoma font is not rendered properly
6274820 java classes_2d RFE: Accelerate LCD glyphs via D3D pipeline
6389876 java classes_2d Java2D hw acceleration should be better integrated with future windows platforms
6459844 java classes_2d test java/awt/FullScreen/BufferStrategyExceptionTest/BufferStrategyExceptionTest.java fails on Suse
6488219 java classes_2d Uneven character spacing when printing JTextComponent
6504874 java classes_2d Enhance Region object to perform pixel-oriented CAG operations
6574117 java classes_2d NPE in querying Win32PrintService that does not support SheetCollate when using null DocFlavor
6574633 java classes_2d native printDialog crashes when changing printer
6589865 java classes_2d need a mechanism to create a Region from a Shape
6591278 java classes_2d Wrong rendering of transformed fonts on Windows with Java 6
6592428 java classes_2d D3D: memory leak on exit because of pSyncQuery
6596702 java classes_2d D3D: intermittent repainting issues in SwingSet after restoring from fs mode
6597822 java classes_2d D3D: improve pipeline's rendering quality for some cases
6599363 java classes_2d Incorrect filling of GeneralPath under JDK 1.6
6599742 java classes_2d D3D: Text rendering becomes garbled on Intel 945G chipset
6602861 java classes_2d D3D: Nimbus L&F: Painting broken on some D3D cards
6603000 java classes_2d D3D: incorrect texel to pixel mapping in some cases
6603975 java classes_2d ClassCastException in the Font(Map)
6604044 java classes_2d java crashes talking to second X screen
6604900 java classes_2d D3D: incorrect error handling in CreateInstance() code
6604903 java classes_2d D3D: improve performance by reducing state changes
6607230 java classes_2d D3D: infinite wait is possible in D3DScreenUpdateManager.runUpdateNow()
6611637 java classes_2d sun.font.GlyphLayout not threadsafe causing NullPointerException
6613062 java classes_2d D3D: improve on-screen rendering responsiveness
6613066 java classes_2d D3D: text is missing when the pipeline is enabled [ATI X1600]
6613563 java classes_2d D3D: Netbeans 6.0 is slower with the pipeline
6613860 java classes_2d D3D/OGL: accelerated pipelines incorrectly deal with mutable Color subclasses
6614214 java classes_2d D3D: the pipeline does not enumerate adapters correctly
6615272 java classes_2d D3D: Some images loaded via Toolkit or ImageIcon can't be accelerated
6620073 java classes_2d D3D: running J2DBench restarts the driver on Vista [Intel G965, G35]
6626403 java classes_2d getFontMetrics hangs Java
6626580 java classes_2d D3D: WComponentPeer.destroyBuffers should not be synchronized
6629891 java classes_2d D3D: Rendering artifacts with older driver [Nvidia Quadro NVS 110M]
6630475 java classes_2d Remove dependency between ColorModel/ColorSpace and cmm.dll
6630702 java classes_2d D3D: Rendering artifacts when scrolling/dragging on Vista with Aero/DWM [multiple boards]
6633656 java classes_2d Cross platform print dialog doesn't check for orientation being unsupported.
6633796 java classes_2d SurfaceData should not initialize Ductus until needed
6635805 java classes_2d D3D/OGL: provide resource sharing layer for hw accelerated rendering pipelines
6636082 java classes_2d D3D: D3DScreenUpdateManager should call repaint() on target AppContext's EDT
6638747 java classes_2d D3D: Flickering during resize on some Vista systems
6640532 java classes_2d Graphics.getFontMetrics() throws NullPointerException
6645511 java classes_2d crash in the sun_dc_pr_PathStroker_dispose
6653780 java classes_2d D3D/OGL: update RSL API to minimize the dependencies on platform/pipeline-specific and native code
6653860 java classes_2d D3D: rendering artifacts with the pipeline on [NVIDIA Quadro PCI-E Series]
6655001 java classes_2d D3D/OGL: Window translucency doesn't work with accelerated pipelines
6656574 java classes_2d OGL: the use of GL_ARB_texture_rectangle ext. complicates the use of RSL
6656651 java classes_2d Windows Look and Feel LCD glyph images have some differences from native applications.
6662388 java classes_2d D3D: D3DContext::SetRectClip doesn't clip the input coordinates correctly in some cases
6663447 java classes_2d D3D: excessive surface data replacements
6664068 java classes_2d D3D: resizing a window which is rendered to in a tight loop results in artifacts and crashes
6664915 java classes_2d SecurityException using javax.print APIs when queuePrintJob permission is granted.
6666362 java classes_2d D3D: enable bilinear sw->surface transforms
6666931 java classes_2d D3D/OGL: BufferedContext.invalidateContext doesn't reset native state
6667607 java classes_2d D3D/OGL: NPE is thrown when running PerspectiveTest from the effects project [RSL]
6668439 java classes_2d D3D: Illegal argument exception when setting window size to {0,0}
6670881 java classes_2d Phantom lines appear when rendering polygons & ellipses with antialiasing OFF
6675287 java classes_2d D3D: regression: occasional artifacts when rendering LCD text
6675297 java classes_2d D3D: temp. workaround needed for applet repainting issues on Vista with DWM/Aero enabled
6678161 java classes_2d Printing to remote non-Postscript printer does not work in Linux
6678218 java classes_2d D3D: provide a way to create a v-synced BufferStrategy
6679308 java classes_2d Poor text rendering on translucent image.
6679904 java classes_2d JDK6u10 beta on windows: \u200bc not rendered properly in LCD text mode.
6681745 java classes_2d OGL: provide a way to create a v-synced BufferStrategy with COPIED flip contents
6683472 java classes_2d Incorrect handling of translation component of font transform.
6684056 java classes_2d SUPERSCRIPT TextAttribute on font needs to trigger layout.
6685312 java classes_2d Unscaled advances for LCD Text in 6u10 beta
6687141 java classes_2d perpixel translucent windows are not hw-accelerated, updates are slow on Windows
6687166 java classes_2d D3D: text is missing when the pipeline is enabled [ATI Mobility X1400, Vista]
6689025 java classes_2d Graphics2D.setPaint() doesn't work if transform has changed but paint hasn't
6689925 java classes_2d Add transform attributes to the rendering tests in J2DBench
6690659 java classes_2d Simple primitives (rectangle and lines) are slow when rendered with a transform
6691737 java classes_2d D3D: inconsistent vsync rate with v-synced BufferStrategy
6692979 java classes_2d VM Crash when shearing text + rect over a range of values
6694230 java classes_2d D3D/OGL: Incorrect drawing behavior w/ 1.6u10 for components with overridden getInsets()
6695820 java classes_2d D3D: performance degradation for AA primitives on older hardware
6696292 java classes_2d Printing transformed images accuracy problems
6705443 java classes_2d D3D: Crash in awt.dll code when SwingSet2 is closed, on Windows + multiscreen
6708509 java classes_2d print dialog is not displayed when default paper is custom
6717988 java classes_2d D3D: rendering problems with JConsole on [Nvidia FX 5200]
6726667 java classes_2d D3D: sun.java2d.InvalidPipeException is thrown when resizing JInternalFrame in a non-opaque JFrame
6739267 java classes_2d D3D/OGL: add missing ThreeByteBgr to texture upload blit loop
6253172 java classes_awt Some key characters on none US keyboard cannot be typed since JDK 1.4
6355183 java classes_awt packager.exe crashes when called from within ANT
6359035 java classes_awt Apply WinXP visual styles to AWT native dialogs
6404832 java classes_awt scrolling and resize problem in Window XP
6431076 java classes_awt Cursor gets reset to text cursor in xawt TextArea when autoscrolling on append
6438179 java classes_awt XToolkit.isTraySupported() result has nothing to do with the system tray
6451578 java classes_awt A mouse listener method happens to process mouse events whose time is in the future.
6480024 java classes_awt Stack overflow on mouse wheel moved
6497929 java classes_awt Modal dialogs are added to modalDialogs field several times
6518753 java classes_awt REGRESSION:Modal Internal Frames are broken in 1.6
6519180 java classes_awt Memory leak in Robot on Windows
6522374 java classes_awt XEmbeddedFrame doesn't reconfigure itself on ConfigureNotify
6524352 java classes_awt support for high-resolution mouse wheel
6534883 java classes_awt keyReleased keychars are inconsistent in JDK6 on both Linux and Solaris and different from JDK5
6542975 java classes_awt Crash in awt.dll when WM_IME_NOTIFY message is handled, Win32
6592751 java classes_awt EmbeddedFrame disposal is fragile and breaks clean AppContext termination
6607163 java classes_awt Linux: Cannot copy image from Java to OpenOffice
6616095 java classes_awt AWT's WindowDisposerRecord keeps AppContext alive too long
6616323 java classes_awt consider benefits of replacing a componen array with other collection from the awt.Container class
6627324 java classes_awt Alt Graph doesnot generate any key event when pressing in German locale
6629657 java classes_awt provide raw key code from underlying system without changing API.
6632124 java classes_awt fix for 6429775 was incomplete
6633275 java classes_awt Need to support shaped/translucent windows
6633354 java classes_awt AppletPanel loads Swing classes
6636331 java classes_awt ConcurrentModificationException in AppContext code
6637607 java classes_awt 1st char. is discarded after a modal dialogue shows up and disappears
6648996 java classes_awt Frame.printAll() invoked on a non-opaque window prints black background
6656412 java classes_awt Uninitialized libXrender.so crashes AWT
6660412 java classes_awt com.sun.awt package should be listed at NON_CORE_PKGS
6662532 java classes_awt Descendants of JWindow/JFrame/JDialog can not be made translucent
6668442 java classes_awt transparency using JNA doesn't work
6670644 java classes_awt non-opaque AWT frames don't get repainted once shown
6670649 java classes_awt Swing JFrames don't get repainted once shown if JFrame.repaint() is called
6680988 java classes_awt KeyEvent is still missing VK values for many keyboards
6690068 java classes_awt REG: serialization proccess throws NPE
6691181 java classes_awt SunToolkit.disableBackgroundErase() needs to support more components
6698652 java classes_awt REG: serialization proccess throws NPE
6702458 java classes_awt 6u10 support for translucent windows doesn't check for XRENDER extension before using it.
6710012 java classes_awt Per pixel translucency not working on X
6714678 java classes_awt IDE (Netbeans, Eclipse, JDeveloper) Debugger hangs process on Linux
6725365 java classes_awt Per-pixel transparency must only be available for undecorated frames/windows
6729658 java classes_awt applet warning is too intrusive
6738762 java classes_awt Showing glassPane in non-opaque toplevel makes the topLevel blank
6740941 java classes_awt The security icon and the flashy border is misplaced on WinXP and Win2K
6748350 java classes_awt REGRESSION:Eclipse does not pick up the correct theme for Vista
6607310 java classes_awt_im InputContext may cause loading of swing classes even for non-Swing applets
6613060 java classes_beans Persisting JFrame with XMLEncoder gives error in Java SE 6
4708197 java classes_lang (thread) ThreadGroup.setMaxPriority changes priority if param is out of range
6497629 java classes_lang (thread) ThreadGroup.setMaxPriority checks against last set maximum, not parent's maximum
6571589 java classes_lang (thread) Thread.getStackTrace() returns null
6600199 java classes_lang (process) Decode system error messages using platform encoding (unix)
6651382 java classes_management The Java JVM SNMP provider reports incorrect stats when asked for multiple OIDs
6658779 java classes_management Regression: HotspotDiagnosticMXBean.getDiagnosticOptions() throws NullPointerException
6446990 java classes_net HttpURLConnection#available() reads more and more data into memory
6526158 java classes_net HttpExchange.getRequestBody().close() throws Exception
6563259 java classes_net incorrect handling when including uppercase letter in hostname
6598160 java classes_net Windows IPv6 Socket implementation doesn't set the handle to not inherit
6628661 java classes_net NTLM-authentication doesn't work with non-ASCII letters
6631048 java classes_net Problem when writing on output stream of HttpURLConnection
6648001 java classes_net Cancelling HTTP authentication causes subsequent deadlocks
6693244 java classes_net Java Web Start app fails on 6u10 beta w/ AssertionError in AuthenticationInfo.requestCompleted
6698625 java classes_net InetAddress.getLocalHost() failed in returning chinese local host name
6527572 java classes_nio (cs) Charset.forName can throw NullPointerException when testing bug level
6546113 java classes_nio (bf) CharSequence.slice() on wrapped CharSequence doesn't start at buffer position
6596323 java classes_nio (fc) ClosedByInterruptException not thrown by the interrupt method (lnx)
6383078 java classes_security OCSP checking does not work on end-entity certificate
6552236 java classes_security PolicyFile not synchronized during refresh
6648816 java classes_security REGRESSION: setting -Djava.security.debug=failure result in NPE in ACC
6696582 java classes_security XMLDSig c14n implementation throws ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exc if element has more than 23 attributes
6713838 java classes_security JSR 105 DOMCryptoContext.setIdAttributeNS not working when validating signatures
6714842 java classes_security CertPathBuilder returns incorrect CertPath for BasicConstraints in builderParams
6728890 java classes_security Add SwissSign root certificates to the JDK
6732157 java classes_security Add VeriSign TSA Root Cert to the JDK
6744888 java classes_security OCSP validation code should permit some clock skew when checking validity of OCSP responses
5050516 java classes_swing JFileChooser very slow in XP if directory contains large zip files
6217905 java classes_swing JPopupMenu keyboard navigation stops working
6246816 java classes_swing SwingSet2 should be rewritten
6389282 java classes_swing NPE in GTKLookAndFeel.initSystemColorDefaults() on mustang when remote X11 displaying.
6482575 java classes_swing Leak in ImageIcon
6493523 java classes_swing JFileChooser: Problems with "My Documents" folder
6539700 java classes_swing JTextPane line wrap radically different from previous versions in jre 1.5.0_10+
6580930 java classes_swing Swing Popups should overlap taskbar
6583251 java classes_swing One more ClassCastException in Swing with TrayIcon
6591875 java classes_swing Nimbus Swing Look and Feel
6595814 java classes_swing Nimbus LAF: Renderers, MenuSeparators, colors rollup bug
6596544 java classes_swing JComboBox editor stays visible after popup gone
6597001 java classes_swing Nimbus L&F: Incorrect Caching Settings & Missing Icons & Fuzzy Button Corners
6598353 java classes_swing Nimbus L&F : JScrollBar buttons incorrect
6601200 java classes_swing Nimbus L&F: ComboBoxes in JFileChooser look wrong
6601399 java classes_swing Nimbus L&F: Indeterminate ProgressBar should be tiled
6601798 java classes_swing Nimbus L&F: JComboBox should act like button on rollover when not editable.
6604357 java classes_swing Nimbus L&F: Add componet customization via ClientProperties
6604494 java classes_swing Nimbus L&F: Improve API and make certain API public for 3rd party component implementations
6606443 java classes_swing Infinite loop in FlowView.layout when using HTML tables in JEditorPane
6608456 java classes_swing RFE: need API to define RepaintManager per components hierarchy
6610132 java classes_swing NimbusLAF: Minor Cosmetic bugs round up for 6u10-b12
6612359 java classes_swing Nimbus L&F: NetBeans 6.0 Beta 1 causes exceptions with 1.6.0_05-ea-b04
6616742 java classes_swing Nimbus L&F: java.lang.NullPointer Exception arised when trying to display unsigned applet
6621655 java classes_swing Remove Glazed Lists dependecy from Nimbus build process
6624178 java classes_swing Regression test fails: test/closed/javax/swing/JComboBox/ 4515752/DefaultButtonTest.java
6624187 java classes_swing Regression test fails: test/closed/javax/swing/JComboBox/ 6428549/bug6428549.java
6624204 java classes_swing Regression test fails: test/closed/javax/swing/JPopupMenu/ 4966112/bug4966112.java
6626713 java classes_swing Nimbus L&F: JDialog resizing problem with empty JComboBoxes that receive items
6631684 java classes_swing Nimbus L&F:Frame button and title are misplaced on JInternalFrame
6636230 java classes_swing Nimbus L&F: Basic components should be non-opaque to solve deffinition of backgound color
6636983 java classes_swing Japanese text does not display correctly in a JEditorPane
6640344 java classes_swing Nimbus L&F: JTree expand/collapse triangles are wrong color for selected cell
6648553 java classes_swing Nimbus JRadioButton internal left margin kills valid alignment of components
6648911 java classes_swing Nimbus L&F: Nimbus needs support for Java's 1.1 and 1.2 and later printing APIs
6657923 java classes_swing NullPointerException at SynthArrowButtonUI
6661618 java classes_swing Nimbus L&F: JToolBar - Issues
6664881 java classes_swing Nimbus L&F: JToggleButton does not honor contentAreaFilled
6668281 java classes_swing NullPointerException in DefaultTableCellHeaderRenderer.getColumnSortOrder()
6675802 java classes_swing Regression: heavyweight popups cause SecurityExceptions in applets
6679840 java classes_swing provide a way to choose v-synced BufferStrategy
6687960 java classes_swing Background of component invisible with Nimbus
6687962 java classes_swing JTable now calls configureEnclosingScrollPane() from its constructor.
6688674 java classes_swing Calling getPreferredSize on editable JComboBox messes up Nimbus L&F
6690263 java classes_swing Nimbus L&F: Nimbus startup is too slow
6690791 java classes_swing Even more ClassCasetException with TrayIcon
6691718 java classes_swing NIMBUS: NPE thrown when using Nimbus in this photo uploader
6696166 java classes_swing TitledBorder: default title position isn't changed if current Look and Feel has changed
6698630 java classes_swing JTable grid lines do not show on Nimbus with JDK 6 Update 10
6706212 java classes_swing NullPointer exception at startup with Nimbus Look and Feel
6708549 java classes_swing Nimbus L&F: JTextArea does not repaint of focus gained/lost
6717617 java classes_swing Nimbus L&F: Regression - Using ComboBox border on TextField causes ClassCastException
6594712 java classes_text [Fmt-Da] subclasses of DateFormatSymbols can have MASSIVE performance issues
6645292 java classes_text [Fmt-Da] Timezone Western Summer Time (Australia) is parsed incorrectly
6665028 java classes_text native code of method j*.text.Bidi.nativeBidiChars is using the contents of a primitive array direct
6396599 java classes_util (prefs) Preferences sync fails if jaxp transform provider doesn't support indent-number
6691185 java classes_util (coll) TreeMap.navigableKeySet's descendingIterator method starts at first instead of last entry
6691215 java classes_util (coll) IdentityHashMap.containsValue(null) returns true when null value not present
6576792 java classes_util_concurrent ThreadPoolExecutor methods leak interrupts when run in pool threads
6639183 java classes_util_concurrent Scheduling large negative delay hangs entire ScheduledExecutor
6608572 java classes_util_i18n Currency change for Malta and Cyprus
6707643 java classes_util_i18n (tz) Support tzdata2008c
6728376 java classes_util_jarzip Wrong error handling in Java_java_util_zip_Deflater_deflateBytes leads to size 0 if compress fails
6356673 java compiler javac incorrectly generates "reference to <xx> is ambiguous"
6509042 java compiler javac rejects class literals in enum constructors
6627362 java compiler javac generates code that uses array.clone, which is not available on JavaCard
6627364 java compiler javac needs Float and Double on the bootclasspath even when not directly used
6627366 java compiler javac needs Cloneable and Serializable on the classpath even when not directly used
6665223 java compiler Static import of inherited protected method causes compiler exception
6220903 java debugger TTY: Race in printing prompt and printing output in the event handler
6238593 java debugger Fix ps -aux command in test/com/sun/jdi/ShellScaffold.sh
6551932 java debugger ShellScaffold.sh doesn't look for current VM error strings
6562090 java debugger TTY: com/sun/jdi/CatchPatternTest.sh failed in a nightly test run
6646613 java debugger ClassPrepareRequest.addSourceNameFilter() does not behave as documented
6700889 java debugger Thread resume invalidates all stack frames, even from other threads
6701700 java debugger MonitorInfo objects aren't invalidated when the owning thread is resumed
6603256 java dragndrop Startup: Defer initialization of DropTarget's flavorMap
6631559 java imageio Registration of ImageIO plugins should not cause loading of jpeg.dlli and cmm.dll
6378719 java install Stop using msi download engine to download JRE
6383538 java install Pre-download ALL binaries with BITS, if 'Notify before Install' is selected
6404664 java install Improve JRE installation speed with patch-in-place
6494152 java install java-update should download new patch.exe instead of iftw.exe
6503697 java install Improve JRE installer performance by using smaller/targeted patches
6511158 java install simplify JRE UE, by auto-choosing features for consumers
6533331 java install Java Installer fails to update/register CurrentVersion and BrowserJavaVersion correctly
6582863 java install need to ask for Firefox restart if needed
6586889 java install improve jinstall download dialog UE
6590662 java install undoing upgrade table changes
6591720 java install need to verify checksum before launching installer
6591761 java install upgrade/downgrade for patch-in-place not working correctly for all scenarios
6593761 java install patch-in-place breaks if previous JRE image has locked files.
6595531 java install Wording changes for AutoUpdate dialog to give more info on OpenOffice.org offer
6610497 java install Wrong registry script referenced in Windows JDK installer
6612115 java install Remove Windows Installer 2.0 installation code from online installer
6617011 java install additional changes needed for new PIP FilesInUse dialog
6622174 java install need to remove msvcr71.dll from the RemoveFile table
6623846 java install limitations with uninstall of online patch-in-place and offline upgrade
6624436 java install patch msi files need to be signed
6624555 java install CanonicalizeJava2Registry may set CurrentVersion to random value
6627566 java install drop "family" from consumer installer
6627643 java install installer PIP should warn user if kernel isn't finished downloading/reconstructing
6630380 java install files locked by DT causes MSI registry keys to be deleted during install
6635039 java install patcher.exe needs to statically link with vc7
6637304 java install Obsolete XPIs and replace them with new jinstall.exe to cover Java Stat's xpi and jxpi metrics.
6639061 java install IS2 'ic' ping is not sent when installing with PIP
6639529 java install help page does not open on installation failure
6640734 java install Plugin not registered by default on silent mode installation
6643605 java install PIP - Clicking "Ignore" in "Files in Use" dialog corrupt installation
6647268 java install memory leak during install
6647280 java install no logfile for zipper.exe and unpack200.exe during JRE install
6651964 java install PIP install removes bin\msvcr71.dll, "Error loading: C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\client\jvm.dll"
6651974 java install JQS reports error messages during uninstall
6654845 java install SetupProgress Banner should have the S-curve on the left
6656346 java install Internet Explorer starts when Firefox is default browser
6656487 java install online installers are not signed for 6u11/6u12 build
6659450 java install JDK install fails with Error 1723 caused by missing getlogfile
6661934 java install Files In Use does not find processes started with a short path
6662166 java install Files in Use quit does not display new processes
6665020 java install Setup-Complete has "Restart my browser"... after browser closed for Close Applications dialog
6666257 java install Bad trademark usage "Install a free program with the Java(TM)"
6666494 java install Add compiler option to reduce binaries linked with UpdateConf.cpp
6666764 java install custom setup dialog needs new title/text
6669737 java install Installer should invoke "jbroker -shutdown" DURING UninstallJRE
6673385 java install all installer filenames should have proper build#/format
6673436 java install stop using MSI download engine in -p-s.exe bundle
6681922 java install rt.jar gets deleted after m/c restart
6682408 java install DT plugin for Firefox is disabled when new plug-in is enabled
6684529 java install 32-bit and 64-bit installers can overwrite each others temporary files
6688899 java install javaws.exe (and other exe's) do not have a valid digital signature
6689153 java install Memory leak in WriteTimeStamp() of RegCommon.cpp
6697772 java install JDK 6u10 installer doesn't install public JRE if JRE 6u5 was installed on that machine
6698675 java install Upgrade bundled Java DB version in JDK6u10 to 10.4
6701975 java install FilesInUse not detecting executables when path differs in case
6702370 java install Install says "Restart my browser now ..." when both IE and Firefox browserS are to be restarted.
6702890 java install Final panel of Kernel installer differs from UI spec
6705750 java install Need to change logic implementation in FilesInUse for OOPP
6708480 java install final dialog isn't correct when no sponsors installed
6710572 java install PIP from 6u10 to 6u11 fails when jusched is running
6711144 java install JRE offline installers pinging method=XX, oldver=NA and missing pings from online installer
6711204 java install 6u10 installer needs to save information so 6u11 can tell if it can patch-in-place that build
6713962 java install sp####.MST files should be compressed
6716749 java install build lzma regardless of whether building kernel
6719767 java install OEM ready Install requires InstallLocation registy entry
6722527 java install Need manifest for every exe file in jre/bin directory
6725355 java install Auto update is fully broken on VISTA Admin user with UAC on
6731728 java install Java Update has strange UE for Vista "admin user" UAC-on
6734007 java install sponsor transforms break non-Patch in Place upgrade functionality
6736431 java install jxpiinstall.exe is not signed and Unknown Publisher is displayed in 6u10
6736854 java install no need for JDK online installer anymore
6748430 java install need installer UI changes for Java FX
6176978 java javadoctool current Javadoc's invocation and extension (Doclet) mechanisms are problematic
6176346 java jconsole MBeans tab: Need better UI for displaying tabular data in the MBeans tab
6333599 java jconsole MBeans tab: jconsole displays TabularData is in hash order; sorting by keys would be helpful
6439590 java jconsole MBeans tab: jconsole mbean tree not correctly refreshed
6446434 java jconsole MBeans tab: Not possible to view MBean content before all MBeans have been initially loaded
6520144 java jconsole Hard to find MBean Attributes, Operations, and Notifications in Java 6 jconsole
6522091 java jconsole VMPanel.java contains non-ASCII character
6583292 java jconsole MBeans tab: Remove non-necessary empty JPanel
6596051 java jconsole File viewer window in JConsole is not resizeable.
6608334 java jconsole JConsole fails to display MBean operation with <null> return type
6611445 java jconsole MBeans tab: MBean tree algorithm wrongly removes intermediate nodes.
6655515 java jconsole MBeans tab: operation return values of type Component displayed as String
6711106 java jconsole REGRESSION: Bad usage of SnapshotMBeanServerConnection in MBeans tab and JConsole plugins.
4225362 java localization localized DateFormatSymbols for fr_FR is wrong
4494727 java localization [Fmt-Nu] Formatting of percents incorrect for some locales
6379214 java localization Danish Translation of the word Danish is wrong
6450945 java localization The week day for Saturday and the first week day in Romania locale are incorrect
6481177 java localization Add Eras for Dutch LocaleElements
6488119 java localization en_ZA local has unusable time format
6509039 java localization Swedish localization has incorrect am/pm markers in FormatData_sv
6558856 java localization fi_FI 's localization show language/country name of Denmark wrong
6558863 java localization time formats for en_AU and en_NZ are wrong using the CLDR as reference
6573250 java localization Java.util.Currency.getSymbol(Locale) returns wrong value when locale is not US.
6593054 java localization l10n of 6525260
6603662 java localization [Ja] l10n of 6602425
6609737 java localization DateFormat incorrect for German locale
6610748 java localization Dateformat - AM-PM indicator in Finnish appears to be from English
6645268 java localization Country/language names with locale fi_FI are incorrect for FRANCE/FRENCH
6645405 java localization Errors in Hungarian local-specific formatting. (L10N part of 6609703)
6650730 java localization Lithuanian locale date and number formats mismatch.
6674332 java localization Fault in German translation of Java Control Panel
6715674 java localization All non-English locale translations are garbled in installer xml file
6670269 java monitoring Duplicate OElig.gif and oelig.gif in jdk-6-doc.zip
6633062 java performance update shared archive classlists for 6-update
6704582 java performance need to update the CDS class list for RC
6579273 java serviceability JVMTI index.html is missing in ${JAVA_HOME}/demo/jvmti and demo/management
6614052 java serviceability jhat fails to read heap dump >2GB
6653883 java serviceability jmap with no option should print mem map instead of heap information.
6674101 java sunservicetags service tag entry not added to the registry on Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
6684582 java tools Launcher needs improved error reporting
6606278 java_deployment configuration Refresh mechanism for deployment.properties from Windows registry
6606282 java_deployment configuration UI work in Java Applet Runtime Settings for new Java Plug-In
6626201 java_deployment configuration Changes to the text strings in the Java Control panel and dialogs related to 6606277 per UE team
6638633 java_deployment configuration The "Browser settings changed" dialog was always displayed although no changes was made to JCP
6651508 java_deployment configuration Right-align buttons in Java Applet Runtime Settings dialog
6652101 java_deployment configuration Java Control Panel should refresh available JREs from registry upon launch
6654856 java_deployment configuration Deleting temporary files through Java Control Panel pops up "Java Plug-in Settings Changed" dialog
6708743 java_deployment configuration Update JQS config file for 6u10
6702320 java_deployment desktop JQS should be disabled on Vista
6378311 java_deployment download support versioning and pack in plugin and webstart without need for version based download protocol
6585139 java_deployment download DT: Leave the Deployment Toolkit plugins on system after uninstall
6585146 java_deployment download DT: implement interaction with java kernel for setAdditionalPackages list.
6591743 java_deployment download DT: allow installing unsigned installers with registry key set.
6606753 java_deployment download DT - createWebStartLaunchButton() results in page with "1" on it after button is pressed.
6666932 java_deployment download need doPrivileged in CacheEntry.updateExpirationInIndexFile
6672250 java_deployment download Regression: new jnlp.packEnabled property breaks sophisticated applets using LiveConnect
6678638 java_deployment download cache entry update is broken
6694707 java_deployment download The deployment toolkit redirect to a page in English
6697999 java_deployment download Deployment toolkit redirects to java.com with Opera and Safari
6719616 java_deployment download DT also crashed FF3 with Vist with hardware DEP
4267080 java_deployment general Java Kernel: break up rt.jar into downloadable-on-demand components to reduce jre size
6529645 java_deployment general browser plugins for Deployment Toolkit
6585429 java_deployment general LoggerTraceListener causes infinite loop under some circumstances
6590257 java_deployment general ssv.dll base address may conflict with other JRE DLLs
6592260 java_deployment general 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 installer should make sure no java plugin dll exists under <FF_home>/plugins/
6592278 java_deployment general Consumer Release branding refresh for deployment dialogs
6596386 java_deployment general DT : will not recognize existance of incomplete kernel install.
6607159 java_deployment general IS2 pings changes for Kernel Installer
6613252 java_deployment general JDK6.Deploy: Allow preset CC CXX
6613871 java_deployment general JDK6.J2SE: Allow preset CC CXX
6630119 java_deployment general REG : About Java shows wrong version
6630608 java_deployment general cannot load applet / application with NULL manifest
6635144 java_deployment general ssvagent.exe and jbroker.exe need to be signed
6640302 java_deployment general IS2: 'kic' ping is not sent by java kernel
6641731 java_deployment general The Java control panel is not showing up in the Windows Vista control panel on a AMD 64 machine
6677739 java_deployment general JQS extension running on laptop battery power
6683308 java_deployment general Merge 64bit JRE Java plugin/webstart w/6u10, not built by default
6689620 java_deployment general Add new Mozilla header files for 64-bit JRE/JDK support on AMD64
6692909 java_deployment general vista: no tooltip for java control panel icon in windows control panel
6698436 java_deployment general IS2: Java Update pings are not sent properly when updated with PIP bundle
6699172 java_deployment general 6613871 breaks ALT_COMPILER_PATH in 6u10
6735003 java_deployment general preload deployment common cache (plugin/webstart) with javafx libraries
6750047 java_deployment general set default JavaFX preload URL
6550796 java_deployment jkernel Deployment changes for consumer JRE
6550797 java_deployment jkernel Installer changes for JKernel
6569805 java_deployment jkernel Need executable installer for kernel jre.
6572493 java_deployment jkernel Bundle security components for JKernel
6589502 java_deployment jkernel version tab is missing for jkernel.dll
6589656 java_deployment jkernel Bundle security improvements for JKernel
6592173 java_deployment jkernel Java Kernel needs to retrieve bundle URLs from the servlet
6593787 java_deployment jkernel Web Start is not working in completed Kernel JRE
6594000 java_deployment jkernel jkernel.dll build error on windows when VARIANT=DBG FASTDEBUG=true
6595678 java_deployment jkernel java kernel jre completion should be done by jbroker on vista
6596613 java_deployment jkernel Java Kernel ClassLoader performance degradation
6599378 java_deployment jkernel Java Kernel Error messages say "Deployment Toolkit"
6599571 java_deployment jkernel Mismatch between Java Kernel bundle names and filenames on server
6600247 java_deployment jkernel BackgroundDownloader creates bundles dir under lib on a completed JRE.
6600622 java_deployment jkernel Bundle security checking disabled
6600807 java_deployment jkernel Reduce Java Kernel's footprint
6601650 java_deployment jkernel Remove lib/zi from Kernel core
6601859 java_deployment jkernel Use 7-zip for Java kernel core msi file and it or java.util.zip.GZIP*Stream for bundle compression
6602387 java_deployment jkernel Need a way to provide an alternative URL for kernel downloads - for testing purposes
6603558 java_deployment jkernel java kernel background downloader should not pop up any UI dialog
6605018 java_deployment jkernel JQS is not started after kernel download is complete.
6606202 java_deployment jkernel Uninstalling incomplete kernel has problems with command invoking javaws to remove shortcuts
6609798 java_deployment jkernel KernelDownloadUrl is not checked for background download
6609800 java_deployment jkernel Provide a registry key to disable kernel background download
6612006 java_deployment jkernel Use UPX for Java Kernel .exe file compression
6612492 java_deployment jkernel Plug-in crashes when required bundles cannot be downloaded
6612776 java_deployment jkernel java kernel bundle install performance regression on vista
6614256 java_deployment jkernel Kernel triggers UAC too many times on Vista / IE
6616413 java_deployment jkernel Change default download url for kernel
6616590 java_deployment jkernel fastdebug build hang when building java kernel
6617263 java_deployment jkernel cannot start java control panel while initial background downloader is running
6619986 java_deployment jkernel DownloadManager.getBundleURLs does not work on vista
6621345 java_deployment jkernel java kernel does not work for standard user on vista
6624927 java_deployment jkernel add "optional" attribute to files in bundles.xml
6625963 java_deployment jkernel Reduce number of CreateProcesses performed by Java Kernel
6626374 java_deployment jkernel Move jpeg.dll into separate bundle
6631587 java_deployment jkernel JKernel ClassCircularityError on some locales
6634510 java_deployment jkernel Patch in Place fails after installing 6u10 kernel
6634784 java_deployment jkernel "Additional Components" dialog doesn't appear as a Java window
6635047 java_deployment jkernel Consolidate small Kernel bundles
6636001 java_deployment jkernel UI problems in kernel native dialogs.
6640196 java_deployment jkernel BackgroundDownloader dies after installation.
6641969 java_deployment jkernel Optimize bundles.xml
6642046 java_deployment jkernel Main not found then installation of component get started
6642093 java_deployment jkernel Component installation stuck in low disk space
6642750 java_deployment jkernel Cannot tolerate standard error putput from LZMA code
6643218 java_deployment jkernel Remove error dialog on failure to delete lib/bundles
6643305 java_deployment jkernel Data1.cab missing msvcr71.dll and file order in .msi wrong in relation to Data1.cab order
6643529 java_deployment jkernel Implement and use "quiet" -q switch to only suppress 7-Zip SDK LZMA copyright when required
6643773 java_deployment jkernel New plug-in is crashing IE when used with Kernel JRE
6644778 java_deployment jkernel Improve handling of failed bundle downloads
6646332 java_deployment jkernel "Additional Components" dialog: Cancel button shouldn't be selected by default
6647430 java_deployment jkernel Java Kernel error message in development builds causing plugin crashes with Firefox
6648192 java_deployment jkernel Kernel download improvements
6648440 java_deployment jkernel "msvcr71.dll not found" error message from incomplete Java Kernel running java -version
6648449 java_deployment jkernel unpack200.exe warning dialog popped up during bundle download on Windows Vista
6648909 java_deployment jkernel background downloader should not be started during creation of merged-rt.jar
6657688 java_deployment jkernel undefine DEBUG, factor out 'main' unit test code in jbroker files {security,maps,securemove}.cpp
6657864 java_deployment jkernel Improve Kernel progress dialog and UI feedback
6658933 java_deployment jkernel NumberFormatException in SplitJRE during build
6659490 java_deployment jkernel Include everything needed for plugin into jkernel core
6665328 java_deployment jkernel Need log file for jbroker
6667564 java_deployment jkernel bootclasspath/classpath search problem
6668837 java_deployment jkernel Failure to unlock Kernel-related mutex in error cases causes browser hangs
6669317 java_deployment jkernel dnsns bundle can fail to download
6672143 java_deployment jkernel DownloadManager log is being virtualized under Windows Vista
6676757 java_deployment jkernel Kernel missing javaws.jar
6679100 java_deployment jkernel Need to adjust Kernel install set
6694113 java_deployment jkernel Improve Kernel debug logging
6702222 java_deployment jkernel Additional Components dialog doesn't match the UI spec
6713131 java_deployment jkernel JKernel does not work with Authenticating Proxy
6719240 java_deployment jkernel Firefox3 crash when loading applet on Vista with hardware DEP on kernel / plugin2
6552082 java_deployment networking ConcurrentModificationException caused by specification of invalid proxy servers
6532730 java_deployment security VM crash from javaws in MSCredentialManager.getLoginUID on 64-bit windows
6569795 java_deployment security Don't present security dialog for Sun-signed binaries
6604056 java_deployment security deploy/src/javaws/share/config/cacerts shouldn't contain any CA certs in source releases
6606944 java_deployment security Client Authentication Certificate dialog ambiguous
6680432 java_deployment security Display only Digital Signature key usage certificate in client authentication dialog box.
6743745 java_deployment security Revocation check for pre-trusted certificate only first time
6749052 java_deployment security enable pre-trust Sun certificate by default
6586919 java_deployment update Consumer Release branding refresh for Java Update
6587680 java_deployment update Java Update dialog branding changes
6595901 java_deployment update all text in update dialogs/bubbles should be configurable through xml file
6631834 java_deployment update AutoUpdate: Pending update notification is not cleared when the new update is installed by non-AU
6648333 java_deployment update Checksum in xml file is not generated in RE builds.
6731844 java_deployment update need to backout b26 changes for 6656017_6656032_6478142/
6525260 java_plugin iexplorer Red X shown in an applet is confusing to consumers
6577944 java_plugin iexplorer Regression: handles and GDI objects leak in 6u4 b01
6635186 java_plugin install need a more robust way to determine if we need to unregister ssvagent.exe and jp2launcher.exe
6657116 java_plugin linux NullPointerException thrown on launching applets
6563305 java_plugin misc setRequestProperty does not work for HttpURLConnection in applet when cached
6582571 java_plugin misc Webcam applets failure after updating JRE to 6u02/6u03/6u10 works with 1.4.2_14
6586045 java_plugin misc browser crashes on an XP japanese machine with 6u5 deploy nightly build
6648922 java_plugin misc Exceptions in GrayBoxPainter can cause applet to not load
6723715 java_plugin misc unable to parse Auto Proxy configuration file if there is a space in before the semi-colon separator
6567254 java_plugin ns6 Stack stomp in CSecureJNIEnv
6399750 java_plugin other RFE: Improve applet lifecycle and LiveConnect support in Java Plug-in
6696316 java_plugin other RE builds fail with plugin GCC sanity error
6510204 java_plugin plugin Java applets load repeatedly hangs Firefox
6536118 java_plugin plugin RFE: keep only one for multi versions & obsolete all other npjava*.dll to save bytes
6540719 java_plugin plugin Firefox with JDK 6 will cause the browser to hang
6589720 java_plugin plugin Browser lockup on X11 platforms
6594219 java_plugin plugin Plugin loads Swing classes
6595618 java_plugin plugin Intermittent problems with signed applet certificate verification
6604926 java_plugin plugin If <object> tag is malformed, FF browser either crashes or hangs.
6640156 java_plugin plugin Tray icon points to different internet browsers
6648168 java_plugin plugin Wrong authentication scheme text string in authentication dialog box
6648381 java_plugin plugin FontConfiguration exception preventing applets from loading
6653395 java_plugin plugin Default LAF is set to CrossPlatformLookAndFeel not SystemLookAndFeel
6665053 java_plugin plugin Access denied when read jnlp.packEnabled jnlp.packEnabled property
6669818 java_plugin plugin Regression: AccessControlExceptions introduced in 1.6.0_03 on Firefox during LiveConnect calls
6698636 java_plugin plugin Java Plugin in Firefox hangs since 6u4 when remote policy file is present in java.security
6587166 java_plugin plugin2 Java Plug-in crashes when launched from an IE that is embedded into a Java app.
6606784 java_plugin plugin2 Add support for launching applets from JNLP files
6609139 java_plugin plugin2 Plugin2: Animation Panel has Java 6 dependency
6611346 java_plugin plugin2 System tray icon not showing up
6611347 java_plugin plugin2 Red X fix needs to be incorporated
6611382 java_plugin plugin2 Add support for roaming user profiles
6612243 java_plugin plugin2 Security dialogs don't block browser
6618971 java_plugin plugin2 Plugin2: Legacy lifecycle support needs to be added
6619469 java_plugin plugin2 Plug-in should set foreground as well as background color
6619480 java_plugin plugin2 Modality-related livelock
6620693 java_plugin plugin2 Change to ProgressSource in JDK 7 causes NoSuchMethodError in new Java Plug-in
6622332 java_plugin plugin2 Initial integration of new Java Plug-In
6624949 java_plugin plugin2 JavaScript object to Java String conversion needed
6624980 java_plugin plugin2 Support animated GIF images for custom loading screens in Plugin
6625173 java_plugin plugin2 Verify whether downgrade uninstallations work
6625741 java_plugin plugin2 Remove support for JPI_PLUGIN2 environment variable
6625747 java_plugin plugin2 Unix port needs knowledge of availability and default value of XToolkit
6625756 java_plugin plugin2 New Java Plug-In needs to add current JRE to available JREs in more situations
6625757 java_plugin plugin2 Native code for deploy needed in basically all situations
6626255 java_plugin plugin2 Remove plugin2-related Mozilla headers from deploy workspace
6626774 java_plugin plugin2 Plugin2: ClassLoader cache leak if the applet fails to load some class
6627606 java_plugin plugin2 Microsoft LiveMeeting applet does not work
6627835 java_plugin plugin2 Need a way to force an applet into its own JVM instance
6627840 java_plugin plugin2 Deployment Toolkit updates for new Java Plug-In, add isPlugin2()
6629341 java_plugin plugin2 Plugin2: Backward Compatibility issue after secure properites check is introduced
6635585 java_plugin plugin2 Modify plug-in switching mechanism to better support Firefox
6635812 java_plugin plugin2 New Java Plug-In not present in Solaris and Linux builds
6635826 java_plugin plugin2 New plug-in does not run on top of JDK 1.4.2 because of System.getenv() use and other reasons
6638526 java_plugin plugin2 Improve JRE version selection behavior in the case of inexact matches
6638782 java_plugin plugin2 Follow-up on printing scaling problem for plugin2 for Firefox.
6639276 java_plugin plugin2 Document java_version applet parameter
6639334 java_plugin plugin2 jar version information still not being honored
6639429 java_plugin plugin2 Unable to display applet in new plug-in
6639953 java_plugin plugin2 Document java_arguments applet parameter
6639973 java_plugin plugin2 Document classloader_cache applet parameter
6641564 java_plugin plugin2 Break dependence on javax.swing.ImageIcon in new plugin
6641571 java_plugin plugin2 Enable new plug-in as default in 6u10 b10
6642981 java_plugin plugin2 Excessive CPU consumption during some shutdown situations
6643379 java_plugin plugin2 Filter out insecure JVM command-line arguments from deployment.properties
6643518 java_plugin plugin2 Applets that differ only in java_version should run in one jvm if no requested jre
6644181 java_plugin plugin2 Fail more gracefully if bootstrapping fails
6644200 java_plugin plugin2 Regression: race condition in first JavaScript-to-Java call causing intermittent failures
6644475 java_plugin plugin2 Regression: race condition in setup of "java" and other variables in IE
6644857 java_plugin plugin2 New Plug-In does not call preJVMStart()
6646578 java_plugin plugin2 Confusing ClassNotFoundExceptions caused by insecure JVM command-line argument specification
6647029 java_plugin plugin2 Add -Xmn to secure properties
6647070 java_plugin plugin2 JSObject reference counting problem
6647406 java_plugin plugin2 Liveconnect issue : reoccurrence of 5077565
6647956 java_plugin plugin2 Browser authenticator not working correctly in new Java Plug-In
6648488 java_plugin plugin2 Add JavaScript syntax for per-applet class and static method access
6649414 java_plugin plugin2 New plug-in continues to load Swing classes
6650374 java_plugin plugin2 speed-trap.com dashboard does not launch due to bug in SetObjectRects heuristics
6651293 java_plugin plugin2 Red X should show up when exceptions are thrown in init() and start()
6651507 java_plugin plugin2 Implement named pipe transport for Windows
6651999 java_plugin plugin2 Semantics of version attribute in embed tag are wrong
6652077 java_plugin plugin2 New Plug-In is missing some visual effects when applet loads
6652563 java_plugin plugin2 add support for _JPI_VM_OPTIONS envrionment variable in plugin2
6652734 java_plugin plugin2 Document "centerimage" and "boxborder" applet tag parameters
6654481 java_plugin plugin2 Bridge methods cause failures of JavaScript -> Java calls
6656260 java_plugin plugin2 plugin2: Client JVM crashes when trying to load applet using an older JVM version than 6u10
6657990 java_plugin plugin2 Regression of 6635826: new plug-in does not run on top of JDK 1.4.2
6658308 java_plugin plugin2 Regression: unable to launch applets on Windows Vista
6658528 java_plugin plugin2 Must make temporary copy of nativelib extensions for JNLP-launched applets
6658891 java_plugin plugin2 Continued crashes on Windows Vista
6659002 java_plugin plugin2 Clean up unused shared memory transport
6659079 java_plugin plugin2 Intermittent teardown and relaunch of applets using named pipe transport
6659089 java_plugin plugin2 Plugin2 Trace misses messages
6660234 java_plugin plugin2 Turn off desktop integration for JNLP-launched applets
6661130 java_plugin plugin2 JRE 1.4.2 selection does not work on some machines due to msvcr71.dll dependency in jp2native.dll
6661232 java_plugin plugin2 Can't dynamically set applet's width and height in Firefox 3
6661384 java_plugin plugin2 Use GrayBoxPainter instead of DownloadWindow for JNLP-launched applets
6661386 java_plugin plugin2 Passing illegal command-line arguments to applets causing browser hangs
6661894 java_plugin plugin2 plugin2: printing code can be triggered unexpectedly
6662404 java_plugin plugin2 JNLP applet support does not re-launch for system property or command line argument specification
6663089 java_plugin plugin2 Issues with system property and JVM command-line argument specification to applets via JNLP
6663106 java_plugin plugin2 JNLP applet re-launch freezes FF3 due to pending LiveConnect messages
6663557 java_plugin plugin2 JRE version selection not working for applets launched via JNLP
6663981 java_plugin plugin2 with JNLP OOPP applets, when one applet on page gets cert Error, all others exit.
6665008 java_plugin plugin2 Auto-download support is not present for applets launched via JNLP
6665129 java_plugin plugin2 Intermittent hangs due to shutdown of GrayBoxPainter
6667020 java_plugin plugin2 Code parameter in applet tag should not override main-class for JNLP launched applets
6668033 java_plugin plugin2 New plugin applet freezes the browser occasionally
6668037 java_plugin plugin2 Slow client JVM initialization at applet launch time
6669444 java_plugin plugin2 Firefox crashes when doing a typeof=="object" check on an object
6669943 java_plugin plugin2 Java icon in system tray sometimes doesn't show up
6670162 java_plugin plugin2 Initially-hidden applets receive (0, 0) for initial width and height
6670470 java_plugin plugin2 JNLP security model prevents redeployment of existing applet content
6670475 java_plugin plugin2 GrayBoxPainter's control over gray box background color is broken
6672893 java_plugin plugin2 Plugin2: Switching between the new plugin and MSVM is broken
6672972 java_plugin plugin2 The "JRE Finder" wizard in JCP's Java Runtime Settings dialog doesn't see j2re-image as valid jre
6673085 java_plugin plugin2 Adding robustness to LiveConnect's ResultHandler
6673131 java_plugin plugin2 More workarounds needed for Mozilla bug 406251
6673601 java_plugin plugin2 Applet must obey either boxbgcolor or page background color before loading
6674211 java_plugin plugin2 Make workaround for Mozilla bug 406251 switchable
6674870 java_plugin plugin2 Common DOM implementation is severely deficient
6675843 java_plugin plugin2 Calls using new per-applet Packages keyword fail after page reload
6676256 java_plugin plugin2 Java Plug-In does not obey crossdomain.xml file directives
6676489 java_plugin plugin2 Java/JavaScript string handling changes break ESPRE Solutions videos in IE with new plug-in
6678349 java_plugin plugin2 Regression: speed-trap.com dashboard doesn't load
6678350 java_plugin plugin2 Regression in handling of OBJECT tag and name parameter in IE
6678860 java_plugin plugin2 Nightly: Javaws Unix native launcher selects wrong JRE out of deployment.properties
6678865 java_plugin plugin2 Long command lines or applet parameter lists break new plug-in on Windows
6678929 java_plugin plugin2 Slow client JVM initialization at applet launch time (2)
6681823 java_plugin plugin2 AppletContext.showStatus() should not print status to the Java Console unless enabled
6682803 java_plugin plugin2 webcam applet failing with 6u10, 208
6683047 java_plugin plugin2 separate_jvm parameter should tear down target JVM more quickly
6683754 java_plugin plugin2 Continued intermittent NullPointerExceptions in GrayBoxPanel
6684701 java_plugin plugin2 Security exception from unsigned applets on local disk
6685605 java_plugin plugin2 Regression: command-line arguments from Java Applet Runtime Settings are being lost
6686520 java_plugin plugin2 Occasional lockups with IE
6687820 java_plugin plugin2 AF_UNIX pipe file doesn't get deleted on browser exit
6687876 java_plugin plugin2 Bootstrapping of new plug-in broken with startup changes
6687899 java_plugin plugin2 UnixDomainSocket.c breaks some Solaris builds
6688543 java_plugin plugin2 Mixed case applet parameter names handled incorrectly for JNLP-launched applets
6689174 java_plugin plugin2 Plugin2: Tray icon open/close console menu broken if java console is closed externally
6689846 java_plugin plugin2 Flickering of the animated GIF displayed before the applet
6690612 java_plugin plugin2 JNLP resources fail to download if cache is disabledT
6691182 java_plugin plugin2 Flickering of gray box painter during applet resizes
6691244 java_plugin plugin2 Conflicts between separate_jvm parameter and applet relaunches
6691764 java_plugin plugin2 Cannot launch jnlp applet if resources are not in the cache when background update check enabled
6695076 java_plugin plugin2 Applet is not getting loaded in IE with New Java Plugin (2nd)
6695848 java_plugin plugin2 Must break compile-time dependencies to enable ports to other operating systems
6697256 java_plugin plugin2 MultiJRE : 1.4.2_17 applets not loading in the same browser session, with 6u10 installed
6699106 java_plugin plugin2 Applets requesting insecure version of JRE fails to load if Cancel is pressed
6705524 java_plugin plugin2 OOPP/General: Concurency issues (properties r/w, JREInfo r/w, CleanupThread, removeDuplicateEntries)
6705941 java_plugin plugin2 JNLP JREDesc selections fails in case of multiple JREDesc entries
6706305 java_plugin plugin2 JavaScript -> Java calls are being allowed against the applet too early
6709094 java_plugin plugin2 Disable background erasing in Plugin EmbeddedFrame
6709269 java_plugin plugin2 Exception thrown within JNLP2Viewer when a dragged-out applet is relaunched from desktop shortcut
6721549 java_plugin plugin2 deployment.properties doesn't get refreshed correctly under some downgrade install scenario
6722585 java_plugin plugin2 New plugin has very misleading error messages for invalid JNLP files
6723194 java_plugin plugin2 Reliability problems launching multiple applets on the same web page
6727020 java_plugin plugin2 Intermittent reliability problems related to applet relaunching
6727087 java_plugin plugin2 Red X disappears after a couple of minutes
6727949 java_plugin plugin2 disabling <applet> tag support should not affect applets using <object> tag
6735312 java_plugin plugin2 AppletContext.showDocument fails silently in IE7 if target contains hyphens
6737531 java_plugin plugin2 Runtime parameters in Java Control Panel is not preserved when jre version has milestone appended.
6739758 java_plugin plugin2 legacy_lifecycle applets should not exit after 2 minutes
6740228 java_plugin plugin2 DnD: JNLP applets specifying system properties or JVM arguments don't relaunch
6740231 java_plugin plugin2 High CPU consumption by gray box painter during loading of applets
6740523 java_plugin plugin2 DnD: should pick up codebase automatically for relaunches of dragged-out JNLP applets
6741370 java_plugin plugin2 -Xmx ignored in control panel if java_arguments parameter is specified
6741935 java_plugin plugin2 A number passed from JavaScript to Applet become an invalid number format
6742232 java_plugin plugin2 Unable to create shortcut for the "Stopwatch" applet
6742245 java_plugin plugin2 Support calling non-Java languages from JavaScript
6742814 java_plugin plugin2 In Java to JavaScript communication, JSObject.getWindow().call() locks up IE
6744951 java_plugin plugin2 Applets not correctly destroyed after LiveConnect interactions
6745485 java_plugin plugin2 Firefox browser crash with "javascript:alert(window.java);"
6607978 javawebstart download_engine Java Web Start cache corruption yielding UnsatisfiedLinkError for extension with nativelibs
6676453 javawebstart download_engine Quality of implementation issues with update=background
6485535 javawebstart general Allow trusted applications to re-launch with all vm-args and properties in the jnlp file.
6595845 javawebstart general Java 6 JavaWebstart increases footprint by factor 2
6626220 javawebstart general Vista warning dialog when you click on JNLP file
6642654 javawebstart general Java Web Start 1.6.0 shows "Unable to launch the application" because of cache corruption
6658416 javawebstart general cannot launch java web start application with 1.4 JRE
6692926 javawebstart general JNLP_TCK test AppletDesc test fails in 6u10 b14
6710867 javawebstart general java web start cannot start jnlp application using JRE 1.3
6576052 javawebstart install Application Launch failed after Webstart driven JRE installation
6539564 javawebstart jnlp_api com.sun.jnlp.PersistenceServiceImpl fires a ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
6631056 javawebstart jnlp_api SingleInstanceService does not work on JRE 1.6.0_03
6646622 javawebstart jnlp_api FileSaveService hides yet enforces the extension(s)
6656846 javawebstart jnlp_file JNLP 6.0 DTD is invalid
6658315 javawebstart jnlp_file Regression: JNLP files in subdirectories can not be launched
6670678 javawebstart jnlp_file Java Web Start must support a more flexible security model
6682407 javawebstart jnlp_file missing update check for second level extension JNLP file
6700675 javawebstart jnlp_file Related content feature broken for jnlp style native content.
6745224 javawebstart jnlp_file JNLP File That Works On All Prior 1.5+ JREs/JDKs Fails on 1.6 Update 10 RC b28
6549428 javawebstart other Shortcut stops working if jnlp file changed on server while running single instance application
6566201 javawebstart other JNLP ClassLoader performance degraded in 1.6 significantly for the signed(?) jar
6569205 javawebstart other webstart's update tag is not working
6615910 javawebstart other Launch Error Dialog disappears.
6646617 javawebstart other Dropping a file on a Java Web Start desktop symbol DELETES the file
6661811 javawebstart other Web Start 1.6.0_3 causes repeated download of jar files
6664389 javawebstart other Application performance is severely degraded when started using javaws 6.
6672788 javawebstart other REGRESSION: javawebstart can not handle high latency network
6680615 javawebstart other java web start cannot launch/import component-desc jnlp file
6709297 javawebstart other Wonderland does not install via webstart with 6u10 b21 or later
6710203 javawebstart other Regression: JavaWS can not launch JDK 142 app from command line
6744822 javawebstart other Race condition in JavawsSysRun
6744967 javawebstart other Cannot launch cached Java Web Start applications while system is offline
6705046 javawebstart spec javaws should recognize new proposed specification version 6.0.10
6600888 jaxp stax ZephyrWriterFactory.java(java.net) and XMLOutputFactoryImpl (JDK6) are out of sync
6524501 jce pkcs11_csp inconsistency with PKCS#11 spec - 0-value flags in CK_SLOT_INFO struct returned by C_GetSlotInfo()
6680198 jdbc rowset_implementation UnmarshalException caused by incompatible serialVersionUID
6600709 jmx classes MXBeans: SortedMap<K,V> fails when V is an array of primitives
6601652 jmx classes MXBeans: no IllegalArgumentException in the ex. chain for SortedSet/Map with a non-null comparator()
6602326 jmx classes No InstanceAlreadyExistsException for the second registration of an MXBean object under dif. name
6616825 jmx classes JMX query returns no value in 1.0 compatibility mode - deserialization bug in readObject()
6659215 jmx classes javax.management.timer.Timer frequently fails to start
6710498 jmx classes MXBeans trip over reflection bug when constructor has arrays and generics as parameters
6713777 jmx classes developer diagnosability of errors in uncompliant mxbean interfaces
6676075 jndi rmi RegistryContext (com.sun.jndi.url.rmi.rmiURLContext) coding problem
6614957 jsse runtime HttpsURLConnection not using the set SSLSocketFactory for creating all its Sockets
6618387 jsse runtime SSL client sessions do not close cleanly. A TCP reset occurs instead of a close_notify alert.
6668231 jsse runtime Presence of a critical subjectAltName causes JSSE's SunX509 to fail trusted checks
6690018 jsse runtime RSAClientKeyExchange NullPointerException